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Home Gym Equipment

This is one of, if not the main reason we started this site.  Putting together a home gym is not just one of the most cost effective things you can do (in the long run), but it also one of the more fun thing to venture on! Plus you learn so much about fitness along the way. Home gym equipment intrigued us because when we were paying a gym membership and doing the public gym life day in and day out, we never really thought about gym equipment thoroughly.

When we put some skin in the game, or rather our hard earned money on the table, something changed. We started looking at the gym machines with much greater detail, if we’re going to spend all this money, we better learn what exactly we’re spending it on, and quick! Which brought up the idea of starting a website and sort of documenting the options available along the way. Thus Gymventures was born.

When you head over to our home gym equipment section and browse through the lists, there’s a good chance that you too will be more diligent in your selection just as we were and still are. Something definitely changes when we put our money in the game. But looking more deeply into it only results in benefits for you.

Workout Gear

If there is one thing the fitness industry, or our world for that matter, is not in short supply of, it is apparel. We added the workout gear section to try and showcase what we thought were some cool fitness clothes. But shortly thereafter, we realized that there was MUCH more to workout gear than just tanktops and short shorts!

The further we went down the rabbit whole the more we understood how rich with various equipment the fitness world had become. From kinesiology tapes to floss bands to deadlift jacks, there was just so much to choose from. One of the great discoveries is when we found out that you could increase the width of the barbell with something called a lifting grip, our minds were blown away a little bit, in part because of the simplicity and in part because of the effectiveness.

The workout gear section is where we tend to put all the newest and coolest stuff, so be sure to check it out and check back in every now and again for new posts. As mentioned, the richness of the industry is only growing and new products are being introduced almost daily. Which is not such a bad thing.


When it comes to supplements, our relationship to them is kind of similar to that of our initial relationship with gym equipment. We knew the main ones, and what to use them for, in all honesty it helps that most if not all of them are self-describing (i.e. pre-workout). Looking back at it from a current point of view, we didn’t know much at all about supplements when we first started!

That is a humble testament to the amount we’ve learned about dietary supplements on our journey through fitness since starting this fun little project of ours called Gymventures. As we began developing our bodies and becoming ever more conscious about what we put in our bodies, we started consuming information on supplements alongside them. Information that would eventually turn to wisdom!

In our supplements section you’ll find all sorts of things, from nootropics to weight gainers to multivitamins and much more. Because they are something you consume, we tried to include a brief guide in each one of our posts alongside a recommendation of (usually) ten best ones. As always, we cannot stress enough the fact that we are not doctors and that you should always first consult with your physician before consuming anything along the lines of supplements, especially if you have a medical condition which could be affected by the usage.


Our health section was no debate whatsoever. We knew we wanted to include it from the get-go. We’re still working on and always improving the posts we include in this section, because it is so general, but for the most part we focus on stress relief, weight loss, and some other health relation questions that we seek to answer.

You’ll see posts from other categories under health as well, mainly because one can successfully argue that everything we discuss on Gymventures is health related. Therefore we include articles we publish through other sections under health, as mentioned, however, we are looking to explore more focused health topics as we venture along. Check into the health section of the site every now and then to see what we cooked up, who knows you may even be surprised and learn something useful.


We compartmentalized out fitness section into four different areas: bodybuilding, Crossfit, powerlifting, and sports. This seems fair, as these four cover most if not all of modern mainstream fitness topics. Additionally our team members are diverse and also could be compartmentalized along these four categories as well.

With Crossfit becoming more and more popular around the world, naturally we had to give it its own section. It also could have had something to do with a few of our team members insisting on it, but we’ll just say it deserves it’s place on the site and leave it at that.


Let us add nutrition to the list of things we have learned a tremendous amount about. Most of our team members weren’t the healthiest of eaters growing up, and though as we got into our twenties, we tried to clean up our act and eat clean, we have come to find that eating clean carries a whole new meaning with it.

To most of us eating Chipotle regularly but in moderation is eating clean, and a pizza here and there was never turned down by any of us, ever. All kidding aside, we have come to discover that nutrition is THE foundation for fitness and a healthy life overall. Nowadays we spend an incredible amount of our time preaching this.

Nutrition is so important that the majority of us have begun to analyze our daily nutritional intake religiously. In our nutrition section we try and highlight the food tips we have learned so far as well as provide you with some recipes to consider. We’re still working on figuring out how best to present the information on nutrition to you, so what you see now will likely look different as we begin to articulate and put fingers to keyboard in the future. Check back in!


Ah yes, the reviews. Some items we feel you should definitely check out, so we review and publish the review for your consideration. We knew we wanted to have a reviews section from the get-go as well, but mainly because we though certain products deserved special attention. If we liked or disliked something, it has become a feeling of duty to report it to you and the rest of the fitness community.

So far the items and equipment we’ve come across have all been positive and we’ve provided an unbiased review of each, but make sure to keep checking back in this ever important section of our site, because should something serious catch our attention, we will not hesitate to raise our voices in concern.

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