Like the Luna Tank Top, the SKINS Dnamic Compression Superpose Shorts can be worn at the gym or on the running track.

When I put them on, I appreciated the technology behind the shorts, which combines a gradient compression foundation layer with a quick dry, lightweight coating for additional coverage.

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Features of the SKINS Women’s Shorts

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In making the shorts, SKINS decided to use dynamic gradient compression because it increases the amount of oxygen that your muscles receive while they’re working.

It also cuts down on the build-up of lactic acid. I found that my muscles had a little more get-up-and-go when I wore the shorts.

Shorts Details

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The outer layer of the shorts is 86 percent polyester and 14 percent elastane. The inner layer is 75 percent nylon and 25 percent elastane. For convenience, the company added a back zipper pocket. This storage area is ideal for car keys or body fuel like GU Energy.

SKINS makes these shorts in five sizes that range from extra small to extra-large. Like the tank top, SKINS offers these shorts in cerulean blue. They also come in black and pink.

Quality and Shorts Value

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To size its shorts, SKINS uses its own measuring method based on body mass index or BMI. To enjoy the full benefits of gradient compression, these shorts must fit you properly. Because of this, they should be snug around your thighs. Keep in mind that the snug part is the under portion of the shorts.

The outer layer features a loose design, so if you’re uncomfortable with the look of your thighs, you can still feel comfortable wearing them. SKINS makes the shorts with advanced wicking. The material is manufactured to pull moisture away from your skin. This keeps you feeling comfortable and dry.

Pros and Cons

A major pro of the product is that the shorts provide an extra layer of support, which I prefer for running and my gym workouts. During my test run, I noticed that the compression supported my muscles and decreased the vibrations that they’re usually forced to endure when I run. This resulted in less soreness.

The only downside to the SKINS shorts is that they run slightly small, so even though they should fit snugly, you may want to buy them one size larger than you normally would.

Final Verdict

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If I were to wear the SKINS Dnamic Women’s Compression Superpose Shorts during my next marathon, I would almost feel like I was cheating due to their tech features.

With these shorts, you’re sure to see your run times decrease. You’ll also feel better. You may even be inspired to kick your gym workouts up a notch or two.

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