The decision to find the best weight lifting gloves is a personal one, with many lifters choosing to spend some time researching before adding them to their workout accessories.

Workout gloves can be significantly beneficial to weight lifting, allowing a better bar grip, reduced friction, and an overall greater confidence as you pump iron and build those impeccably hard muscles.

Ranking Gym Gloves – Strapless & Wrapped

Choosing any of these pairs of gloves ensures you’re getting your money’s worth from a great product. Out team personally owns a few of the gloves on this list, but for the sake of impartiality will not mention which and let you, the visitor, decide on the best gym gloves for you!

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A bit of research is all that is needed to learn the best gloves for your money. Below you’ll find the 10 best gloves we believe to be available for purchase; five in the wrist support category and five strapless workout gloves.

Best Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support

#5 – Nordic Lifting Gloves

Nordic Lifting Gloves

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  • Great for weightlifting as well as other exercises
  • Awesome hand and wrist support
  • Padded palms provide extra support
  • Integrated wrist wraps provide the right amount of support
  • Avoid calluses on the hands with these gloves

Men (and women) looking for weight lifting gloves with wrist support will find the Nordic Lifting gloves with built-in wrist strap as one of the best products available for purchase.

Made of reinforced leather, these gym gloves are available in several sizes to accommodate all hand sizes. They are finger-less, and thus provide the user with superior flexibility during workouts.

The gloves are stylish, but more importantly, they enhance the lifting experience tremendously, allowing the wearer to get a great grip on the bar every single time.

#4 – Harbinger 1250 Training Grip Wrist Wrap Gloves

Harbinger 1250 Training Grip Wrist Wrap Gloves

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  • Awesome price
  • TechGel comfort pads protect hands from stress
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • WristWraps keep your wrists locked in place
  • Machine washable

The Harbinger 1250 gloves are designed for use by those who lift regularly. Made of synthetic materials, the gloves fit tightly on the hands and also offer wrist wrap, both features that enhance your ability to lift. The wrap keeps your wrist in the proper position for better safety and support during each workout.

The gloves feature extendable fingers and can be tossed into the machine to clean. Best of all, the gloves are constructed of black/gray material so they look great on the hands of both men and women!

These Harbinger weight lifting gloves are definitely one of the best options available to weight lifters of all experience levels.

#3 – Grip Power Pads Elite Leather Gym Gloves

Grip Power Pads Elite Leather Gym Gloves

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  • Easy to put on and just as easy to take off
  • Two-tone rubber padding
  • Come with a money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty included
  • Several sizes available

The Grip Power Pads Elite leather gym gloves are great for anyone that hits the gym –even those that are not doing the heavy lifting! The gloves have two-inch wide, 25- inch long wrist wraps that protect your wrists as well as extra grip so no matter what bar you are grabbing, you’ll always have the best grip.

The stylish glove is made of quality leather materials and looks wonderful on both men and women; and it’s rubber padding adds comfort so calluses are a thing of the past.

#2 – Crown Gear Soldier Military Style Weightlifting Gloves

Crown Gear Soldier Military Style Weightlifting Gloves

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  • 3-D Dimension ensures the perfect fit
  • Full wrist wrap protects the wrists
  • Gelled and cushioned palms, the knuckles and other key points
  • 1-year money back guarantee
  • Double stitching

The Crown Gear Soldier Military style gloves are made to withstand even the toughest of workouts, providing an array of benefits to the wearer. These gloves feature 3D molding for a tight fit on your hands without sacrificing the comfort.

There is added protection at the palms and other key points where you need it the most. Anti-slip gel adds better grip protection and with industrial strength Velcro, these gloves are always in place, ready to help you lift like a pro.

#1 – Crown Gear DOMINATOR Weightlifting Gloves

Crown Gear Dominator Weightlifting Gloves

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  • 4-way stretch fabric provides perfect fit
  • [efsicon type=”fi-check”] Genuine soft leather with integrated wrist support
  • 1- year warranty
  • Constructed of genuine leather material
  • Strategic padding with superior durable stitching

Made of soft genuine leather, these superior weight lifting gloves offer premium style and protection with added efficiency for all of your workouts. The gloves feature 4-way stretch fabric for a comfortable, perfect fit for both men and women.

There is an easy pull-off system integrated in these gloves so taking them off is never a hassle. And, with padding in all of the right places you can always ensure a comfortable workout. There’s also wrist wrap included with the gloves so you have that needed wrist support.

Best Strapless Workout Gloves

The above are the best weight lifting gloves with wrist support on the market right now, according to reviews of thousands of people who bought and tested them (including GymVentures team members).

Choose one of these pairs of gloves and make your purchase with complete confidence. Now, the following five gloves aren’t strapped weight lifting gloves, but that doesn’t change their ability to help you enhance your workout.

Read on about the five best weight lifting gloves without straps below.

#5 – Under Armour Men’s CTR Trainer HF Gloves

Under Armour Men’s Ctr Trainer Hf Gloves

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  • Mesh fabric protects your fingers
  • No wrist wrap
  • Lightweight
  • Affordably priced
  • Stylish

Under Armour weight lifting gloves have earned and sustained a good reputation in the fitness and sports industry alike; especially their full fingerless workout gloves. This pair doesn’t break that tradition.

Users have found these gloves to fit perfectly on their hands; they’re stylish and versatile and definitely enhance your workout.

The gloves are lightweight, made of mesh fabric to keep your fingers ventilated and provide flexibility. They’re thin, yet supportive, and always stay in place so you get the best workout possible.

#4 – Nike Core Lock Training Gloves

Nike Core Lock Training Gloves

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  • Features the Nike swoosh emblem
  • Made for men
  • Stylish look
  • Comfortable to wear, easy to remove
  • Dry fit mesh
  • Extended middle finger

These Nike weight lifting gloves are tough, stylish, and durable; with superior Nike design to help protect your hands while working out and lifting weights. However, if you are searching for a padded glove with wrist support, this is not what these gym gloves are primarily about.

But even without those things, many users find it to be one of the best workout gloves they’ve ever used. The back of the glove features dry mesh fit for breathe-ability, and they are super flexible. Users love the protection they provide, the grip, but as well as their comfortableness.

There’s and adjustable strap to keep your gloves in place and of course they are easy to remove. Let’s take a look at what makes these Nike workout gloves awesome:

#3 – Harbinger 143 Pro FlexClosure Gloves

Harbinger 143 Pro Flexclosure Gloves

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  • Choice of three colors
  • Ventilating mesh allows your hands to breath
  • Abrasion resistant leather material
  • Stylish
  • Available in 5 sizes

Available in your choice of black, tan, or green, the synthetic Harbinger 143 FlexClosure gloves have an adjustable wrist closure for a sung and secure fit, as well as ventilator mesh that enables your hands and fingers to breath during the super intense workouts.

With abrasion resistant leather featured on the palm of the glove, the Harbinger 143 Pro also offers wrap around thumb protection and lightweight design.

#2 – HumanX Men’s X3 Competition Glove

Humanx Men’s X3 Competition Glove

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  • Stylish gloves available in two colors
  • Provides total protection for your hands
  • Made from real genuine leather
  • Choose from 4 different sizes
  • Snug, tight fit

Made of real leather, the HumanX Competition gloves are designed for the serious competitor that wants to protect their precious hands from constant strain brought on by weight lifting.

The leather is compatible with chalk, so that is a definite super advantage. The gloves are made to last, so this may very well be the last pair of gloves you need to purchase for your workout for a t least a few years!

With a breathable stretch back that easily moves with the hand, these gloves make it possible to workout long, hard, effectively, and strong.

#1 – Rocktape Talons Hand Protective Gloves

Rocktape Talons Hand Protective Gloves

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  • Cool red/ black design
  • Seamless palm construction
  • Sweat resistant
  • Added enhancements for hooking your grip
  • Ventilated finger walls
  • Touch Screen Friendly
  • Chalk Friendly
  • Hook Grip Thumb Protection

Arguably, according to user reviews, there isn’t a better pair of gloves for athletes out on the market. The Rocktape Talons are a pair bionic weight lifting gloves that provide your hands with the ultimate protection when you need it the most.

These are the best weight lifting gloves bodybuilder are saying they’ve worn so far. Among other features, many users report breathability and flexibility, combined with the toughness and grip-ability required for the more intense exercise regiments.

These gloves have a seamless palm design, something most of the others on this list lack. They’re resistant to sweat, which keeps your hands protected. The False Grip silicone ribs enhance your grip and the leather thumb allows for better hooking as you grip.

Beginners Guide to Weight Lifting Gloves

Is Wearing Gloves While Working Out Important?

All else being equal, wearing gloves to the gym, whether it be you public gym or your DIY home gym you put together, is really a personal choice at the end of the day. Some people swear by them, while others much prefer the feel of iron on their palms and fingers.

If you’re someone who has delicate hands, combating the on set of hand arthritis with exercise, wants to keep their hands blister free, or just feel like you need better support to maintain good weight lifting form, then wearing gloves may be a good addition to your fitness regiment.

Whether you do it for style points, out of necessity, or simply choose/prefer not to wear them at all; weight lifting gloves are here to stay and is definitely one of those questions that every fitness enthusiasts who hangs around the gym long enough will face.

The choice, rightfully so, is yours; our job is to present you with valuable information to help you in deciding to buy or not to buy the best gym gloves available.

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What Are the Benefits of Wearing Them?

There are a number of benefits to consider when deciding on whether you should start wearing gloves to the gym.  We’ll address some of those benefits below, but we also want to state that some people wear gym gloves simply because they like the way they feel!

Who are we to judge!? From personal experience, feeling good is one of the keys to sustain a workout regiment in the long run. Whatever makes a person feel on top of the world, we’re all for it.

That being said, let’s take a look at the pros that come with a pair of good weightlifting gloves.

Better Grip

As you’ve probably guessed, since we are on the topic of gloves, weight lifting gloves should enhance your grip when working out.

Because of the glove material, you’re better able to grasp barbells and dumbbells, providing a more secure grip; eliminating the bar turning in your hands because of sweaty palms.

Think of the time you were doing pull-ups on a pull-up bar as the last portion of an intense workout; pulling yourself up after exerting so much energy throughout the workout is much safer with a pair of weight lifting gloves with a good grip.

Decreasing the chances of a slip and fall, which would be a horrible end to an otherwise effective workout.

Gym gloves with a non-slip grip ensures that your mind is focused on the workout at hand, and less so on making sure the barbells or dumbbells doesn’t slip away from you!

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Blisters and Calluses

Workout long enough without gloves and you’re bound to find out the hard way what these two terms mean. Say goodbye to the silky smooth hands you’ve had before entering the gym lifestyle; for there, eventually, await you blisters and calluses!

We used to not think much of blisters and everyone gets one or two over the course of their lives, until we learned more about blister infections. Calluses aren’t any better, and in some cases can be even worse!

Calluses form on the hands when working out due to the repeated rubbing of the hands on the bars and the pressure of the weight involved; though they’re not painful themselves.

With the extra layer of protection that comes with most of the best workout gloves your hands will remain soft and in tact.

No popping and infecting of unsightly blisters and/or calluses, which means more gym time, and more gains!


This one you probably didn’t think of as a benefit of wearing gym gloves, but it’s a pro of having them on your hands. Weight lifting gloves can take the pressure normally placed on your bare hands, allowing you to take your workout to the next level.

In short, your back and chest muscles can realistically and regularly take on more weight when you’re lifting with workout gloves. This is caused by the increase in the pressure capacity of your hands brought about by wearing the gloves.

Wrist Support

Often the workout gloves will wrap around the wrist, we call these strapped weight lifting gloves; our list presents you with both, strapless and gym gloves with straps.

But the takeaway is that this additional wrist support comes in handy (no pun intended) when lifting heavy weights.

The best workout gloves will have superior material which essentially acts as an additional ligament and tendons as you’re bending your wrists backwards during exercises.

Wrist injuries are a serious topic and should not be brushed off as improbable, especially carpel tunnel syndrome.

The same way good weight lifting belts will help prevent back injury; good weight lifting gloves will decrease the chances of sustaining a wrist injury, and increase your time in the gym instead of the doctors office.

Increased Lift

How can workout gloves increase your lifting capability? The answer lies in the distribution of weight that comes along with wearing gloves; the weight you lift is distributed to the forearms as well, instead of your fingers doing all the work!

We’ve experienced this increased lift, especially when performing deadlift exercises, as well as doing upright rows.

Keep in mind that this increased lift is typically only enhanced by the strapped weight lifting gloves, as the strapless ones are free at the ends and serve more to enhance grip and guard against other injuries.

What Are the Drawbacks to Wearing Workout Gloves?

Yes there are numerous benefits that come with wearing gloves in the gym, but what about the drawbacks? Sure, not everyone is a fan of wearing gloves during workouts, and they’ve definitely made their concerns known.

As previously mentioned, it’s  a matter of personal preference at the end of the day; though the top workout gloves, whether used sporadically or regularly, do come packed with a good number of undeniable benefits.

But, let’s take a look at some of the reasons people choose not to wear them.

Gym Gloves Don’t Increase Grip Strength

The argument here is that, especially when it comes to cliff climbers, wearing gloves while working out doesn’t result in increasing ones grip strength.

We can definitely see how important this would be for someone who plans on free climbing hundred of feet up a mountains edge.

The breadth of this argument is the exact opposite of one of the benefits of gym gloves listed above; people complain that the distribution of weight across the forearms decreases grip gains and thus provides a false sense of grip strength.

Workout Gloves Effect Lifting Technique

This contention to wearing workout gloves touches upon the argument that due to the thickness of some gloves, your weight lifting technique will be impeded.

Critics say that palming the bar closer to your wrists when exercising on the bench and shoulder press equipment is more difficult with gloves; resulting in the rolling of the wrist and subsequent wrist pain.

The cause of this being that the bar slides up towards your fingers, as a result of glove thickness. The claim that this can make lifting more difficult also accompanies this voiced con of wearing gym gloves.

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Prevent You From Using Your Cellphone

Let us disregard the fact that we should be 100% focused on our workouts and not on social media, texting, or phone calls while working out!

Great, now that we have that out the way, let’s jump back into the reality, in which pretty much everyone does this at the gym nowadays (unfortunately).Indeed, gloves will make touch screen smartphone usage much more difficult.

Smartphone touchscreens encompass a lot of electrical engineering, as far as how they actually work.

But, in a nutshell, electrodes in the screen create and hold an electrical field on the phone surface.Our fleshy-fingers are essentially conductors themselves, so when we touch our screens, we disturb  this electric field, so to speak.

Wearing gloves prevents this connection between our fingers from coming into contact and disturbing the electric field, thus nothing happens.

But the smartphone industry and our hard working engineering peeps are starting to figure out how to get around this, and are creating super-sensitive smartphone screens that can be touched by gloves as well. (The #1 strapless glove on our list, titled Rocktape Talons, is a touchscreen friendly glove!)

Our take on it? Put the phone away, focus on the gains!

What Types of Gloves Are Out There?

Now that we’ve addressed the facts and scenarios of the effect repetitive exercise has on our hands, let’s experiment with the different protection options available to us.

As you’ll see, some of the cons, mentioned above, associated with wearing gloves while working out, can typically be resolved by choosing the right type of gym gloves.

Weight Lifting Gloves With Straps (Wrist Support)

Basically gloves that have a Velcro wrap-around strip, which the fitness enthusiasts wraps around and secures for a tight fit. A great way of adding grip strength, while add the same time reducing friction and fatigue.

Strapless Workout Gloves (No Wrist Support)

The exact opposite of the workout gloves above, these gloves are much more relaxed on your hands, and no wrist gripping strap is found.

They offer more freedom of movement, and the best weight lifting gloves will even feel as if you’re not even wearing them at all!

Fingerless Gym Gloves

You’ve most likely observed these being worn by someone at your gym. These gloves leave the wearers fingers exposed and out in the open.

They combine the best of both worlds, the freedom and mobility that comes with bare hands, and the protection from blisters and calluses that comes with wearing gloves.

These gloves are also perfect for the busy bees who can’t put their phones down during workout. Should you need to change a song you’re listening to and your wireless gym headphones don’t have a remote, you won’t need to take these gloves off for that, simply tap your screen with the exposed fingers.

Full Finger Weight Lifting Gloves

As the name suggests, and opposite to the fingerless workout gloves, full finger gloves ensure that even the tips of your fingers are covered and shielded from wear and tear that accompanies an intense exercise plan!

Unless they’re made from specially fabricated material, you won’t be able tap on your smartphone touchscreen with these.

What to Look for In Good Workout Gloves for the Gym?

Now we’re talking, let’s focus on the things that really make an impact when choosing on the best workout gloves to buy!  

Aside from the aesthetic, subjective things, such as color and design, we touch upon what we look for and believe is essential to a quality pair of gym gloves.

The below are the main factors to consider when browsing and deciding on a worthwhile pair of weight lifting gloves:


For obvious reasons we want our gloves to be able to sustain even the harshest poundings, we are dealing with hundreds of pounds of weight here; being picked up and put back down repetitively.

This is why you’ll find that, in order to increase durability, the top workout gloves are made from materials such as nylon, neoprene, and leather.

Nylon being the least durable out of the lot, so the focus really is on neoprene and leather when it comes to durability. As you’ll be strenuously using the gloves for lifting weights day in and day out, for months, or perhaps years to come if you get a quality pair.

It’s important to keep in mind the sweat that will be drained into the gloves, the washable factor of durability is also important therefore. Some may require hand washing, while others can be thrown into a machine; make sure you read the instructions that come with the product.


The best workout glove manufacturers will strategically place quality non-slip materials across the gloves. ensuring the bodybuilder has a firm grip on the bars, weights, or exercise machines.

As mentioned in the benefits of workout gloves section of this article, we do not want the barbells or dumbbells slipping out of our sweaty hands.

Being able to hold the weight firmly in place during a gym visit is essential to ensuring your workout is effective as well as efficient. IT will decrease the chances of sustaining fitness injuries from improper weightlifting form and loss of control.


Why is flexibility important? For the similar reason that a firm grip is important, if your gym gloves don’t have flexibility, you are at the mercy of momentum created and cannot adjust course as you lift.

Unless you are doing heavy lifting, such as deadlifts, flexibility is important. For heavy weightlifting, however, rigidness is much more essential, as all that pressure and weight when allowed to move freely can cause quite the damage on our tendons and ligaments.

Nylon gloves are by far the most flexible out of the three materials mentioned in the durability function, but they are also the least effective in protection of the hands.

Flexibility is usually achieved, if non heavy lifting workouts are in question, by purchasing a pair of fingerless furable gloves.


A lot of repetitive movement while your body is under intense pressure from the workout will cause sweating and exertion of chemicals throughout the skin. Thus you hands will need some room to breathe throughout it all.

Materials that allow for air circulation, typically, are the mesh types. Leather gym gloves, unless specially designed, typically do not leave much room for breathability, when compared to other materials.

But depending on how long you work out for and what you use the workout gloves for, the amount of air circulation they provide can be more than enough. Neoprone gloves are both flexible and keep the hands moisture free as much as possible, ensuring a comfortable and cool workout feeling.


One of the mentioned benefits of wearing gloves when lifting weights is the added support they provide, via absorption of the pressure involved in lifting heavy weights.

Thus providing comfort, support, and added cushioning to your hands and wrists during an extraneous workout.

Some of the best padded weight lifting gloves will come with reinforced stitching as well as gel cushions. Others will encompass strategic cushioning that helps guide the barbell into the appropriate position in the hand.

Remember that the bulkier the glove, the less flexible it probably is, but the more protection it will provide during deadlifts and other heavy weight lifting exercises.

Wrapping Up

Researching the best weight lifting gloves is a necessity should you decide to add a pair to your workout. Many brands offer some amazing weight lifting gloves for both men and women, but with each pair come its own features and benefits, not to mention disadvantages.

Take your time to check out each pair that catches your eyes, and read more reviews if necessary. We hope that you’ve learned much more about workout gloves and are ready to pick one out and hit the gym in style!

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