Best Floss Bands for Recovery via Muscle Compression – Top 10

You may be one of the many people out there wondering what compression bands (also known as floss bands) are actually used for.

Great, you’ve come to the right place, let’s touch up on that

Exercise is good for a healthy body. However, most people find it difficult to train while having an injury resulting from a previous workout. Muscle compression bands are a great tool to help you manage this period.

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What Are Floss / Compression Bands?

Floss or compression bands are physical therapies used to manage:

  • pain
  • reduce inflammation
  • maximize flexibility and joint mobility
  • boost blood circulation
  • and improve recovery.

Natural latex is the material used to make most floss bands. The bands are tied around affected joint or muscles like elbows and knees, to provide a compression necessary for training recovery.

10 Highly Rated Floss Bands for Recovery

This list of top floss bands have helped many people navigate the difficult period of coming back from injury.

There is nothing more defeating than having to be involuntarily sideline by a bodily injury, but coming back doesn’t have to be even more painful.

We scoured the market for the available ones, reviewed them and ranked the top ones below. Take a look and see if anything catches your eye.

#1 – WODFitters Floss Bands

Wodfitters Best Floss Band For Muscle Compression

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  • The product comes with a free carry bag to store and carry the bands.
  • Users have the freedom to choose a pair of similar bands.
  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • They lack a user guide.

WODFitters Floss Bands come in red and black colors. They are used to improve range of movement, increase performance, reduce pain, boost blood flow and reduce injury.

The pair of floss bands gives regular compression and maximum compression.

#2 – Serious Steel Mobility & Recovery (Floss) Bands

Serious Steel Mobility And Recovery (floss) Bands

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  • Suitable for users who want to purchase a single band that suits their needs.
  • Those who buy a pair of bands also receive a free carry bag.
  • The product is 99% free of latex allergens.


  • Lacks a user guide.

Serious Steel floss bands come in red and black colors. The black mobility band provides medium compression while the red mobility band provides extra compression.

Users can opt to buy one band or a pair. Users who purchase a pair of bands receive a bonus of a carry bag. The bands are manufactured from natural latex.

#3 – Floss Bands by Master of Muscle

Floss Bands By Master Of Muscle

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  • Crafted with a unique layering technique to make it last long.
  • Comes with a bonus e-book guide.
  • It as a bag used for storage.


  • Latex allergic users are advised to use the band with caution

This compression bands from Master of Muscle are used to improve joint extension and help in tissue recovery. Just like most bands, the floss comes with two sets.

The black band provides regular compression, and the red band provides extra compression. It is manufactured from natural latex.

#4 – The Original Floss Mobility Bands by Neptune Barbell Co.

The Original Floss Mobility Bands By Neptune Barbell Co.

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  • Made of wrapped layered technology that makes it last long.
  • It is free of soluble latex allergens that cause irritation.
  • It has a 150% stretching capacity.


  • Lacks a user manual.

This original compression band comes in red and black color. The black color gives regular compression while the red band gives maximum compression.

They are made of natural latex. Regular use improves range of motion and reduces inflammation. The bands are recommended for joint and tissue restoration.

#5 – Premium Floss Set from SOL-iD Performance

Premium Floss Resistance Band Set From Sol Id Performance

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  • The product comes with a bag for storage
  • Comes with three e-books that serve as an exercise guide.
  • The bands have a 150% stretching capability.


  • Natural latex can cause skin irritation

Premium Floss Band is manufactured from natural latex. They are used on ankles, knees, elbow and shoulders. They protect users against injury, minimize pain and stiffness and boost joint mobility.

The floss bands come in a set of two which provide medium and stiff compression.

#6 – Power Guidance Floss Bands (2 Pack)

Power Guidance Floss Bands (2 Pack)

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  • The two types of floss bands are suitable for light and high-intensity exercises.
  • The product has a bag to store and carry the rubber bands.
  • Made of a latex durable material.


  • Natural latex can cause skin irritation.

Power Guidance floss bands are suitable for increasing blood circulation, pain management, improving recovery, and boosting the range of movement.

Natural Latex is the material used to make the floss bands. The floss bands come in two colors. The black colored band provides medium compression while the red colored band provides maximum compression.

#7 – Olympiada Mobility & Floss Compression Bands


Olympiada Mobility And Floss Compression Bands

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  • The product comes with a storage bag.
  • Part of proceeds generated from sales are used to change the life of unfortunate kids
  • The lightweight band is used on all joints and muscles


  • Only one band that provides moderate compression is included.

The Olympiada floss bands are made of latex. Unique from all other floss bands, 20% of the money raised from Olympiada Floss Band sales is donated to Save the Children Foundation.

Olympiada Floss bands restore joint mobility, promote recovery to injured tissues, and promote blood flow to injured muscles.

#8 – Crossfit Floss Bands

Crossfit Floss Bands For Muscle Compression

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  • The e-book serves as a guide to proper use of the floss bands.
  • The two types give different compressions.
  • Comes with a case to store the floss bands


  • The user guide is sent to an email, which requires users to download it or read it through a computer.

Crossfit Floss Bands are crafted to improve blood circulation to affected muscles thereby boosting quick recovery. They also enhance joint mobility and provide compression to a previously injured tissue.

The floss bands come in black and red colors.

#9 – Viking StrongFloss Bands for Muscle Compression

Viking Strongfloss Bands For Muscle Compression

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  • A full kit consists of both bands to allow people to use the right compression for a given condition.
  • The bands come with an e-book containing a complete guide on usage.
  • The product comes with a storage bag


  • The free e-book is accessible through a computer and or a modern mobile device

The Viking floss bands come in black and blue colors. Viking floss bands improve joint mobility and serve as a post recovery therapy for previously injured tissues.

The blue colored band provides regular compression. The black colored band gives a tight compression.

#10 – ForceFit Floss Bands for Joint and Muscle Recovery

Forcefit Floss Bands For Joint And Muscle Recovery

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  • Easy to use
  • Users can choose the compression they require for maximum stability
  • Product comes with a bag to store and carry the floss bands


  • Lacks user instructions.

ForceFit Floss Bands come in black and red colors. The floss bands are designed to fit on elbows, knees, shoulder and ankles.

The red-colored band measures 0.060 inches in thickness such that it gives maximum compression.

The black-colored floss band, on the other hand, is 0.051 inches thick, 2 inches wide, and 7 inches long and provides a moderate compression.

Wrapping Up

Floss bands help to minimize injury, boost blood circulation, aid in tissue recovery and temporarily relieve pain. They give users a chance to continue exercising even after experiencing an injury.

Most of the floss bands come in a set of two, a black colored floss band for medium compression and a red colored floss band for maximum compression.

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