10 Best Exercise Balls for Yoga & Stability Sessions


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In order to choose the best exercise ball among the hundreds of them out there, it helps to know what you’re looking for first.

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Perhaps one of the reasons why they are in abundance is because, relatively speaking, they are so easy to manufacture. No wonder there are tons of companies producing them.

But which have your best interest in mind? Which ones will endure the toughest of workouts without going POOF! The ten we’ve put together are the top choices to consider.

What is an Exercise Ball?

An exercise ball, also known as a balance ball, fitness ball, sports ball, gym ball, yoga ball and many other names, is a ball filled with air and made with soft elastic materials with a diameter of around 14 to 34 inches.

These balls are mostly used in exercise, physical therapy, and athletic training. As opposed to exercising on a flat, hard surface, using a gym ball will make your body to respond to the ball’s instability and will involve more muscle groups. This strengthens the muscles in order to keep the balance.

10 Best Yoga & Stability Exercise Balls

Below is a list of the ten best exercise balls to get you started, though they are ranked rest assured that each of these will satisfy most workout programs and regiments.

#10 – Perfect Core Ball

Perfect Core Ball

Lowest Price We Found


  • Has specially engineered anti-burst materials to keep you safe
  • The Sep point technology keeps you aligned during workout
  • Weighted ballast prevents the ball from moving around thus making you stay put.


  • Deflates rather quickly. If unattended, it only takes a week to deflate.

The perfect core ball ensures optimal body positioning as well as maximum muscle activation.

It features a self-righting design that will allow you to stay put, safe and aligned during your core workout. The included workout chart offers step-by-step instructions to boost results. It is excellent for heights between 5′ 4″ and 5′ 10″.

#9 – LuxFit Premium Extra Thick Yoga Ball

Luxfit Premium Extra Thick Yoga Ball

Lowest Price We Found


  • Extra thick to avoid bursting and increase durability
  • Comes with an easy to use pump
  • Made with top quality slip resistant material


  • Its non-spherical shape makes it a bit unstable.

The LuxFit Premium Extra Thick Yoga Ball increases flexibility and helps to tighten your core. The ball is perfect for thigh and shoulder toning. It comes in convenient sizes to allow easy use.

#8 – Anti Burst Professional Quality Design Exercise Ball

Anti Burst Professional Quality Design Exercise Ball

Lowest Price We Found


  • Made with the highest quality material
  • The anti-burst 2000lbs design enables it to withstand the most rigorous workouts
  • Comes with a dual action inflation pump to allow easy pumping


  • The ball is not sturdy and tends to become slightly deflated after each use despite being pumped to the required firmness.

The Anti-burst Professional Quality Design Exercise Ball is perfect for weighted or tough exercises. This ball is available in diameters of 55cm.65cm and 75 cm. It is ideal for both men and women, and it comes in blue or black colors to match with other workout equipment.

#7 – Wacces Anti-Burst Fitness Stability and Yoga Ball

Wacces Anti Burst Fitness Stability And Yoga Ball

Lowest Price We Found


  • It is durable, safe and easy to use
  • Increases flexibility
  • Enhances coordination and balance


  • It slowly loses air and has to be refilled every two weeks

Using the Anti-Burst Fitness Ball will stretch, tone and strengthen all the major muscle groups and increase your flexibility in the thighs, abdominal and lower back. This ball is available in three sizes namely, 55, 65, and 75 cm. It is therefore suitable for users between 5′ to 6.5′ tall.

#6 – Premium Fitness Ball for Exercise by SmarterLife

Premium Fitness Ball For Exercise By Smarterlife

Lowest Price We Found


  • Can be utilized for all fitness levels and ages
  • Made from eco-friendly materials which make it safe for the family and the whole world
  • Rated to 2000 lbs


  • The sizes are smaller than expected

This exercise ball is available in three sizes–55 cm, 65 cm, and 75 cm. The Premium Fitness Ball by Smartlife will help you lose weight and get fit. It targets key muscle groups including thighs, arms, abdominals, and back. It is also perfect for use during and after pregnancy.

#5 – Active Balance Fitness Ball by Epitome Fitness

Active Balance Fitness Ball By Epitome Fitness

Lowest Price We Found


  • Exercises are printed on the ball to allow easy reference
  • Made from gym quality anti-burst polymers that make the ball safe, durable and sturdy
  • Made with non-toxic, easy to clean and slip resistant materials


  • Can be difficult to pump up for the average person

This exercise ball comes with imprinted exercises as well as a training ebook. It is the best core trainer for exercising, pilates, and toning abs

#4 – Live Infinity Anti Burst Tested with Hand Pump

Live Infinity Anti Burst Tested With Hand Pump

Lowest Price We Found


  • No leak, No hassle
  • Comes in four different colors to match your décor
  • Has an all-inclusive online workout guide
  • Supports 2200lbs


  • Their size chart could use a little work

This exercise ball is thicker and studiers to enable one perform different exercises while remaining strong. Its ability to support more than 2200lbs makes it a perfect ball for balance, yoga and Pilates. It can also be utilized as a fitness ball chair to improve posture.

#3 – Anti-Slip Fitness Ball by DYNAPRO

Anti Slip Fitness Ball By Dynapro

Lowest Price We Found


  • Highly portable
  • Available in three sizes—55cm, 65cm and 75cm
  • Made with high-quality PVC material for durability


  • The plug can be a little tricky to extract once pumping is finished

The Anti-Slip Exercise Ball by DYNAPRO is burst-resistant to 2,000 lbs which make it perfect for even the most rigorous workout. Other than using it for exercise, this ball can be utilized as an office chair to improve flexibility, balance, and back health.

#2 – Superior Fitness 600 lb Stability Ball + Bands & Pump

Superior Fitness 600 Lb Stability Ball

Lowest Price We Found


  • Perfect for office, home, and physical therapy
  • Made with heavy Anti-Burst PVC
  • Has cushioned handles for safety
  • Has a stability ring to prevent the ball from moving while you are working out


  • Older people find it hard to inflate this ball properly.

This exercise ball has high-quality gym resistance bands that improve posture, back pain, balance and core strength. With the Superior Fitness 600 lb Exercise ball, every workout is performed with perfect form for intended muscle group.

#1 – Black Mountain 2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Ball

Black Mountain 2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Ball

Lowest Price We Found


  • Designed with dense walls to provide ultimate support and durability
  • Comes with easy to use foot pump as well as a starter brochure
  • Available sizes include 45 cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, and 85cm


  • Pay close attention to the sizing chart and leave room for miscalculation

This is number one on the list of top ten exercise balls. The Black Mountain exercise ball has a spectacular rating of 2,000 pounds and comes in five sizes. This ball allows one to improve core strength, balance as well as overall agility through glutes, back, ab, arms, hips and other muscle group workouts.

Final Say

Previously used by physical therapists, fitness balls are now utilized in leading health clubs across the globe. A gym ball is an essential component of an effective weight loss and fitness regime.

It will tone your abs, quads, hips, core and hips. This ball will also help one improve balance and lose weight through “passive” exercising.

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