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  1. I have built a pretty decent home gym for myself with a squat cage, leverage gym, elliptical trainer, treadmill, power tower and various free weights. Unfortunately, I bought an inferior $100 barbell, and I am looking to upgrade with at least one new barbell. The one I have has a 31mm bar, and it is uncomfortable for deadlifts, and I am going to stop using it when I get a new barbell. For the first bar I will buy, I am trying to decide between the Vulcan Standard, the Rogue 2.0 and the Rogue Ohio. A couple of the specs that you list for the Rogue Ohio don’t match their website. The website says that the Ohio does not have center knurling and that the tensile strength is 190,000 psi, while your description says that it has center knurling and higher than 190,000 psi. Given this clarification, which bar would you recommend? Thanks.

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