When it comes to wearing sports bras, either they dig into my shoulders or they fail to provide the support that I want.

The Dnamic Women’s Compression Speed Crop is supportive where it needs to be, but it isn’t so tight that I have to perform Cirque du Soleil shoulder feats to take it off my body.

Available in five sizes that range from extra small to extra-large, most women should be able to find a size that fits them comfortably.

Features of the Speed Crop

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When you wear this top, you may discover that your shoulder and back muscles are working more efficiently than they do when you wear crops made by other companies. As with other exercise apparel produced by SKINS, dynamic gradient compression is a feature of the crop.

This feature allows more oxygen to reach your muscles while decreasing lactic acid. The combination means that your muscles will have more power and require less recovery time.


SKINS makes the Dnamic sports bra from 75 percent nylon and 25 percent elastane. Included in all SKINS fabrics is advanced wicking.

This material helps you stay dry and keeps you comfortable even when you’re pushing your body to its limits. Advanced wicking pulls moisture away from your skin.

This is a crop that you can wear alone or under a tank top or workout t-shirt. In addition, its compression technology makes it a sports bra that will not only help you recover from intense workout sessions more quickly, but it also decreases the symptoms of jet leg following long airline flights.

Quality and Top Value

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Due to technological advancements that involve design and fabric construction, SKINS refers to its workout apparel as equipment instead of clothing. SKINS is able to claim this definition because it gives you customized support and added flexibility.

In addition, SKINS added power mesh in strategic sections of the crop to increase its wear comfort. With “bounce reduction” technology, you can take part in any activity without the fear of hurting yourself or others.

Pros and Cons

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A big pro of the sports bra is that it provides support without causing you to feel smothered. When I wore it, the only thing that bothered me about it was the wideness of the straps.

Because of their size, the crop doesn’t fit under my tanks without peeking out. Other than this small subjective observance, the bra performed great!

Final Verdict

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With its advanced design and cutting-edge fabrics, the Dnamic Women’s Compression Speed Crop will keep your wobbly bits contained while providing the support that you need to perform your best.

Wear the Dnamic sports bra by SKINS to tackle your next aerobics class, 10-mile run or Saturday sofa surfing session.

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