Ever go to the gym and see what you thought was one of the best protein shaker bottles imaginable, an absolute must have, but you didn’t know the first thing about the bottles?

You probably fell for the design of the product, because there are some crafty and stylish looking ones out there.

With a little hope, and the help of our research via this article, you can soon become one of those people with the best protien shaker in the gym.

Highest Rated Shaker Bottles for Your Gym Bag

Popularity contests aside, however, we are more concerned with you having one of the most useful and valuable products in your arsenal. So without further adieu.

All of the bottles listed in this guide are top-rack dishwasher safe.

#1 – BlenderBottle Classic

Blenderbottle Classic

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For those seeking an affordable protein shaker bottle, Amazon offers a wide variety. The BlenderBottle Classic is the best-selling shaker bottle in the world. Measure ingredients and mix them together smoothly with this distinctive design.

Whether you're mixing weight gainer supplements, pre-workouts or anything in between, this bad boy has proven time and time again that it does the trick!

  • A unique, patented carrying loop allows users to strap it on to a gym bag or backpack.
  • The flip-top lid keeps contents contained without leaking and is easy to remove for a quick swig.
  • This target protein shaker bottle evenly and smoothly mixes ingredients with its exclusive BlenderBall, a surgical-steel contraption that acts as a whisk to combine smoothies, shakes and mixes.
  • The BPA-free bottle is available in three different sizes, the largest holding up to 32 ounces.
  • Measurement markings are embossed on the cup so users can easily calculate ingredients and the marks will never rub off.

#2 – PROMiXX: The Original Vortex Mixer

Promixx The Original Vortex Mixer

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This sports bottle turns into a battery-operated blender with the push of a button to efficiently blend powdered beverages and thick ingredients like yogurt.

  • The powerful motor detaches to make it lightweight while drinking.
  • The leakproof design ensures the liquid will stay where it is supposed to.
  • The mixer is self-cleaning; just combine water with a tiny squirt of detergent and press the button.
  • The plastic compartment is odor free.
  • The mixer is quiet enough to use in an office environment and handles hot and cold beverages.

#3 – SmartShake Shaker Cup

Smartshake Shaker Cup

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This protein shaker bottle with compartment holds liquids, powders and snacks or supplements in separate areas.

  • Drinks are mixed completely, and the built-in strainer removes any lumps.
  • Ideal for blending thick drinks or even mixing eggs for an omelet.
  • Measurements are labeled up to 12 ounces, and the cup holds an ample 20 ounces.
  • Interchangeable pieces let you screw on different sections to hold other ingredients.
  • Compartments from multiple cups can be swapped to personalize the bottle with different colors, transforming it from black to a pink protein shaker bottle or any other color of the rainbow.

#4 – Trimr Duo Squared Biggest Protein Shaker Cup

Trimr Duo Squared Biggest Protein Shaker Cup

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The largest shaker bottle, blends 38 ounces of liquid and other ingredients effortlessly and with style.

  • The surgical grade stainless steel agitator won’t peel or rust over time and pulverizes powders and mixes.
  • This shaker cup designed for use as a water bottle or shaker bottle to help its users get the optimal nutrients and hydration they need.
  • The lid allows for multiple sipping options, including a straw and a wide mouth opening.
  • The spill-proof bottle won’t leak when tipped over at the gym or at work.
  • The company offers a 1-year guarantee on this product.

#5 – SmartShake Slim Shaker

Smartshake Slim Shaker

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This familiar to Walmart, and one of the best protein shaker bottles, holds just enough liquid for the perfect workout.

  • A screw-on compartment on the bottom can hold snacks, keys, vitamins or money.
  • The strainer snaps on to make blending easier.
  • The larger compartment holds up to 17 ounces, with markings up to 12 ounces.
  • Users can customize the colors of the cup by purchasing more than one and interchanging the compartment piece and top.
  • The shaker comes with a carabiner to secure it to workout equipment or gym bags.

#6 – Hydra Cup 2.0 Dual Shaker Cup

Hydra Cup 2.0 Dual Shaker Cup

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This exceptional shaker cup holds two different liquids in one convenient bottle, so users can carry their pre-exercise energy boost and post-workout meal replacement shake together.

  • The flip caps double as scooper for powdered drink mixes.
  • Use one half of the bottle to store ice and keep the liquid in the other side frosty.
  • One side can be used to store snacks or money and keys, making this the only item a user needs to bring to the gym.
  • The rubber gasket seal provides complete leak-proof security.
  • The dual mixers in the lid break down powders for a smooth result.

#7 – Umoro One Shaker

Umoro One Shaker

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A water bottle and shaker cup in one, this is an ideal addition to any fitness routine.

  • The Umoro One changes from a water bottle to a blender bottle with the push of a button.
  • The shatterproof plastic is durable and practically unbreakable, even if it falls from a shelf or a desk.
  • The lid can hold supplements, mixes and powders so everything can be carried together.
  • The rubber seal in the lid makes the bottle resistant to leaking.
  • A convenient carrying strap adds to the convenience of the bottle.

#8 – BlenderBottle GoStak

Blenderbottle Gostak

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These storage jars take a blender bottle to a whole new level. The system is designed to carry snacks, supplements and powders.

  • Reusable storage containers can be locked together to keep everything together, including money, food and vitamins.
  • The stacks fit perfectly inside a BlenderBottle.
  • The GoStack allows users to visually control snack portions.
  • This storage system is ideal for children or adults.
  • The lid for each container can screw onto the bottom when the container is open, keeping all the parts together.

#9 – BlenderBottle ProStak

Blenderbottle Prostak

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This protein shaker bottle with ball incorporates a storage system with a compartment for liquids.

  • The large bottle holds 22 ounces of liquids.
  • The system comes with the bottle for liquids, two small jars that screw together and to the large bottle, a compartment for organizing pills and a whisking blender ball.
  • The storage containers can be used independently from the bottle that holds liquids.
  • The cap is leak-proof and flips off the mouthpiece easily, remaining in an upright position as the user drinks.
  • The battery-free mixer is powerful enough to smoothly break down peanut butter or oat flour.

#10 – VALI Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

Vali Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

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Keep powders and supplements together with the liquid with this stainless steel protein shaker bottle. The design is sleek and fashionable, and the bottle is extremely functional.

  • The top compartment holds up to 23.7 ounces of liquid, making it an ideal size for holding a post-workout shake.
  • The bottom compartment can contain up to 6.7 ounces of snacks, supplements or powder mix for the shake and can be removed when not needed.
  • The incorporated mixer blends all ingredients smoothly.
  • The seal is leakproof, and the wide opening makes it comfortable and easy to drink from.
  • The shaker bottle comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee, so users can return it if they’re not satisfied.

Beginners Guide to the Best Protein Shakers

So what we are left with is to fill the knowledge gap many of us have and learn a little more about these things called shaker bottles.

We’ve isolated some of the critical questions to answer below, before getting one for yourself:

What Are They?

It’s quite simple really, out of a meticulous and quite frankly redundant process, came an ingenious idea. Before the rise of shaker bottles people would get really creative in mixing dietary supplements. And if you don’t know anything about supplements, head over to Top10Supps for some great information on hundreds of different types of supplements.

You may be thinking to yourself just how creative one would need to get, can’t you just pour out some powder into a water bottle, pour water in it or whatever liquid, shake it up really good and be on your way?

To that we say, spot on, some people still do this and don’t mind it at all! Protein shakers are more of a want, than a need, to most gym goers. It’s all about convenience, cleanliness, organization, and style!

The problem is that, especially with water, the contents and chunks of the supplement that form when mixing it, aren’t broken down and split apart properly with just the regular shaking of a bottle.

Which is why, by putting a whisk ball inside, or whatever mechanism some shakers on the market use; modern shaker bottles are much more superior at mixing the protein contents up.

How to Use One to Consume Protein?

Shake It So How To Use A Shaker Bottle for Protein Consumption

Probably the best part of bottle shakers is the ease at which they allow you to mix up your supplements. Making a protein shake using one of these is a simple four step process that you can perform anywhere at anytime.

Step 1: Pour in the liquid you want to mix the protein or other type of supplement into the shaker. Most, if not all, shakers nowadays should or do come with a scale on the side to help you measure the poured amount.

Step 2: Measure the protein powder, creatine powder, weight gainer, or whatever you happen to be mixing. Most people use the provided scoop in the supplement tub, which can be buried in the supplement, so if you don’t see it, it’s probably hiding below the powder.

Step 3: This is your chance to get creative with the mix. You can add any other supplements or desired ingredients. If your tub of protein comes with some recipe/mixing suggestions, you may want to take a read and follow through on the suggestion. Always consult with a doctor before getting too creative.

Step 4: Finally, the time has come, to, as Taylor Swift would say, shake it off! But not before making sure the lid is safely and tightly secured on top of the powder bottle shaker. Trust us, you do not want to clean up that mess. Count slowly to 20-25 as you shake, open, drink, and you’re all set!

Alternatively, you can watch the video above and see just how quickly you can make a protein shake. This is one of the things that makes shakers so popular, the quick and easy aspect of the process.

Why Are the Good Ones More Expensive?

As with any other product, shaker bottles come in different shapes and sizes; but more importantly they come in different designs and materials. Because one can make a protein shaker bottle as simple or as complex as one wishes, protein shakers differ in price.

This price difference can and often is in the tens of dollars. For example, if you’re really trying to impress your gym buddies, there’s a $500 shaker bottle for that from StayFit. Why anyone would ever spend five bills on a protein shaker is beyond us; but, if so, more power to you.

Ridiculously priced shakers out of the way, there are much more affordable ways of mixing your supplements. The difference in price for these normal protein shakers is usually due to a combination of the following features: material, compartment-ability, size, dishwasher safe, and design.

Can I Hurt Myself Using One of These Things?

If used improperly, you can hurt yourself with a lot of things in your house, protein shaker is no different. But generally speaking, if you use it as it is intended to be used, and follow instructions that come with the product, you should be fine.

Most common “injury” that can occur with a shaker bottle is, during the shaking phase, if you are shaking it towards your face or someone else’s body, you can momentarily lose control of the momentum of your hand and either strike yourself in the face or someone else, if they happen to be around you at the time.

Overall, these supplement shaking bottles are pretty safe and pose no danger to you or those around you. The pain is actually worse if you happen to not secure the top properly and the contents go flying all over your kitchen or wherever you’re shaking it at; but that is more of an emotional hurt.

Important Features of a Good Protein Shaker

Different Features of Supplement Shaker Bottles

As mentioned above, not all of these bottles are created equally, but for the most part, all will get the job of mixing supplements such as protein and pre-workout together just fine. Some just offer more than the basic necessities.

Can you think of some features that you think you would like to have in a supplement mixing bottle? Let’s see how the ones you just came up with compare to some of the features below:

Dimensions and volume: The two most important things to consider is the size and dimensions of the shaker bottle. Will it fit well into your gym bag, car, locker, etc. You want something stylish but useful and that does not become a burden to carry around.

Dishwasher Safe: It doesn’t take long to wash one of these bottles and be ready to mix your next supplement, but it’s also good to throw it in the dishwasher (if it’s safe to do so) and give it that extra clean. Most shakers out on the market are now dishwasher safe.

Microwave Safe: This is a polarizing topic, because there’s really no true need to throw mixed supplements into the microwave. And though most plastics used in manufacturing the bottles are microwave safe, we would discourage you from microwaving your protein shakes. Especially not with the whisker ball inside it!

Freezability: Another, sometimes useful, but not recommended feature is freezing your supplement mixing bottle. Most top protein shaker bottles are made of plastic, and the freezing can make them susceptible to breakage. So, you can, if you absolutely must, but make sure to keep an eye on it.

Thermal Liquids: Why does this matter? Because hot or warm liquids can build pressure inside the shaker, causing it to flip the cap open and spray contents all over the place; as you’ll recall, this would really suck for you as you’d have to clean up the mess.

Whiskers: Some come with a rounded oval-shaped whisker, while other come with a flat design that circles around the inside of the bottle, and others have their own special made, cool looking design. All you really need is just something of the sort in there t make sure the contents break apart properly.

Think You’re Ready to Shake It?

A protein bottle shaker makes the life of anyone who focuses on health easier. It easily combines powders from protein, energy and meal replacement shakes with water for a smooth, well-blended treat. A plastic or glass supplement shaker bottle can replace a blender for use at the gym or while traveling.

Many don’t require batteries or electricity and are easy to clean. A small protein shaker mixer is ideal for blending salad dressings. Some gyms will even give them out for free as bonuses for joining!

Many of  protein shaker bottle recipes offer ideas for providing hydration before a workout, boosting a workout with additional energy and replenishing lost nutrients and calories after a workout. Add convenience to a healthy lifestyle with a quality protein shaker bottle this year.

All Shook Up!

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the best protein shaker bottles and what they’re all about. The features to look for, reasoning behind it all, and that you’re ready to get to shaking those supplements up!

Before you get to shaking, here are a few tips to keep in mind when dealing with protein powder:

  • Read the supplement facts on protein tubs, some have extra sugars or artificial sweeteners
  • Refrigerate your unfinished protein powder shakes, or they will go sour and stink up your bottle
  • If the above happens, clean up your bottle with baking soda, hot water, and dish soap
  • Protein shakers allow you to consume protein and other supplements anywhere you go!

We will be updating this list on a frequent and continuous basis, so come see us again, and be sure to re-visit for any updates.