Manufactured by one of the world’s top sports lifestyle companies, the Puma Men’s Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoe will support you as you go from the running track to a spinning class.

Not only are Puma’s cross-training shoes practical, but they also add a touch of style to your feet. If you’re just getting started in the sport of running or are on a tight workout gear budget, then the Puma cross-trainers are a good choice.

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Features of the Puma Sneakers

PUMA Men's Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoe
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To give you extra stability, Puma included thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, shanks. This element runs through the center of the shoe to increase its stiffness and protect your heels along with your arches.

In addition, the footwear’s traction-enhanced outsole increases the amount of grip that you have as you move across a running surface.

The Surin sneaker is made from synthetic leather, and it has rubber soles as well as a thin midsole that gives you a good grip on most walking surfaces. Puma develops the shoe in five different color variations, and it has heel cushioning technology for added comfort.

PUMA Cell Surin Details

The upper portion of the Puma Men’s Cell Surin Cross-Training Sneakers features synthetic overlays. This section of the shoe also boasts half bootie construction to give your feet a comfortable and secure fit.

The outsole’s rubber-based manufacturing provides added durability while the midsole comes with Puma’s 10 Cell technology.

Puma introduced its Cell technology in 1996. This advancement is a foamless cushioning, and it’s designed to improve performance longevity while reducing your risk of injury.

The company’s Cell technology features honeycomb-shaped polyurethane elastomer cells, and they last longer than foam. In fact, the material maintains 90 percent of its original support for up to 600 miles of wear.

The company manufactures the shoes with a single integrated cell foot bed. This construction detail gives the footwear general stability.

The cell foot bed also absorbs shock. When your heel strikes the ground, it experiences a high level of shock, and according to the smarties who study this sort of thing, in this moment, your body absorbs as much as four times your weight.

To give your foot support where it needs it, Puma strategically places the shoe’s hexagonal cells, which is why there are more of them under the heel area of these shoes. Puma’s designers also decreased the support at the side and at the interior edges around the heel to cradle your feet and protect them against injury.

The foamless cushioning support is not only ideal for intense workouts, but the feature may also give your feet some relief if you have a job that requires you to stand for the majority of your shift.

For instance, if you work in the medical or restaurant field, then these Puma cross-trainers may prevent the aches and pains that this type of work causes.

Value and Shoe Quality

PUMA Men's Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoe Bottom
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The leather construction makes the shoes easy to keep clean. In fact, if a tough stain develops on the sneakers, you can remove it with a Magic Eraser and a little elbow grease.

Venting on both sides of each shoe lets your feet breathe, and to give your foot a snug fit, Puma added an inner lining. The shoe’s mesh upper section is also breathable to keep your feet feeling cool and dry.

When it comes to quality design and technological advancements, Puma takes the time to develop its products properly. For instance, when it was working on its foamless shoe construction, Puma completed six years of research and development before beginning the manufacturing process.

Pros and Cons

A major pro of the Puma Men’s Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoes is their versatility. You can wear these shoes to support your feet during an especially tough workout or to make an everyday fashion statement.

The company also styled the Surin edition in its heritage look, so with this model, you’ll be embracing today’s trend toward retro fashion. Puma manufactures the shoe model in color ranges like black, white and red, black and white and white and gray to ensure that you have hue variety.

While the company claims that the shoes run true to size, several reviewers report that they are on the small side. Because of this, consider ordering them a half to one full size bigger than you normally wear.

Also, some people report that the shoes are a little heavy, so if you like lightweight shoes, then you may need to consider a different model.

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Final Verdict on the PUMA Cell Surin

PUMA Men's Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoe Side
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The Puma Men’s Cell Surin Cross-Training Shoes are a durable footwear option that supports your feet, knees and joints. As a widely recognized sports brand, Puma is a company that manufactures quality products.

With these shoes on your feet, you’ll not only have footwear that will help you glide around the running track, but they’ll also ensure that you look good while doing it.

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