Any serious weightlifter deserves long lasting durability and maximum foot support in comfortable footwear, and Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes provide it in style.

A smart engineering design supplies support for the demanding stability that squats and deadlifts require.

These shoes have a breathable quality that allows heat and moisture to escape, and their classic style makes them an excellent choice. A technological gem from Adidas, they feature engineering that provides superior comfort and support for serious weightlifters.

If you are looking for weightlifting shoes that meet your requirements for stability, support and unparalleled comfort, the Adidas Adipower footwear is the right choice for you.

A strong instep strap and a lightweight polymer heel give you a sense of security as you exercise with a range of weights.

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Manufacturing Specifications

Adidas Adipower Weighlifting Shoes - Red
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The materials and engineering that Adidas puts into the Adipower weightlifting shoes make them comfortable, supportive and durable. The synthetic uppers have breathable air mesh that cools your feet for solid comfort without increasing the weight of the shoe.

A protective coat of polyurethane protects the dynamic colors and keeps the shoes looking sharp. Advances in technology give Adidas an edge in creating athletic footwear that is engineered for weightlifting.

A patented torsion system provides exceptional midfoot integrity, and the wedge heel assures you of stability without heavy bulk.

How Effective Are They for Weightlifters?

Adidas Adipower Weighlifting Shoes - Best Gym Shoes

Anyone who has removed their shoes to increase stability in weightlifting knows that going barefoot in the gym is not the best idea. With the Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes, you feel stable and strong. The supportive comfort that they offer lets you do your routines with confidence and security.

Their unique designs for heel and instep support assure you of a firm fit that enhances your squats and lifts. A textile lining and ventilated openings on the outsole provide maximum foot comfort, minimize moisture and prevent heat from accumulating while you work out.

Overall Quality

Exceptional quality defines the Adidas brand, and these shoes carry the company reputation well. The extraordinary weight and high pressure that you exert on your feet during a workout deserve the level of quality that Adidas builds into this shoe.

Providing stability that you can feel as soon as you put them on, this product by Adidas honors the company’s long tradition of quality footwear for athletes.

The Pros and Cons

Adidas Adipower Weighlifting Shoes - Gray Blue Cool Gym Shoes
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The support that gives you stability under the bar gives the Adidas Adipower a highly positive rank. The difference that it can make in your squats can convince you of its ability to improve your workout. The slightly elevated heels give your feet a firm contact with the floor and let you complete a deeper squat.

The quality of the shoes shows up in their heavy duty performance. The ventilated uppers surround each foot and eliminate moisture, preventing movement inside the shoe.

The strong strap over your instep helps secure your foot as well. By improving your performance under the bar, the quality of the shoe makes it an excellent choice for support, stability and comfort.

The pros of the Adidas Adipower outweigh the cons, but there are a couple of points that you may want to consider. The shoes are expensive, and you may need to justify the outlay of cash by evaluating how much they help you work out safely and effectively.

They are comfortable to wear for all aspects of your exercise, and you can impress friends when you wear them to dinner or a party. Your decision to purchase shoes that are a bit more expensive than some of the competition may depend on how often you plan to use them.

Do You Get Value for Your Money?

Superior quality in workmanship, design, materials and engineering assure you of value for the money that you spend on these shoes. You have the Adidas name to rely on and the reputation for excellence that it has built for 70 years. These shoes have the durability to last and to give you comfort and stability for your challenging workouts.

The Final Verdict

Adidas Adipower Weighlifting Shoes - Best Gym Shoes Review
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For support, comfort, durability and stability in your squats, curls, cleans and snatches, Adidas Adipower wins the final verdict.

The shoes deliver maximum fit, and an appropriate level of rigidity prevents foot movement and slipping. The elevation of the heel lets you perform a deeper squat in a more upright position than you can achieve without it.

These classically handsome shoes give you the appearance of an Olympic weightlifter that more than compensates for paying a slightly higher price for athletic footwear.

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