As a general area of significant health concern, many fitness enthusiasts and powerlifters know that choosing among the best weight lifting belts for their workouts is essential to long term success and injury prevention.

While beginners who use good form can lift small weights without the use of a weight belt, as the weight increases, it is important to adequately protect your back as you increase pressure on your abdomen.

Whether your goal is Crossfit, belts that can improve your powerlifting performance, or you simply want to add strength and stability during your cardio workouts. This handy guide to the top weight lifting belts will give you all the information you need to choose the right belt for your goals.

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Best Heavy-Duty Weight Lifting Belts – Top 3

Heavy Duty weight lifting is all about pushing your muscles out of their comfort zone, by exposing them to previously not encountered stress; to ultimately achieve muscle growth.

In short, heavy-duty calls for short workouts with really heavy weights.

All that heavy lifting puts a strain on your back and abdomen, luckily support can be achieved with the following heavy duty weight lifting belts. Here are some of the top heavy duty weight lifting belts we recommend checking out.

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#1 – Strength Shop Heavy Duty Premium 13mm Lever Belt

Strength Shop Heavy Duty Premium


  • Measures 4 inches wide and 13mm thick
  • Built to IPF specifications
  • Comes in black with Strength Shop logo on the back
  • Available in five different sizes
  • Weights nearly 4 pounds

From one of the leaders in premiere workout gear, the Strength Shop 13mm Lever Belt is one of the best cardillo weight lifting belts on the market, giving you snug support as well as outstanding lumbar support.

Made from only the highest-quality materials, this thick belt will stay in place during high-impact crossfit workouts, as well as give you unparalleled support for heavy duty workout routines and general weight lifting workouts.

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#2 – Schiek Power Lever Belt 7010

Schiek Power Lever Belt 7010


  • Available in black with the Shiek logo on the clasp
  • Made from genuine suede leather
  • Features rugged lever closure system for added security
  • Weighs 2.7 pounds
  • Buckle closure can be adjusted for comfort

Whether you’re interested in Olympic heavy duty weight lifting, powerlifting, or general fitness, the Schiek Power Lever 7010 is one of the best weight lifting belts for sale on the market today.

The unique branded slide clasp is ultra secure, and can be adjusted to maximize ergonomic comfort and control.

Made from genuine leather, the Schiek Power Lever 7010 is designed to provide maximum lumbar stability and security for fitness enthusiasts and professional weightlifters alike.

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#3 – Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro

Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro


  • Belt is 4″ wide for perfect support without pinching or slipping
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Weights just 1.5 pounds
  • Closes with ruggedly secure buckle

With a lightweight but ultra rugged design, the Dark Iron Fitness is one of the most popular and preferred heavy duty weight lifting belts due to its unique design that prevents riding up on the waist.

The heavy-duty buckle system can be adjusted to nearly any waist diameter, and the full 4-inch width gives secure support during even the heaviest lifts.

Designed to be easily rolled up and carried in a bag when not in use, the Dark Iron Fitness is tough enough to meet the demands of professional powerlifters and Olympic athletes.

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Best Powerlifting Belts – Top 3

If you don’t really truly know what powerlifting even is, don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one.

In short, powerlifting involves these type of lifts: squat, the bench, and the deadlift.

Sounds simple right? It would be had that been all there is. But with powerlifting also comes goal setting, training cycles, diet, dietary supplements, contests, mental prepping, proper resting, and most importantly, great discipline.

Because two of the fundamental aspects of powerlifting involve squatting and deadlifting, wearing the right powerlifting belt can play a significant role in your powerlifting regiment. Below are some of the top powerlifting belts we recommend in aiding your gym venture.

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#1 – Grizzly Fitness Double Prong Power Lifting Belt

Grizzly Fitness Double Prong


  • Measures 13mm thick
  • Buckle secures with two prongs for increased security
  • Belt is 4 inches wide throughout
  • Weighs just 1 pound
  • Double stitched for durability and stability

Available in seven different sizes, the Grizzly Fitness Double Prong is one of the top rated weight lifting belts available.

Made from genuine leather and double stitched for increased security, the Grizzly Fitness Double Prong features a reinforced metal buckle with two prongs to never slip or ride up during powerlifting workouts.

Measuring a wide 4-inches throughout, the Grizzle Fitness offers unparalleled lumbar, abdomen, and core support for powerlifters and fitness enthusiasts committed to developing increased muscle mass.

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#2 – Ader 4-Inch Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt

Ader 4 Inch Leather Power Lifting Belt


  • Comes in a fashionable red leather design
  • Made from genuine leather with a suede lining for improved comfort
  • Double prong buckle adds extra security
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Belt is 4 inches wide and 3/8 inches thick

With a unique and intriguing red design, the Ader Leather Power Lifting Belt is built from genuine leather, with a soft suede lining, making it one of the finest weight lifting belts for crossfit and powerlifting available on the market currently..

An ultra-secure double prong buckle with single loop, the Ader Leather Power Lifting Belt ensures this belt won’t ride up or slip in the middle of your workout.

A hefty four inches wide, and 3/8 inches thick, the Ader Leather Power Lifting Belt offers unparalleled lumbar and core support during sustained powerlifitng exercise routines.

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#3 – Titan Longhorn Powerlifting Lever Belt

Titan Longhorn Powerlifting Lever Belt


  • Made in the United States
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for the buckle
  • Made from genuine suede leather
  • Uniquely bold design in your choice of three colors with longhorn logo on the back
  • 4 inches wide and 10mm thick, conforming to IPF standards

Fellow athletes will take notice when you’re wearing the Titan Longhorn Powerlifting Belt, with its unique design and big longhorn logo on the back.

Crafted from genuine leather, with a soft suede lining and exterior, the Titan Longhorn is one of the preferred weight belts for lifting by serious powerlifters. The front clasp is easy to secure, with a one-button quick release.

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Best Weight Lifting Belts Overall - Top 5

Weight lifting belts are meant for all fitness enthusiasts who plan on squatting, deadlifting, or any other heavy duty bodybuilding to their maximum capability.

These belts will help you lift heavier weights in a safer and more effective manner, they will activate a greater amount of muscles fibers than when not wearing one.

Additionaly, they can help decrease injury in the gym when lifting heavy objects and helps remind you to maintain good form. Without further hesitation, here are the recommended best belts for weight lifting we found.

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#1 – Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt

Valeo 4 Inch Padded Leather Belt


  • Features a foam lumbar pad for improved ergonomic comfort
  • 4 inches wide throughout, and 1/4″ thick
  • Double loops for added closure security
  • Genuine suede leather lining
  • Double-stitched for lasting security and reliability

The internet is buzzing with positive weight lifting belts reviews for the Valeo 4-inch, a superior belt made from tough cowhide and featuring double stitches on the edge for increased longevity and improved security.

Available in four different sizes, the Valeo has a double-prong buckle for an ultra-secure fit, guaranteed not to ride up or slip during intense workout routines.

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#2 – Harbinger 284 4-Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt

Harbinger 284 4 Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt


  • Comes with a 90-day warranty
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Suede lining on the interior for added comfort
  • Belt measures 4″ wide throughout
  • Special contour design for a snug ergonomic fit

Although the Harbinger 284 is one of the most popular cheap weight lifting belts available for sale today, it offers unparalleled support, with a unique contour design for an improved ergonomic fit.

A solid 4 inches wide throughout, the Harbinger 284 is double stitched for added durability, and has an interior board backing for improved lumbar support and security.

The double prong buckle ensures a perfect fit every time, designed to stay in place during even the most intense weight lifting workouts.

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#3 – RDX Gym Weight Lifting Neoprene Double Belt Back Lumber Support

Rdx Lifting Double Belt Back


  • 5.5 inches wide for extra lumbar support
  • Made from nylon for a snug, flexible fit
  • Stainless steel slide bar buckle
  • Velcro and metal double lock closure
  • Easily adjustable to a variety of waist sizes

Uniquely contoured to ergonomically support the abdomen, the RDX Gym Neoprene is built from high-strength black nylon.

With a secure Velcro and metal clasp enclosure, the RDX Gym Neoprene adds strength and stability to the back, abdomen, and core.

Featuring the RDX logo on the front, this stylish neoprene belt is a perfect accompaniment to fitness enthusiasts and athletes at all levels.

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#4 – Schiek Nylon Lifting Belt – 4 and 3/4 Inches

Schiek Nylon Lifting Belt


  • Measures 4-3/4″ inches at its widest
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Snug Velcro enclosure system ensures a perfect fit
  • Stainless steel slide buckle
  • Made from ultra-rugged black nylon

Amateur fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike will benefit from the Schiek Nylon Weight Lifting Belt, engineered with a special anatomical design for improved ergonomic comfort.

The secure Velcro closure guarantees a snug fit to prevent the belt from slipping or riding up during even the most intense workouts, while the 4.75″ inch front panel offers advanced abdominal support during heavy lifting routines.

Lightweight and rugged nylon design secures with a stainless steel buckle for added security.

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#5 – Olympiada Low Profile Weight Lifting Belt

Olympiada Low Profile Weight Lifting Belt


  • Belt is 4 inches wide throughout
  • Contains a foam core for added comfort and support
  • Secure Velcro closure for a perfect fit
  • Available in five different waist sizes
  • Special low profile torque ring for added lumbar and core support

Perfectly designed for Crossfit enthusiasts, weightlifters, or general gym workouts, the Olympiada Low Profile is made from secure nylon.

A foam internal padding offers advanced ergonomic comfort, and the secure Velcro closure ensures a perfect fit.

An internal torque ring offers added security and lumbar, hip and abdominal stability, while the rounded edges ensure that this belt will never pinch or dig into your side.

Engineered for long-lasting durability, the Olympiada Low Profile is an optimum belt for weightlifters seeking to improve abdominal strength while protecting their back.

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Bonus Pick: Schiek 6-Inch Contour Leather Lifting Belt

We didn’t feel right leaving this one off the list, so we’re throwing it into the mix as a bonus favorite.

Schiek 6 Inch Contour Leather Lifting Belt


  • Made from genuine leather
  • 6 inches wide in the back
  • 1/4″ thick
  • Dual prong stainless steel buckle for a secure fit
  • Comes with a padded lumbar support

With a generous 6″ design in the back, the Schiek Contour is one of the finest leather weight lifting belts available for serious athletes.

The unique anatomical contour design gives this belt an improved fit, guaranteed not to slip or slide up during intense Crossfit routines or weight lifting workouts.

The Schiek Contour includes a padded lumbar support for additional security, and is made from genuine natural leather.

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Beginners Guide to Weight Lifting Belts

After you’ve read through this guide, pick your favorite belt for weight lifting and hit the gym with confidence!

Importance of Wearing Belts When Lifting

why are the best weight lifting belts important

The actual importance of wearing belts when lifting weights involves a lot of opinions and generates great debate in the gym and the bodybuilding world in general.

Most people start without one, and the once they get serious about weight lifting, they begin their search for the best weight lifting belt for them. Also, most people use them for heavy lifting with barbells, deadlifts, and squats.

No matter what anyone tells you one way or the other, weight lifting belts are indeed very important and are designed to help prevent spinal flexion.  Which is why wearing a belt doing sit-ups is counter intuitive, as the purpose of sit-ups is flexing of the spine and contracting of the abs.

So, no doubt, don’t wear a belt during EVERY single exercise you do, as you will be going against it’s functionality. But do put the belt on when you are lifting heavy and need some additional support on your abs and lumbar.

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How Lifting Belts Help During Workouts

benefits of a weight lifting belt while exercising

What most people correctly believe is that belts for weight lifting provide back support and help prevent injuries. While this is definitely true, to really understand why and how this happens should be the focus point of any person looking to buy weight lifting belts.

Soon you’ll come to find something that may or may not shock you, which is that not even the manufacturers of lifting belts really seem to understand the function they are supposed to serve.

This is evident in the way some of them design their belts wider in the back, instead of the front. Let’s find out what that means exactly.

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The Connection Between Breathing and Lifting Belts

To really understand why weight lifting belts are important and how they benefit our workouts, one first has to understand breathing during lifting.

Holding Your Breath

You were probably taught to inhale on the eccentric and exhale on the concentric parts of your exercise, correct?

Though this is absolutely true in normal workouts, and breathing is significantly important; when your body is tasked with producing a great amount of force, however, this is not the technique we use.

Think back to a time when you had to move something heavy, maybe when you were re-arranging your room as a kid. When you needed to push the drawer to the other side for example. You probably took a deep breath, pushed the drawer and exhaled only after you’ve pushed it or pulled it.

What you were doing is called the Valsalva Maneuver, and it’s the breathing technique used when we’re performing at our near-max.

Holding your breath gives you the capability to lift heavier, as you hold the breath and increase your thoracic ab pressure. Meaning that when you inhale, the pressure inside your thoracic cavity increases; it’s even more so increased as you flex your abdominal muscles alongside it.

Which suggests, rightfully so, that your ab muscles primary function is to apply pressure on the anterior side of the spine.

Abs Are the Important Aspect of Heavy Lifting?

Your abs, in essence, are attempting to create a balance with the extensors on the backside by applying pressure on the anterior.

Translated to English, when you’re lifting heavy, your abs keep you from getting crushed by the weight you’re deadlifting or squatting.

What about my back muscles . . . how can abs be more important?

It’s not that abs are more important per-se, it’s just that the back muscles force, support, and position the spine from your back, while the abs wall and greater pressure in the abdominal area, caused by taking a deep breath, support your back, from the front!

Cutting to the chase (finally), is that the weight lifting belt’s primary purpose is to make sure your body is supported on the front side via an increase in abdominal pressure.

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What to Look for In a Good Weight Lifting Belt?

what to look for in top weight lifting belts

As mentioned above, weight belts essentially serve as a wall for your ab muscles. By pushing against the belt your abs can support your back in a more effective way, resulting in more force exertion.

All this results in a greater rigid torso and superior force transmission from your hips to the barbell, as well as greater stability for lifting overhead.

With that being said, you’ve probably concluding that the width of the back of even the best weight lifting belts, is not that important. At best, it adds style points.

So what should you look for then?

A three to four inch wide belt, all around, is sufficient support for heavy lifting.

Don’t waste your time with belts that are narrower that than in width, they won’t provide much support.

Depending on your body size, larger than four inches may or may not fit properly in-between hips and ribs. But if you’re bigger, then obviously a greater than four inch belt is needed.

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Which Belt Material Is Best?

You want something not too stretchable, which means along the lines of suede/leather. Look for material that will stay firm throughout the belts usage!

Wrapping Up

So the takeaway is that you don’t really need to, and shouldn’t (frankly), wear a weight lifting belt all the time.

In fact, as mentioned, many people will question your wearing a belt while lifting all together; arguing that you should rely on your body’s “natural” power. Whether you want to argue with that on that one is your personal decision.

We will leave you with two key takeaways here:

  • When you’re lifting heavy, belts can definitely reduce your chances of suffering an orthopedic injury.
  • The highest rated belts will most certainly provide aid while lifting.

One last thing, please don’t wear a weight belt while you’re riding the bicycle at the gym, people will laugh at you! :)

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