100 Garage Gym Ideas – Inspirational Home Gym Photos to Help You Brain Storm

Welcome to our collection of garage gym photos that capture some of the most envious garage gym ideas our fitness peeps came up with!

Honestly, when looking through some of these, our team could not help but be a little jealous of the awesomeness. So we’re currently working on recreating some of these in our own garages.

Build an Awesome Home Gym With These Garage Gym Ideas

If you’ve watched the video above you’re no doubt inspired to park on the street and turn your garage into a gym; but not just any gym, a personal workout emporium!

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We hope the awesome video by Rogue Fitness and our little collection of these cool garage gym pictures will give you an idea of what other people have put together. You’ll be able to tell what gym equipment brands people prefer to buy, how they utilize their garage space, what workouts they prefer, and whatever else catches your eye.

“Stick around for as long as you’d like, and you’re more than welcome to pin and/or share any of the gym photos you find here.” – Team Gymventures

Photos of the Best Garage Gym Ideas 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Cool Garage Gym Idea With Free Weights A Power Rack And A Bench Press

Rogue Fitness Inspired Hyperexten Bench Squat Rack Barbell With Weights Wall Ball And Ring Ropes

Awesome Garage Gym Photo With A Jump Box Kettle Bells And Dumbells On A Rack With Wall Balls And Barbells

Great Utilization Of Space In This Homemade Garage Gym Complete With Rubber Bands Wall Balls And Foam Rollers

Cool Strength Training Gym With A Trailer Tire For Crossfit Exercises And Free Weights On A Power Rack

This Amazing Looking Garage Gym Photo Has It All Free Weights Kettle Bells Barbells Jump Boxes And Weight Mats

One Of The Better Garage Gym Ideas Takes A Narrow Garage And Adds Squat Racks And Weight Benches

Bright And Colorful Free Weights Combined With Heavy Dumbbells And Rogue Power Rack For Strength Training

Simple And Clean Heated Garage Gym With Green Weight Bench Set Wall Balls And Yoga Mats

Gym Idea Design With Strength Exercising In Mind Free Weights Squat Rack And Dip Bars On Huge Gym Mat

Don’t stop now, on the next page could be the design you are looking for, sorry we couldn’t fit them all on one page, it would have made your device load them slower; and we hate waiting just as much as you do! Continue on to check out more awesome designs.

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