Women’s compression leggings on here range from basic to eclectic, with lower body support ranging from casual to hardcore. For maximum odds of a satisfied purchase, it’s a good idea to know which qualities are most important to you.

For example, if you love the way a pair looks, but are not prepared for how tight they actually are, then they might sit in your closet unused.

Ultimately, the feeling and function of compression clothes are what is going to keep you interested in wearing them.

10 Highly Rated Women’s Compression Pants

Below are the top ten compression pants for women out on the market, you may like one more than the others, but one thing you can be certain of, all the ones on this list are worth every penny and have a track record of customer satisfaction.

Let’s dive into some of the best compression leggings for women.

#10 – CW-X Women’s Pro Running Tights

Cw X Womens Pro Running Compression Tights


  • Drawstring Closure and Key Pocket
  • Polyester 80% / Spandex 20%
  • Flat Seam Construction Increases Comfort
  • Increased Visibility Due to Reflective Logo
  • Available in Black or Black/Rainbow

Key Factors

Designed to provide comfort and support to your knees and leg muscles, the CW-X Women’s Pro Running Tights are a top notch therapeutic product for women.

The unique CW-X Support Web technology mimics taping techniques used by pro-athletes to provide superior mobility, and variable compression within the web minimized lactic build up and helps circulation.

Coolmax technology is added to moderate temperature, and to push moisture away from the body. The two styles provide a basic black, and also a wild version with rainbow lines running throughout the fabric.

Who Makes It?

CW-X is the company behind these and other compression tights, and they specialize in conditioning wear that is made to improve performance. The most important thing to know about the apparel made by CW-X is that it’s anatomically engineered based on science.

This means that their performance apparel provides support in the exact right places, helping athletes to move smoothly and efficiently. With over 50 original patents involving the designs of their fitness apparel, it’s easy to see why CW-X performance apparel is unlike anything else out there.

Bottom Line

With tons of detail and innovative design involved in their construction, the Women’s Pro Running Tights by CW-X are a cut above the rest, providing support and comfort where you need it most.

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#9 – ASICS Women’s Essentials Tights

Asics Women's Essentials Tights


  • Elastic Waistband with Draw Cord
  • Material: 92% Polyester/8% Spandex
  • Moisture Management Fabric Keeps You Dry
  • Zippered Pocket in Back and Reflective Elements
  • Available in Four Styles Including Dark Grey, Performance Black, and Shark

Key Factors

Zippered pockets are highly-desired in running pants, and the Women’s Essentials Tights by ASICS has one. In addition, these mostly polyester leggings have an adjustable draw cord to ensure the elastic band fits as comfortably as possible.

Four variations of black and grey are available, including a smooth grey color known as Shark. Since everyone likes to stay dry, these tights by ASICS also take advantage of Moisture Management technology, so the swampy feeling will be minimized after a tough workout.

Who Makes It?

ASICS is a company that is best known for its running shoes, although they sell a huge variety of performance apparel. The sports ASICS focuses on include wrestling, tennis, volleyball, and of course running.

If you need a new stylish pair of running shoes to accompany your compression leggings, then the ASICS Gel Nimbus and ASICS Tiger shoes are definitely worth a look.

Bottom Line

With several fairly basic styles, the ability to repel moisture, and sealable zippered pockets, the ASICS Women’s Essentials Tights will be the go to pair for a lot of women.

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#8 – 2XU Women’s Elite MCS

2xu Women's Elite Mcs


  • Drawstring Waistband Designed to Reduce Chafe
  • Invista Lycra Included to Help Support and Recovery
  • PWX Flex Technology Adds Strong Compression
  • Graduation Compression Boosts Blood Circulation
  • Available in Two Styles: Black and Gold, or Black and Nero

Key Factors

The Women’s Elite MCS Compression Tights by 2XU offer unparalleled support for your muscles during strenuous activity.

PWX Flex fabric is combined with Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) to add a potent compression effect to the quads, while PWX Weight fabric is used on the back panels.

Proper blood circulation is important when working out, and the graduation compression enhances your circulation to keep you in the gym longer. The style is relatively simple but unique, with a gold or nero colored “X” stamped onto primarily black material.

Who Makes It?

2XU stands for two times you, and they are dedicated to enhancing human athletic performance by designing innovative performance apparel. Founded in Australia in 2005, the products of 2XU have been researched by sports experts and universities.

In addition to compression leggings, 2XU makes a massive array of clothing that takes advantage of compression technology. For more info on the benefits of compression leggings, the 2XU website has information on the benefits, proof, and science of how it works.

Bottom Line

For a serious pair of compression leggings with PWX fabrics and benefits that are proven by science, the Women’s Elite MCS Compression Tights by 2XU are among the best available options.

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#7 – iLoveSIA® Women’s Tight Capri

Ilovesia Women's Tight Capri Compression Leggings


  • Material: 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex
  • Ideal for Yoga, Running, and Working Out
  • Machine Washable and Breathable Material
  • Highly Stretchable and Cost Efficient
  • Available in Four Sizes and Eight Styles

Key Factors

More affordable than most other leggings on the list, the Women’s Tight Capris by iLoveSIA are made mostly of cotton. This gives them the soft feeling that cotton is known for, with just enough spandex mixed in to make them flexible.

If you like stylish leggings that actually have colors, then you will appreciate the variety of Women’s Tight Capris since they come in eight different styles.

Who Makes It?

The Women’s Tight Capris were made by a company with the unique name, iLoveSIA. SIA stands for Shop It Again, as the company specializes at procuring high quality products and selling them at the lowest possible cost.

Not limited to compression apparel, iLoveSIA sells everything from swimwear and shirts, to shoes and lingerie.

Bottom Line

Sold by a company that sells a wide array of clothing products, these Women’s Tight Capri by iLoveSIA are soft and affordable.

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#6 – UA Women’s HeatGear Armour

Ua Women's Heatgear Armour Compression Leggings


  • Designed to be Dry and Light
  • Made from Light UA Heat Gear Fabric
  • 4-Way Stretch Construction Enhances Flexibility
  • Exposed Waistband Ensures Secure Fit
  • Available in Three Styles: Black, Carbon Heather, and Cobalt/Metallic Silver

Key Factors

As you might expect from Under Armour, these Women’s HeatGear Armour leggings are ingrained with technology that keeps them dry. In this case, their signature Moisture Transport System is used to repel rain or sweat, ensuring that you stay moisture-free in the process.

Additionally, the material is made to be lightweight, maximizing your ability to run, lift, or play in a comfortable manner. The namesake Heat Gear technology provides optimal support, while the 4-way stretch construction ensures your pair will fit well.

Who Makes It?

Originating from the goal to make a lightweight shirt that stays dry, Under Armour has grown into one of the most popular sports apparel stores on the planet.

From uniforms to shirts, specialty shoes to accessories, Under Armour is unparalleled when it comes to clothing technology that repels moisture and regulates temperature.

The Heat Gear technology used in these compression leggings is unlike other brands, but is used in numerous Under Armour products.

Bottom Line

With interesting moisture repellant technology and one of the most trusted brand names in existence, Under Armour Women’s Heat Gear Armour will keep your body dry while providing maximum support for your muscles.

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#5 – 2XU Women’s Mid-rise Compression Tights

2xu Women's Mid Rise Compression Pants


  • Graduated Compression Engineered for Optimal Blood Flow
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness While Adding Support
  • Increases Proprioception (Limb Awareness)
  • Wide Power Mesh Waistband
  • Available in Nine Color Variations Including Stars and Stripes

Key Factors

Providing muscular support in all of the right places, these Women’s Mid-rise Compression Tights are another compression product from 2XU. Focusing on having the power to support all of your leg muscles, these compression leggings by 2XU are also designed to be light.

The fact that they’re breathable will help to keep you cool while training, and the graduated compression keeps you active longer by maximizing blood flow.

Who Makes It?

Clyde Davenport founded 2XU in Australia in 2005, and since then it’s become one of the world’s leading sources of top quality sporting apparel. Although two of their women’s compression pants made the top ten list, 2XU also sells tops, accessories, and other clothes for men and women.

Bottom Line

If you prefer your pants to be mid-rise with a wider than normal waistband, then the Women’s Mid-rise Compression Tights will give all the support and style variations you need.

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#4 – CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Tights

Cw X Women's Stabilyx Compression Tights Sports Compression Clothing


  • Materials: 80% Coolmax, 20% Lycra
  • Designed to Support Abs, Hips, and Back
  • Features Targeted Support for Knee Joints
  • Extremely Tight Fit for Extra Quad Support
  • Available in Four Sizes in Black Rainbow Style

Key Factors

Providing targeted support on important joints, the Women’s Sabilyx Tights by CW-X are a solid choice for active women in need of compression tights. The material used in these leggings is Coolmax, a patented variation of polyester that is focused on wicking away water.

It’s also highly breathable, which is a nice bonus for those especially hot days. Numerous reviews remarked how these compression leggings are particularly tight and may take awhile to put on, but the support on your major muscle groups is unparalleled.

Who Makes It?

CW-X is a company that focuses specifically on compression apparel, and uses a variety of patented and innovative technology in their products. For example, their various compression webs ensure that the clothing gives its strongest support to the joints that need it.

The Stabilyx technology used in their Women’s Stabilyx Tights is designed to offer targeted reinforcement in key areas. With over 14 product categories and 51 patents, CW-X is a leading innovator for performance sportswear.

Bottom Line

Easily one of the strongest compression tights on the list, these tights by CW-X take advantage of Stabilyx technology, ensuring you get support where you want it most.

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#3 – Women’s Compression Pants by CompressionZ

Women’s Compression Pants By Compressionz


  • 4-Way Stretchable Fabric Provides Maximum Comfort
  • Smart Fabric Wicks Away Sweat to Keep You Dry
  • Anti-odor and Antibacterial
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Nine Styles Including Galaxy Red and Tangled Black

Key Factors

CompressionZ is so confident that you’ll love their Women’s Compression Pants that they offer a 100% Risk Free Satisfaction guarantee for customers.

Part of that confidence probably comes from the fact that they know the product is comfortable, with 4-way stretch technology to ensure that it doesn’t snag or irritate. Extremely breathable and capable of wicking moisture, these Women’s Compression Pants are also designed to help you stay cool and dry.

If you like to stand out, some of their nine style options are pretty interesting, and include Leaves Green and Floral Pink. Also ensuring that they fit properly is the fact that they come with numerous size options.

Who Makes It?

CompressionZ makes innovative fitness and compression apparel for men, women, and kids. Beginning with a simple mission to find the best, low cost fitness apparel, CompressionZ now sells a massive array of products.

Based out of Australia, CompressionZ was also founded on the premise of creating high-quality, yet affordable, fitness gear. Check out their blog for additional fitness info, including the three herbs they recommend taking to enhance weight loss.

Bottom Line

For those who like a huge array of attractive style options for compression leggings that offer major support, then the Women’s Compression Pants by CompressionZ may be your ideal pair.

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#2 – Adidas Women’s Performer Mid-Rise

Adidas Women’s Performer Mid Rise Capri Tights Best Women's Compression Leggings


  • Made Completely of Polyester
  • Climalite Fabric Manages Moisture
  • Hidden Pocket in Interior Waistband
  • Decorative Seaming with Logo on Left Hip
  • Available in 16 Style Options Including Flash Pink and Multicolor

Key Factors

Comprised of highly flexible polyester, the Performance Women’s Performer Tights by Adidas excel in affordability and style.

With more style choices than any other compression leggings on the list, these leggings are ideal for anyone who loves to stand out and express themselves with color.

Adding to the convenience is a hidden pocket on the interior side of the waistband, which is perfect for keeping some cash or other small necessities. Moisture shouldn’t be an issue thanks to Climalite fabric that is designed to repel water and make sure you stay dry.

Who Makes It?

With a goal of keeping their products fast, lean, and simple, Adidas has grown into one of the world’s most prominent sports companies. Selling everything from jerseys and shoes, to kids clothes and uniforms, Adidas now produces 778 units of product per year for 160 countries.

Much like their Performance Women’s Mid-Rise ¾ Tights which come in 16 different styles, many Adidas products are colorful and extremely fashionable compared to average brands.

Bottom Line

Adidas has made women’s tights that have a massive amount of style, while still keeping your belongings safe in a hidden pocket, and ensuring you stay dry due to Climalite fabric.

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#1 – SKINS Women’s Ry400 Recovery Long Tights

Skins Women's Ry400 Recovery Long Tights


  • Material: Nylon 76% / Spandex 24%
  • Cold Machine Washable
  • 400 Series Technology with Memory Panels
  • World Class Comfort Due to Detailed Design
  • Available in Six Sizes in Charcoal Color

Key Factors

With a strong emphasis on comfort, the Women’s Ry400 Recovery Long Tights by SKINS may be the best feeling compression leggings out there. Made mostly of nylon, the Ry400 Recovery Tights utilize 400 Series technology to enhance support and comfort.

Essentially, this 400 Series technology means that Memory Panels are strategically placed to minimize soreness, and aid muscle recovery by maintaining tight, fitting compression.

Although some extra care has to be used when washing the Ry400 Recovery Tights, you can still throw them in the wash if using cold water, so these leggings are not only comfortable but easy to maintain.

Who Makes It?

In 1996, a skier wanted to make performance gear that would allow him to stay on the slopes as if he was a much younger man. This led to SKINS, a company that is devoted to the absolute best in performance boosting apparel.

While they started small, SKINS products are now sold in 31 countries with over 100,000 units sold each month.

If your wallet is pretty light but you want some SKINS products, check out the outlet section of their website to purchase thermal tights, compression socks, and more at a reduced price.

Bottom Line

SKINS is a company that specializes in all types of compression apparel, and their Women’s Ry400 Recovery Long Tights are top notch performance leggings that are proven to help support your muscles.

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Beginners Guide to Women’s Leggings

Thousands upon thousands of variations have sprung up over the years, choosing a quality one has become a time consuming struggle. Luckily, it’s just the type of work we love doing for our readers.

Take a look above at some of the best leggings we’ve come across over the years, worn, and highly recommend.

What Are They For?

If you have not experienced the major benefits that come from compression leggings, you could be missing out on a major fitness and recovery tool.

Essentially like a tight glove for your leg muscles, compression leggings bring a host of compelling advantages to your workout.

Most notably, they add a lot of support to important parts of your lower body, parts like your knees, hips, and quads. Along with this extra support, compression leggings boost your blood circulation, a function that is not only healthy, but can increase physical performance, and keep your legs going longer.

The most common look for compression leggings is black, but a surprising array of styles are available, including colorful designs that will stick out in any gym setting. Extras are plentiful as well, and include cleverly placed pockets, moisture repelling fabrics, and innovative temperature control technology.

Their main goal however is support, and compression leggings provide it in the exact places that are crucial to your workout. After a quick look at the function, materials, and uses for compression leggings, our list of the top ten above may introduce you to your next favorite pair.

Compression Leggings Research

A modest amount of research has been conducted on the effects of compression leggings, and multiple studies have proven them effective in specific ways.

One study conducted in 2006 showed that runners used less energy when running with compression stockings, a result that was mostly due to their increase in blood circulation.

Another research study that was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research tested 21 male runners, with some wearing compression clothing to support their calf muscles.

Ultimately, what was found is that runners with compression applied to their calf muscles showed significant improvement in their running performance over those without.

While existing research isn’t perfect, it does show that wearing compression clothing on your leg muscles has been shown to increase circulation and aid various aspects of running performance.

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How They Feel

As you might expect, compression leggings are tight, so much so that it could turn off some women. However, the feeling of running or exercising in top quality compression pants is unlike anything else.

With strong support given to areas like your hips, quads, and knee joints, you’ll feel the effects of every step, and will likely be able to run faster than ever before. Whatever your chosen exercise, the exact parts of your leg that are bearing the most pressure will be more obvious while wearing compression tights.

This gives a new perspective to the exact ways your lower body moves, and provides a tight, supportive feeling that a lot of women love. For more details of how compression leggings are likely to feel, many individual reviews have detailed descriptions from customers.

What They’re Made out Of

Since compression leggings have to be strong enough to withstand hardcore activity, but flexible enough to support your full range of movement, the material they’re made of matters. Combinations are frequently used, and there are variations and patented versions of popular materials like polyester.

Although each pair of compression leggings has the same goals of supporting your lower body muscles, you’ll find that different materials have their own unique ways of feeling and stretching.


Perfect for clothing that’s light and flexible, nylon is a popular plastic synthetic. Nylon has the advantage of being highly versatile, and it combines well with other materials. The fact that it naturally resists moisture makes nylon an ideal material for athletic wear, and a phenomenal choice for making compression leggings.


Known for being resistant to shrinking and wrinkles in comparison to fabrics like cotton, polyester is an effective choice for all kinds of active apparel. It’s resistance to color-bleeding is an added advantage, and makes polyester an excellent option for bright garments.

Luckily for fans of this flexible fabric, it’s artificially made, so the price is not subject to the need of natural resources and crops. This means that clothing made from polyester is often highly affordable, in addition to being tough and versatile.


One of various unique, patented versions of another material, Coolmax is a variation of polyester. Invented by Invista in 1986, Coolmax takes advantage of special threads of polyester to maximize the breathability of clothing.

The benefits of increased breathability include less sweating, and more air permeating the outfit for a cooler experience in general. Several categories of Coolmax specialize in various aspects of the innovative material, including Coolmax Core, Coolmax Pro, and Coolmax All Season.


Along with leather, cotton is one of mankind’s natural clothing materials that has been used for centuries. With a rich and sordid past, cotton is now frequently used in a massive array of clothing.

It’s advantages for use in athletic clothing are most notably it’s longevity and durability, as clothes made from cotton can typically withstand a significant beating.

Another benefit is that many appreciate the softness of cotton, and still others prefer cotton because it’s natural rather than synthetic. Other widely known benefits of cotton are that it resists bad smells better than other materials, and it maintains shape even after stretching.

Who They Benefit Most

Compression leggings have enough positive aspects that just about any type of woman can find a use for them. That said, they do fit very tightly, so women who are sensitive to tight clothing will probably not like compression apparel.

Athletes are the primary clientele for compression leggings, but their therapeutic effects can add support to sedentary women as well. Ultimately, the following groups are likely to see the greatest benefit from the regular use of compression leggings.


Women who run on a regular basis stand to see a lot of benefit from wearing compression leggings. When running, impact on smaller joints like ankles and knees can lead to pain and injury over time.

The strong and specifically placed support offered by high quality compression leggings can focus the impact on major muscle groups, and leave little room for injury. Running in compression tights will feel different as well, primarily because they increase your limb awareness so you feel each and every stride.

A German study found that participants with compression wear on their lower legs ran at faster speeds than with regular stockings, so research does exist to back the effectiveness of compression wear for runners.

Fitness Fanatics

The extra support provided by compression tights is useful in a wide range of typical fitness activities. From Zumba class to tennis, the precise, tight feeling of compression apparel can keep you in the game longer.

One thing that compression tights are known to do is increase blood circulation, and that alone can provide a performance enhancing boost.

Whether you’re a Cross Fit queen or one of the best beach volleyball players out there, compression leggings can give you a noticeable advantage.

Yoga Practitioners

Another area where compression tights are very common is in Yoga classes across the world. The flexibility provided by compression tights is beneficial for holding Yoga poses, and the extra muscle support can help you feel that you’re aligned properly.

The extra limb awareness provided by compression tights can make advanced poses easier. While Yoga pants are also a popular option, many women who love Yoga like the support offered by compression leggings.

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Using Compression Tights Outside the Gym

In the most obvious sense, compression leggings are designed mainly for active women who run, stretch, and engage in strenuous activities. That said, the advantages of compression leggings create other opportunities when it’s beneficial to wear them.

Most notably, the fact that they increase blood circulation in the legs can make compression pants an ideal choice during long periods of sitting or standing, and their super tight fit can create a look that combines classy and sexy in a way no other pants can.

Keeping Circulation While Sitting

Multiple female reviewers have stated that they like wearing their compression leggings during extended periods of sitting, such as during a day of classes at college, or a day sitting at a desk in an office job.

The lower body support provided by compression leggings can stave off a lot of different ailments.

These include nasty issues like varicose veins, heavy feeling legs, and Lymphedema. While it may not be everyone’s preference, a lot of women have reported that their favorite time to wear compression leggings is when they have to sit, so it’s probably worth a try.

Wearing Compression Tights for Work

The same support compression tights provide for runners and Yoga students is also beneficial for gardeners, waitresses, and other jobs where you have to be on your feet a lot.

If a uniform or business dress is required at your job, then compression tights can be worn under those pants to reap their supportive benefits, assuming the temperature allows.

Running performance has been shown to improve when wearing compression leggings, so it’s fair to expect other activities, tasks, and physical jobs can see improvement as well.

The bonuses to blood circulation and the reinforcement provided to major muscle groups can be advantageous regardless of which action you engage in.

Why Buy a Good Pair of Compression Leggings

Many women simply love the way they feel when wearing compression leggings. Not only do they strategically add support to key areas, but they give your lower body a tight look that can’t be found elsewhere.

The advantages of compression leggings are numerous, and include quicker recovery, better circulation, and proven increases to running performance.

While they may take longer to put on than your typical running shorts, compression leggings add strength to major muscle groups, thereby boosting your athleticism to new heights and minimizing the chance of injury.

Things to Keep in Mind

The most obvious differences you’ll find in compression leggings are the style options, prices, and materials. More in depth research will show that different technologies are used to provide support to critical areas.

Some compression tights have benefits such as hidden pockets, wide drawstrings, and moisture management systems to help you stay dry through your entire workout. Aesthetic differences of the compression leggings on this list are vast, and span the gap between pain black pants, to wild designs of multiple colors.

A more subtle difference involves how tight the pants actually are, with some brands designed more for comfort, and others built for hardcore support. Their flexibility will vary as well, with technologies like 4-way stretch fabrics ensuring that your compression pants can be adjusted to perfection.

Types of Brands that Make Leggings

Many familiar brands are seen on the list, but there are also others you only would have seen if you’re into compression clothing.

While companies like Adidas, Under Armour, and ASICS will be familiar to people who are involved in some type of fitness, others like Skins, 2XU, and CompressionZ specialize specifically in compression clothing.

Whether or not you have a personal brand preference, the company also matters due to their return policy, reputation, and purchasing options.

Which Ones Fit Your Style?

When choosing among many high quality compression leggings, the key is in knowing why you want them in the first place. While each will offer support for your legs and muscles, some will be more comfortable than others. Whether you prefer a plain look or a bright one will also have an effect on your buying decision.

It’s also worth considering whether you have a favorite brand, or whether you’re willing to take a chance on one that’s lesser known. Ultimately, there are compression tights out there for every type of woman.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide on women’s compression leggings and the accompanying ist of the best compression pants on the market will help you make a decision when it comes to picking the best one for you.

Remember, compression pants for women don’t just help you in the gym, you’ll be able to wear them almost anywhere and feel comfortable while looking good!

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