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The ultimate resource on your journey through fitness in this adventure we call life.

We’ll keep you up to date on major fitness, health and nutrition news.

While providing you with valuable information, resources & recommendations.

Our Mission

Plain and simple, we aim to be the #1 resource for global fitness enthusiasts.

We believe the only true way to achieve that is to earn your trust.

Gym Ventures emerged as a passion project of fit-minded founders of Golden Ape Media.

A successful digital marketing firm with review site industry experience.

The founders wished to combine a passion for fitness with a spirit of transparency.

Knowing the review industry was ripe for positive change they set on creating a truly impartial, independent review site and valuable resource for global fitness enthusiasts.

Our Process

Plain and simple, we gather unbiased data from industry experts and consumer reviews.

Like many sites, we may be compensated through affiliate relationships.

That is our business model, however . . .

We don’t believe in allowing companies to influence our opinions or rankings.

Thus, we don’t participate in the “pay-to-play” practices which seem to be rampant.

Nor do we hide negative reviews and/or use it as collateral to manipulate companies.

Instead we listen to vetted, established, and nonpartisan experts.

People or entities whose experiences and backgrounds qualify them to inform others.

Their opinion is combined with feedback received from thousands of real customers.

(Reviews found to be fabricated or not produced by actual people are not published).

The more people submit reviews, the better and more accurate our publications get.

Finally, we strive for our content to be well researched and properly cited; while at the same time being user friendly and not requiring a medical degree to get through.

Our Promise

Plain and simple, provide you with valuable resources on your journey through fitness.

For starters, we won’t let rankings be bought. No taking payments for unmerited inclusion.

Accurate reviews and rankings benefit both product/service providers and our visitors.

We promise to listen and to respond to our community as fast as reasonably possible.

To hold our self accountable in the process of successfully implementing our mission.

Writers & Contributors

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Ada Lane

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Nicholas Napier

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Annabelle Short

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Emma Thomas

Dr. Brent Wellls

Dr. Brent Wells

Ashley Lipman

Ashley Lipman

Russell Thompson

Dr. Russell Thompson


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Katrina Hatchett

marcus hagen gymventures author

Marcus Hagen

“Our main goal is to make your gymventure as enjoyable as possible!”

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