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In the gym, one will find what seems to be everything one would need to get a great workout. Machines, free weights, and accessories can be combined to create a challenging and effective fitness machine.

However, a workout routine can always be improved – the more challenging, the better! One great option to improve a workout, that won’t be found in most gyms, is the use of weight lifting chains.

What are Weight Lifting Chains?

Exactly what they sound like – chains!

These chains can vary in weight depending on the challenge desired. When used correctly, the chains are attached to barbells or other equipment to make certain exercise moves more challenging on the muscles.

Engaging the muscles for longer and subjecting them to more force every step of the way will create greater strain, leading to faster muscle growth and better results.

How Do They Work?

It all has to do with gravity and force, and the strain on a person’s muscles at different points of an exercise. For example, imagine the barbell back squat exercise. The exercise starts with the person standing up, with the barbell on their upper back.

The person then begins to squat down – and the lower they go, the greater force that barbell exerts upon their lower body. Therefore, as the person gets lower to the ground, the move becomes more challenging. The most challenging part is once the person reaches their lowest point and must begin to stand back up.

Then, as the person gets higher and closer to the start position, the strain begins to lessen again. See video below for some live action of weight lifting chains in use.

How to Use Weight Lifting Chains

Now imagine adding chains on either side of the barbell in that squat process. It is very important that the chains reach to the floor. Those chains are now adding weight at the very beginning of the process, the amount depending on how much the chains themselves weigh.

As the person begins to squat down, the chains slowly start to rest more on the floor – the weight of the chains is slowly decreasing from the barbell. As the person reaches the lowest point, they are once again feeling the maximum force of that barbell only – but this time, as they straighten back up, the chains begin coming off the floor and adding more weight to the barbell again.

Now, the entire movement back upwards is challenging! So be careful and use proper form. The process works generally the same for any exercise, not just the back squat.

5 Best Weight Lifting Chains Reviewed

Read on to discover some of the best weight lifting chains on the market.

#5 – Valor Fitness LC-53 Lifting Chains

Valor Fitness LC-53 Lifting Chains


  • Nice and heavy
  • Solid dark coloring looks great
  • Collars are adjustable with pins


  • Quality – customers have complained of broken pins

These chains weigh 53 pounds combined, more than a standard olympic barbell. They are grey in color, and at five and a half feet, should reach to the ground for most people during most exercises.

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#4 – Ader Fitness Lifting Chain Set (45 Lb)

Ader Fitness Weight Lifting Chain Set- 45 Lb Zinc with Chrome Collars


  • Heavy enough to double barbell weight
  • Price – these are some of the more affordable chains on the market
  • Simple design and coloring


  • Length – only five feet

These chains are a standard silver color. With a weight of 45lbs, they can effectively double the weight of a standard olympic barbell. They run a bit short with a length of approximately five feet.

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#3 – Ader Fitness Weight Lifting Chain with Collar (45lbs)

Ader Fitness Weight Lifting Chain - 45lbs with Collar


  • Standard barbell weight
  • Reputable company with good reviews
  • Collar clips are adjustable


  • Mixed metal colors appear tacky and unattractive

These chains are black, though the clips at the top are silver. The combined weight is 45 pounds, equivalent of an olympic barbell. At five feet long, these chains will suit most needs but could stand to be a little longer.

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#2 – Weight Lifting Chain for Powerlifting & Crossfit (45 lbs)

Weight Lifting Chain - 45 lbs - Powerlifting - Crossfit


  • Amazing value price
  • Great length
  • No collars – wrap around any equipment


  • Odd number of chains – three instead of two or four

This set comes with three chains instead of two! The chains are gold in color, six feet long, and a combined standard barbell weight of 45lbs.

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#1 – Weight Lifting Steel Chains (28 to 60lbs)

Best Weight Lifting Chains 28 to 60lbs - Steel


  • Options for length and width
  • No collars – wrap around any equipment
  • Weight up to 60 pounds for a real challenge


  • Can be expensive depending on the option chosen

These chains are offered in a variety of widths and lengths to suit any need! The chains are a standard gray in color and are made of rust-resistant steel. With excellent product reviews, this is our number-one pick for weight lifting chains!

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Final Take

While weight lifting chains might not be found in most stores, there are plenty of options for purchasing them online.

Using the list above, everyone can find the right product to suit their needs based on weight, length, and aesthetic scheme! With these chains and the right training routine, amazing results can be achieved!

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