Whether you are in search of a good medicine ball, a good wall ball, or just the right slam ball; we have you covered!

Weight ball exercises carry tons of benefits, especially for the abs and the core body areas.

Video of a weight ball in action:

Medicine ball workouts, and exercise ball workouts in general, are becoming one of the favorite workout types for fitness enthusiasts.

Especially the Crossfit lovers!

But do they live up to all the hype? How good can a weighted ball really be? Thankfully, our team here at Gymventures loves a good challenge and took this one head on! Here’s what we found.

Best Medicine Balls – Top 5

#5 – AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

Amazonbasics Medicine Ball

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What is it? A 10 pound medicine ball striped with blue and black. It’s made out of rubber and has a patterned grip over the entire surface.

Made by who? Amazon, of course! Launched in 2009, AmazonBasics is one of Amazon’s private label brands that has been selling products similar to the big brand names at cheaper prices.

The good: The grip on this ball is similar to a basketball and means you won’t be dropping it, even with sweaty hands. The even surface and rubber construction makes it easy and predicable for exercises that involve bouncing the ball off walls or floors. The weight is evenly distributed and the price is hard to walk past!

The bad: The AmazonBasics Wall Ball isn’t particularly heavy but would suit those who are new to ball work, or those interested in core work, agility and endurance over strength.

The bottom line: Overall a solid, good performer at a great price.

#4 – Rep Soft Medicine Ball/Wall Ball for CrossFit

Rep Soft Medicine Ball Wall Ball For Crossfit

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What is it? A soft style medicine ball and wall ball designed for Crossfit wall ball exercises. These are an ergonomic 14 inches in diameter no matter what weight you select, made out of synthetic leather.

Made by who? Rep Fitness was started by two brothers in 2012. They were just two fitness fanatics that wanted to create workout gear that they themselves would use. Rep Fitness is all about good quality, thorough product testing and honest reviews to properly inform the fitness community.

The good: You get the best of both worlds as this can be used as a medicine ball but is designed to be used during wall ball exercises too with its durable construction, including double stitching. The Rep soft wall ball is grippy on the outside and soft enough to be used safely when hurling it at a wall or a training buddy. As an added touch, the Rep wall balls come with a personal note from the salesperson. Cute!

The bad: Nothing major, this wall ball gets consistently great reviews from users.

The bottom line: A high quality wall ball that is versatile and soft enough to avoid injury. These wall balls are all about super high quality, with products that are thoroughly tested, at an affordable price.

#3 – Cap-Barbell-Medicine-Ball

Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

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What is it? A medicine ball available in 2-12 pounds in various colors. It has textured rubber on the outside for grip and a thick rubber wall to make it durable enough for bouncing, although it is not designed for slamming. The Cap Barbell Medicine Ball also comes with a 30 day warranty.

Made by who? CAP Barbell started in 1982 when it specialised in free weights and benches. Since then it has grown to a leading provider and distributor of a whole range of fitness equipment. The company focuses on designing and manufacturing affordable products that have been thoroughly tested for quality.

The good: A solid all-rounder medicine ball that will add benefit to any workout, especially for those new to medicine balls and weighted workouts. With a thick rubber wall it can withstand some impacts, and it comes with a 30 day warranty.

The bad: This medicine ball comes in lighter weights and is not designed to be slammed, so it’s not for your heavy hitting workout that requires max weight and slam exercises.

The bottom line: An affordable medicine ball providing lower weights for those interested in adding a weight element to their workout, as well as being durable enough to withstand bouncing in partner or wall exercises.

#2 – j/fit Premium Rubberized Medicine Ball

J Fit Premium Rubberized Medicine Ball

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What is it? A rubber medicine ball available in 4 to 12 pound weights in various bright colors. This medicine ball comes with a textured surface for grip and is hollow to allow for effective bouncing.

Made by who? j/fit is a family run business that started in the 1990s with the intention of bringing portable gym equipment into the home. They make a wide range of fitness equipment that is high quality and good looking, as well as affordable. j/fit also believes in providing instructional videos so buyers get the most out of their products.

The good: These balls are quite small and light so they’re easy to manoeuvre for coordination exercises that may involve throwing. They have a good grip on them and are designed to bounce off walls and floors, so they’re not just for replacing free weights in your workout.

The bad: These medicine balls are at the lighter end of the weight scale so while they are a great choice for beginners they won’t offer much of a challenge to more advanced fitness fans.

The bottom line: A smaller, lighter medicine ball that will stand up to wall and floor throws makes the j/fit Premium Rubberized Medicine Ball a very versatile piece of equipment.

#1 – Valeo Medicine Ball

Valeo Medicine Ball

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What is it? A range of hard medicine balls from 4 to 12 pounds in bright colors, made out of rubber with a thick grip surface.

Made by who? Valeo have been around for a long time and have been innovating products ever since their original Classic Belt in 1988. Apart from manufacturing all sorts of fitness, health, gym and sports equipment, the company also develops workplace safety equipment so you know safe, reliable gear is one of their top priorities.

The good: These medicine balls are smaller and therefore easier to handle, with a heavily textured surface for a sure grip. It’s durable enough to use for Crossfit wall ball exercises and would make a great companion to those more interested in agility and core training that requires quick passes and a solid base for push ups and planks. The real winning aspect here is the price. It’s one of the cheapest wall balls you’ll find that is still good quality.

The bad: Valeo Medicine Balls fall in the lower weight category and are smaller than some wall balls, but this is usually preferred for manoeuvrability and quick ball work.

The bottom line: Valeo Medicine Balls are lower weight balls that are great quality at the lowest price you can find. If you’re after a medicine ball or hard wall ball, you just can’t go past it!

Best Wall Balls – Top 5

#Bonus Entry – Valor Fitness WB-20 Wall Ball

Valor Fitness Wb 20 Wall Balls

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What is it? This is a 20 pound wall ball with dimensions 14 inch length, width and height. It comes in black and grey so it’s sure to suit any outfit or home gym.

Made by who? Valor Fitness is a subsidiary of Valor Athletics and has a large range of gym and home fitness equipment, from boxing gear to barbells and weight benches.

The good: This is a very affordable ball and is at the medium to heavier end of the scale. It will suit those into strength and conditioning, using more weight and less repetitions to build muscle. It also comes with a 2 Year Warranty if used normally, which will come in handy as most balls will tear at some point with regular, hard-hitting use.

The bad: Keep in mind this is not a perfectly spherical ball so the weight can feel uneven and shift over time with use. Also, 20 pounds may be too heavy for fitness enthusiasts new to wall balls.

The bottom line: An affordable, heavy ball with a 2 Year Warranty – the Valor Fitness WB-20 Wall Ball sounds pretty good to us!

#5 – Lifeline Wall Ball

Lifeline Wall Ball

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What is it? This is a 10 pound wall ball in red and black that is padded with a sewn polyester exterior. It sits on the larger but lighter side of wall balls.

Made by who? Lifeline is a fitness company that has been around for over 40 years. They have pioneered products in the fitness industry, from a high speed jump rope in the 1970s to the Portable Gym in the 1980s.

The good: The Lifeline Wall Ball is made from good quality, durable polyester that should last being thrown at a wall. It’s also large, quite soft and easy to grip so it’s a safe option as you’re unlikely to miss or drop it during throwing wall ball exercises. The large size would make it great for balance exercises like push ups and burpees on a wall ball.

The bad: This is a big ball for its weight, which will benefit some people but may be difficult to manoeuvre for others. It’s also lighter and more suited to agility and endurance exercises that favour high repetitions with low weight.

The bottom line: A safe ball to enter the world of wall ball exercises and one of the largest balls you’ll get in this price range.

#4 – GoFit Wall Ball with Training Manual

Gofit Wall Ball With Training Manual

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What is it? A large, grey and black wall ball offered in a variety of weights from 10 to 25 pounds. It’s made out of heavy duty vinyl and comes with a handy instruction manual so you can get the most out of your wall ball workouts.

Made by who? GoFit was founded in 1999 and focuses not only on creating great products but also on providing world-class instructional content from experts in the health and fitness industry. The company tries to provide educational manuals and DVDs with its equipment to increase the product’s effectiveness and give you better results. After all, fitness equipment is useless if you don’t know how to use it.

The good: Great price for the durable, heavy duty construction. The free training manual is a great help for those just beginning in the world of Crossfit or wall ball exercises, and has a range of movements to target different areas like your legs, upper body, core and cardio.

The bad: There aren’t any major drawbacks here.

The bottom line: The GoFit wall ball is well made from durable materials and sits at a good price point. It’s an all-rounder wall ball that would be welcome in any home gym and the free training manual is a major win.

#3 – CFF Wall Ball

Cff Wall Ball

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What is it? A Crossfit wall ball weighing 14 pounds and 14 inches in diameter. It’s made out of synthetic leather with polyester stitching and comes in a bright yellow and white so you’ll hopefully never miss it!

Made by who? CFF stands for Christian’s Fitness Factory, an American company that provides gear for Crossfit training, Olympic lifting, Strongman, body building and general fitness. Apart from offering equipment to individuals, they support public organisations like firefighters, law enforcement, military, schools and rehabilitation facilities with discounted equipment. So you know you’re buying from a fitness company with a heart!

The good: This ball is nice and bright so you won’t miss it when it’s bouncing off walls near your face. The CFF Wall Exercise Ball also has a centred weight and soft outer shell for easy catching. It has high quality stitching and construction, backed up by a 1 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects. It’s ideal for use in the Crossfit wall ball throwing exercise.

The bad: Let’s be honest, yellow and white doesn’t quite scream ‘hardcore athlete’.

The bottom line: A big, bright ball with high quality materials that’s still affordable.

#2– Rally Fitness Pink Wall Ball

Rally Fitness Pink Wall Ball

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What is it? A 14 pound wall ball with a 14 inch diameter with reinforced double stitching and a durable vinyl shell specifically designed to handle impact from throwing and catching. And it’s pink!

Made by who? Rally Fitness has over 30 years experience in designing and creating functional fitness equipment. They’ve operated gyms in the past and provide equipment to the military, health clubs, gyms and the everyday active user.

The good: The Rally Wall Ball has tough, reinforced construction as it’s designed for the high impact absorption that comes with regular throwing and catching during wall ball exercises. It’s a good size for optimal gripping and is thoroughly padded so it’s easier to catch. Plus, if you’re a fan of pink, you’ll be happy picking this one up from the wall ball rack!

The bad: Not everyone loves pink.

The bottom line: A good sized wall ball with solid construction, padding and an awesome color scheme – depending on who you ask!

#1 – j/fit Wall Ball MAX

J Fit Wall Ball Max

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What is it? This soft medicine ball comes in a variety of weights, all 14 inches in diameter for consistency. It has a red and black vinyl outer layer and multiple inner layers to help keep the ball soft for catching, as well as centred and in shape.

Made by who? j/fit was started in the 1990s by siblings Jody and Bob. Jody had owned and managed sports equipment stores for 20 years and wanted to sell her own equipment that was portable and storable, with a focus on being high quality, stylish and affordable. These sorts of companies didn’t exist in the 90s so Jody set out to make her own. The company also focuses on community involvement and providing instructional videos.

The good: The j/fit Medicine Ball MAX is one of only a few wall balls you’ll find with triple stitching. The vinyl has non-slip texturing and handle loops attached so you can carry it with ease and store it by hanging. The ball is made with overstuffed cotton batting to keep it soft for impacts and easy catches, as well as to secure the inner weight to keep it balanced and maintain its shape. Just in case that wasn’t enough, it has double encapsulated inner sand bags that ensure this wall ball is centrally balanced, durable and won’t burst.

The bad: There’s no major downsides here. Just make sure you get the most recent version of the j/fit Medicine Ball as they are constantly being upgraded and improved upon.

The bottom line: Amazing heavy duty construction means this ball is well balanced, keeps its shape and is one of the most durable you can find – at a good price!

Best Slam Balls – Top 5

#5 – CFF Slam Ball – Non- Bounce Slammer

Cff Slam Ball

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What is it? A 20 pound slam ball in grey, designed to offer no bounce back.

Made by who? CFF stands for Christian’s Fitness Factory, an online fitness store with an impressively large catalogue on offer. They also sell used commercial equipment that has been refurbished.

The good: This ball has solid construction with a 5mm thick outer shell, backed up by a 2 year warranty. The CFF Slam Ball is known for its good gripping surface and severe lack of bounce! CFF have been working on improving their slam balls for a while and the CFF Slam Ball’s heavy duty construction shows it.

The bad: This slam ball is not designed for exercises that require some bounce, it’s a straight up dead-landing slam ball.

The bottom line: A strong, grippy ball that offers absolutely no bounce back. And a 2 year warranty to boot!

#4 – Onnit Battle Ball

Onnit Battle Ball

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What is it? The Onnit Battle Ball is a black, 14 inch ball that comes in either 10 or 20 pounds. This is a medicine ball and wall ball hybrid and is not spherical.

Made by who? Onnit, a company dedicated to optimising human performance through cutting edge health and fitness products, especially in the field of nutrition. The company prides itself on partnering with science and sports professionals to advance their products, and providing great instructional videos and workout plans straight from the Onnit Academy.

The good: The Onnit Battle Ball sits between a medicine ball and a wall ball so you can get the best of both worlds. It also comes with a video on the website for exercise ideas, and a workout plan to try.

The bad: The weight range is limited and this ball is not designed for slamming exercises.

The bottom line: An interesting hybrid ball that is ergonomically designed and comes with great support material like videos and workouts to try.

#3 – Valor Fitness Slam Ball

Valor Fitness Slam Ball

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What is it? A 20 pound slam ball in grey, designed to offer no bounce back.

Made by who? CFF stands for Christian’s Fitness Factory, an online fitness store with an impressively large catalogue on offer. They also sell used commercial equipment that has been refurbished.

The good: This ball has solid construction with a 5mm thick outer shell, backed up by a 2 year warranty. The CFF Slam Ball is known for its good gripping surface and severe lack of bounce! CFF have been working on improving their slam balls for a while and the CFF Slam Ball’s heavy duty construction shows it.

The bad: This slam ball is not designed for exercises that require some bounce, it’s a straight up dead-landing slam ball.

The bottom line: A strong, grippy ball that offers absolutely no bounce back. And a 2 year warranty to boot!

#2 – D-Ball ELIMINATOR – USA-Made Slam Ball

D Ball Eliminator

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What is it? A yellow PVC slam ball that comes in a huge range of weights from 10 to 200 pounds, all 14 inches in diameter. The D-Ball ELIMINATOR is a non-bouncing ball that has both ribbed and dimpled texture for grip and an extremely thick outer wall. It also comes with a 2 year warranty for individual use.

Made by who? D-Ball has been helping coaches and athletes since 1989 by providing quality products and top notch training program development. They have a specific focus on ball equipment and design them to last a lifetime.

The good: Amazingly, all balls are the same size at vastly different weights. The D-Balls are made out of flexible PVC, instead of rubber, at about three times the thickness of other balls. They feature two types of gripping pattern to reduce the chance of dropping or slipping, along with a soft outer feel to increase grip. This is the only slam ball made in the USA, and it comes with a two year warranty for individual home users.

The bad: The heavier balls can get seriously pricey, with a 200 pound ball costing over a thousand dollars!

The bottom line: Arguably the best constructed slam ball on the market. The D-Ball ELIMINATOR’s price reflects its quality with an incredibly thick wall, good grip, a huge range of weights and up to a two year warranty.

#1 – Rouge Fitness Slam Ball

Rouge Fitness Slam Ball

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What is it? A red slam ball that comes in weights from 10 to 50 pounds. It’s made out of rubber and designed to not bounce back. Those less than 35 pounds are 9 inches across while those heavier than 35 pounds are 10 inches across. Every ball comes with a two year warranty.

Made by who? Rogue Fitness is an American company that started in a garage and grew to become a well respected name in the fitness industry. They focus on quality equipment, much of it made in the US, and old school sales. That is, they rely on word of mouth and are committed to answering phone calls and emails personally. If that wasn’t enough, some of their equipment is so good they come with a lifetime guarantee.

The good: This is an extremely well made ball that has been rigorously tested so it can stand up to some heavy slams. The company is so confident with their slam ball’s construction that every one comes with a 2 year warranty. Rouge Fitness Slam Balls come in a huge range of weights and are the dead-bounce type that will force you to work hard in your workouts.

The bad: Obviously this style of ball is not ideal for your quick passes and exercises that require a decent bounce back.

The bottom line: The Rouge Fitness Slam Balls is a solid, durable ball with a longer warranty than most balls. A great choice for those that are partial to slamming their balls into the ground.

Beginners Guide to Medicine Ball Workouts

Here we break down what exactly the different weighted balls are, how to use them safely and effectively, and how they can greatly enhance your fitness. Then we’ll help you find the right ball for your needs by jumping into our top 5 lists in each category.

What are Weighted Exercise Balls?

Weighted exercise balls are incredibly versatile as they can be used to target many different aspects of your fitness – whether you’re into explosive power, strength or overall conditioning. They usually come in 3 categories: Medicine balls, wall balls and slam balls.

Since they come in a variety of sizes and weights they can be tailored to your specific size, weight and fitness needs. Both men and women use wall balls, and they are particularly popular among Crossfit athletes, but are useful for all gym-goers, athletes, and home fitness enthusiasts.

Medicine Ball vs. Wall Ball vs. Slam Ball


Few pieces of exercise equipment are as versatile as a weighted ball, but at first it can be hard to tell the difference between medicine balls, wall balls and slam balls. They’re basically all the same, right? Wrong! These three different types of balls vary greatly in their size, materials, grip, ease of catching and what they can be used for.

Here’s a quick run down of each type of exercise ball:

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls tend to be evenly weighted, smooth and have the most bounce back when thrown against a hard surface, compared to wall balls and slam balls. This means that they bounce more but can be less durable than the multi-layered wall and slam balls that are specifically designed to absorb an impact onto a hard surface.

However medicine balls are rarely designed to be thrown onto a surface and are made out of less durable materials than slam balls and wall balls – usually leather, rubber or plastic.

They have a relatively smooth surface and are smaller, which can make catching them with sweaty hands when you’re tired a dangerous exercise. Instead, medicine balls are ideal to replace free weights during exercise and are useful in partner passing exercises, like standing twists or partner sit ups.

Wall Balls

As the name suggests, wall balls are most commonly used during exercises that involve walls. They are specifically designed to absorb impact when they’re thrown at a hard surface. They tend to be larger and made out of vinyl with a padded outer layer.

This makes them easy to see and catch during throwing exercises, and softer than a medicine ball. Exercises that require the use of a wall ball include wall sit ups, wall throws and wall squats – all of which involve throwing the ball at the wall and catching it again before the next movement.

Wall balls are simply weighted spheres that are used to enhance workouts. They generally range between 2 and 50 pounds, and can also vary in size from about a large softball to a beach ball. They are often called slam balls and medicine balls, although there are some differences between them.

Slam Balls

Slam balls are the most heavy duty and durable of all three ball types. They usually have a tough outer shell made out of rubber and are built to withstand constant throws to the ground. They tend to be solid balls that don’t have much, or any, rebound so you’ll definitely get a good work out.

The most common exercise with a slam ball is a ball slam, where you lift the ball above your head, throw it to the ground in a squat motion and pick it up to repeat the procedure.

How Do You Use Them?


How to Use A Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are not designed for hard impacts like slams but are ideal for replacing free weights and being used in partner work that requires quick passes to improve dynamic strength and hand eye coordination. Passing from the chest to a partner and back again is a common exercise, as is an overhead throw, which engages the back and triceps more.

An exercise that makes use of a medicine ball’s smooth and even construction is the medicine ball push up. Start in a traditional push up position and put your palms on the ball. Align the ball under you so you’re in a plank position.

Then it’s time to tighten those core muscles, tuck your elbows in, put your head down so it’s properly aligned with your spine. Now lower your chest towards the ball. Once your chest is close to the ball, extend your arms and rise up to get ready for some more push ups!

How to Use a Wall Ball

Wall balls can be used to enhance most body weight exercises, simply by holding the ball. They are especially useful for increasing the difficulty of squats, lunges, sit-ups, overhead presses and various core exercises, such as passing the ball from side to side while in a sit up position, or doing a push up on the wall ball.

Yet wall balls have more uses than this, as they are robust enough to be thrown at walls or the ground. A common throwing exercise is a wall ball sit up. With this exercise, you do sit ups facing a wall, throwing the ball at the wall at the top of your sit up before catching the ball and completing the movement. Ball slams are another popular exercise. They involve lifting the ball above your head and throwing it to the ground, while bending your knees and engaging your abs, before catching the ball and repeating.

Within the Crossfit community, wall balls are regularly used as part of a squat and throw motion. With this exercise, you hold the ball at chest height, do a squat, and then throw the ball at a point on the wall (usually a wall ball target) as you rise up from the squat.

You then need to catch the ball and sink back into the squat before repeating (read some technique tips from CrossFitU Head Coach and Owner Alex Cheong here). This dynamic exercise requires constant movement and the engagement of many different muscle groups.

How to Use a Slam Ball

Slam balls are incorporated into workouts to improve cardiovascular fitness and also dynamic strength. While slam balls can certainly be used to replace free weights in exercises like sit ups, squats, lunges and overhead lifts, their true use lies in throwing exercises.

The most common exercise with a slam ball is called a ball slam. Hold the ball with feet shoulder width apart, lift the ball above your head as you rise up onto the balls of your feet, and then throw the ball onto the ground – bending your knees and engaging your core as you do so.

Depending on how hard you slam the ball, and its level of shock absorption, you can either catch the ball or pick it up from the ground to repeat the movement. This is a great slam ball exercise because it engages so many muscles, such as your abdominals, quads, glutes, calves, arms and back. It is also a dynamic movement that ramps up your cardiovascular system.

Another exercise that is perfect for slam balls is a slam ball sit up. Hold the slam ball at chest height and do a sit up with your feet facing a wall, about a ball-distance away from it. Once you’re nearing the top of your sit up, throw the ball at the wall and catch it on its rebound, just as you’re returning to the floor.

Should You Bother with Weighted Exercise Balls?

Weighted balls are widely disliked among Crossfit enthusiasts and general gym goers – but not because they’re ineffective. In fact they’re unpopular for the exact opposite reason!

Wall balls are so good at engaging multiple muscles and requiring strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness that they can be purely exhausting!

Here are the main benefits of using weighted balls in your workouts:

  1. Explosive power. Wall ball exercises that involve throwing require an explosive thrusting movement in order to propel the ball out of your hands, so you’ll soon see an increase in your explosive power.
  2. Build Strength. Weighted balls can replace standard free weights during exercises such as squats, lunges and sit ups to build strength. However strength is also built up in more dynamic exercises like the ball slam, which works out your shoulders, arms, abs, quads, glutes and back!
  3. Cardiovascular health. Many weighted ball exercises are dynamic movements where you move throughout the entire exercise. This demands effort from both your heart and lungs, improving your cardiovascular fitness.
  4. Functional fitness. Functional fitness means that you are fit in every day movements that involve multiple joints and muscles, unlike some gym exercises that isolate a muscle or single movement. For example, when you use a wall ball for throwing exercises, your whole body is moving. The wall squat and throw exercise is particularly functional, said Associate Editor at BoxLife magazine and Crossfit trainer William Imbo, because we often squat and lift something above our head in everyday life.
  5. Hand-eye coordination. Any of the throwing and catching weighted ball exercises require good hand-eye coordination – you don’t want a heavy ball in the face! This is something that will be constantly in use and refined as you start to throw the ball higher or use heavier balls.

That’s a lot of health and fitness benefits from one piece of equipment! It’s understandable why wall ball exercises are so tiring, but the good news is that the more you do them, the better your overall fitness gets.

Should I Buy a Medicine Ball, Slam Ball or Wall Ball?

This is a common question and the only real answer is: it depends on what you want to do with it. Each ball is best suited to different exercises.

If you’re a fan of exercises like squats, lunges and overhead lifts, but want to add some weight for better results, then go for a medicine ball. Similarly, if you do a lot of partner work and want to add some variety to your sit ups and twists, then the smaller, more manoeuvrable medicine ball is a great option.

Those who want a more heavy duty ball that will withstand a beating should go for a slam ball. As the most durable of the bunch, they’re the go-to ball for throws that involve slamming the ball onto a hard surface. These balls are not the best for partner work or rebounding off a wall, but nothing comes close to their ability to be continually hurled at the ground.

If the exercises you’re interested in involve a lot of throwing and catching, especially when rebounding a ball off a wall – then the wall ball is what you’re looking for. The larger size, soft padding and grip make it ideal for catching with ease.

Even if you do miss the ball and it hits you, it will hurt a lot less than a hard medicine ball or solid slam ball. Those looking into Crossfit, which regularly involves wall ball throwing exercises, would benefit most from a wall ball.

What To Look For in a Good Weighted Ball

Choosing a ball weight is one of the most important considerations for wall ball exercises. If you’re just starting out with balls, the wall ball rule of thumb is to start at the lighter end of the scale.

Krista Stryker, an NSCA certified personal trainer and founder of the 12 Minute Athlete fitness program, believes beginners suit a 6 or 8 pound wall ball, whereas more advanced fitness enthusiasts could start out with a 14, 16, 18 or 20 pound ball.

However, your choice of ball also depends on what you want out of your workout. Those interested in flexibility and agility should go for lighter balls, while someone with a strength focus should choose something heavier.

There are many more considerations when it comes to purchasing your own weighted ball – materials, amount of bounce (if desired), brand and even color (who knows, a rainbow wall ball might not be your thing).

Wrapping Up

You’re ready to bounce! Keep in mind that weight ball exercises can be fun, and they should be treated with a light heart seriousness. After all, how many people have the luxury of throwing a ball around for fitness?

We hope this post has been informative and you are ready to make a selection, whether it be a wall, slam, or medicine ball, the above guide and listings have it covered. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family in need of good fitness equipment.

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