10 Best Suspension Trainers for Serious Hang Time


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To choose the right suspension trainer, you must aquatint yourself with the exercise itself first.

Suspension training as with many other exercise can be super beneficial to your health. Most types of exercises focus on developing certain muscles or muscle groups on select parts of the body.

However, suspension training is suitable for developing muscles on the whole body, sculpting good physique, increasing the strength of most body joints, and boosting muscle stability.

The secret to gain maximum physical benefit is to find the right equipment. Good suspension trainers come along with an exercise guide and a user manual. Moreover, they have the ability to be used in most workout environments.

We’re not ones to leave you hanging, unless that’s your aim.

Which is why we did the research, reviewed, and ranked some of the top training straps available on the market for you. Whichever one you choose is ultimately up to you, but we hope our efforts will help you make a more informed decision.

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10 Highly Rated Suspension Trainers Examined

Below are some of the top options on the market right now, some may work better for you than others, but each has been tried and tested for effectiveness by thousands of customers.

Suspension trainers are a great workout gear additions to any home or garage gym, as they offer countless exercises and are impressively effective at building strength and muscle.

#10 – OCRTek Bodyweight Trainer

Ocrtek Bodyweight Trainer

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  • Made of nylon, a durable material.
  • The exercise plan helps one to train without the need of a gym instructor
  • Made of easy to adjust straps


  • A bit expensive

The OCRTek Bodyweight Trainer comes along with a setup guide, suspension straps, travel bag, door attachment and workout guide.

The exercise guide has colored demonstration photos to guide users in doing proper exercises. The suspension is made of 1.5-inch nylon that can withstand a stress of 1000lbs.

#9 – WOSS Titan- Premium Suspension Trainer

Woss Titan Premium Suspension Trainer

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  • It comes in different colors, giving users the freedom to choose their best color.
  • Have different anchors to help users set their suspension trainers almost anywhere.
  • Have a good quality similar to that of suspension trainers used in Military training.


  • Lack a setup guide.

Woss Titan comes in Black, Gunmetal Grey, Brown, Olive Drab, Hot Orange, Neon Green, and Pink colors.

The suspension trainer has four anchors that allow the user to set up their system on trees or doors. It comes with a bag used to store and carry the suspension trainers. It also has an exercise guide.

#8 – MUSCLE BLAST Suspension Body Fitness Trainer

Muscle Blast Suspension Body Fitness Trainer

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  • Costs less
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a case that helps one to carry the system anywhere.


  • Novices need expert supervision since it lacks an exercise plan.

A full kit has two suspension straps, an extender strap, a door anchor, and a casing. It has a rubber- made handle that gives users a firm grip while working out and foot grips that facilitate leg workouts.

It is designed with a 1.5-inch webbing to make it strong and a pull tab for easy adjustment.

#7 – Amzdeal Suspension Training Kit

Amzdeal Suspension Training Kit

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  • Has a no-slip handle that gives users a firm grip.
  • Made of nylon material that is durable.
  • It has a user manual.


  • Has one anchor that can limit anchorage on other objects like trees.

This suspension training kit is lightweight, making it easy to carry along. It comes with a carrying bag in which users can store their system. Users can use the attractive bag to ferry their suspension training kit for outdoor use.

It has adjustable snap knots used for adjustments, a non-slip foam handle to give users a firm grip and sturdy hooks for attachment.

#6 – Emerge’s Suspension Trainer Workout Straps

Emerge’s Suspension Trainer Workout Straps

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  • It has a user guide to help users exercise.
  • The easy to adjust straps are used to regulate the intensity of workouts.
  • It’s strong quality, and design qualifies it for a military grade.


  • Lacks a setup guide.

This work out strap is designed with black and green colors to give it an outstanding look. It is made of 1.5 inch webbing, no-slip rubber handles, a door anchor a suspension anchor, a user guide, and a bag.

#5 – Dynamite Power Training’s Suspension Straps

Dynamite Power Training’s Suspension Trainer Straps With Ebook

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  • Made of nylon, that lasts for long.
  • Its bands are crafted to handle heavyweight use.
  • The e-book exercise manual eliminates the need for a training instructor.


  • The e-book needs a modern mobile gadget or computer to access it.

The trainer is designed with non-slip rubber grips which give a firm grip. It is made of durable, sturdy nylon material, with rubber bands that can handle a weight limit of more than 1000lbs.

It has got adjustable cam buckles used in regulating the intensity of a training plan. The kit comes along with a free e-book.

#4 – Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Lifeline Jungle Gym Xt

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  • Made of no-slip handles.
  • Uses a Duro-link anchor that allows users to attach the suspension trainers on doors, trees, and bars.
  • It is made of adjustable and sturdy buckles that are suitable for heavy duty use.


  • Lifeline jungle gym lacks a bag to store and carry the suspension trainers.

The Lifeline Jungle Gym suspension trainers’ kit comes with two suspension straps, integrated handle, and foot cradles, easy to adjust buckles, two door anchors, a wok out a chart and work out video guide.

#3 – Resistance Suspension Body Workout Training

Resistance Suspension Body Workout Training

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  • Grips are made of rubber to provide a no- slip grip
  • Users have the freedom to choose their best color.
  • It has a setup guide that guides novice users through the assembling process.


  • It lacks an exercise plan to guide new users.

The strength suspension comes in blue, green, pink, red and yellow colors. Also, the suspension trainers come with a drawstring bag used to carry and store the system.

Furthermore, it has an extension link used to attach it to trees and door anchor for home use.

#2 – WOSS Attack Trainer Made in the USA

Woss Attack Trainer Made In The Usa

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  • Made of no-slip handles
  • No need of a gym instructor.
  • Many colors to choose from.


  • Lacks a setup guide.

The Woss Attack suspension trainer has different colors like brown, black, gunmetal Gray, pink, yellow, purple, hot Orange, Neon Gray, and Olive drab. It is designed with US military grade webbing.

Its grips are made of 1-3/8 inch rubber, and a 1-1/2 inch foot loop to facilitate comfort while working out. It has a door anchor intended to facilitate attachment on trees, rafters, bars, and doors. It also comes with an exercise guide.

#1 – TRX Training- Suspension Trainer Basic Kit

Trx Training Best Suspension Trainer Basic Kit

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  • Has a user guide to help one in performing correct workouts.
  • Recommended for any workout environment.
  • It is portable.


  • Expensive (but worth it!)

TRX suspension trainer is made easy to use for people of all ages. A full kit has suspension training straps, anchors, and workout guide.

It is designed to fit any workout environments like an office, home or outdoor. Its quality has made it popular among golfers, basketball players, football players, and other athletes.

Final Say

There are different suspension trainers in the market. What creates a difference in them is the ease of adjustment, grip characteristics and their ability to be used in most workout environments.

Beginners can opt for suspension trainer kits with a user guide. Experts can use any suspension trainer as long as it is sturdy and has good quality.

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