If your motivation to work out is floundering and you’re finding it tougher to get off your couch, then it might be time to spice up your workout routine.

Too many people stick to the same workout for far too long and it leads to a feeling of staleness.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are so many interesting machines on the market; a ton of new fitness regimes to follow, and a million informative articles on the internet to tell you all about the newest fitness trends.

So, if you are bored with your workout routine and are struggling to stay motivated when you need it most, consider these options below. They will help you find that fire that lives within you and be excited about working out again.

#1 Find A New, Trendy Machine

Nothing gets you excited about working out more than the newest, flashiest fitness machine. Lucky for us, they are being released all the time and there is an endless list of new equipment you can try out.

Personally, I found myself a great rowing machine when my workouts were getting a little boring. It completely changed the way I work out and got me excited to put on my gym attire once again.

If you find your very own ‘rowing machine’ to infuse into your personal workouts, then you will be excited to hit the gym all over again.

#2 Find A New Workout Partner

If you currently have a workout partner who doesn’t seem as enthusiastic about fitness as you do, then maybe it’s time to find someone new to workout with.

If you don’t have a workout partner and usually work out alone, then a new partner might be a new source of motivation and excitement.

The right workout partner can keep you going when you want to quit and get your butt into gear when you’d rather sit on the couch.

Find a workout partner that motivates you to succeed and stay on top of your fitness goals.

#3 Hire A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is the easiest way to keep yourself accountable – although it might be more expensive than you’d like sometimes.

Personal trainers are knowledgeable on the latest trends, can suggest an effective workout routine, and will be a way to keep you going every day. You can personally hire a personal trainer in your area, find one at your local fitness center, or consider online programs that are done through video sessions or live chats.

Let your personal trainer know what your goal is, follow their direction, and they’ll help you reach it – if you want it bad enough.

#4 Explore New, Trendy Diets

Just like the invention of new workout equipment, there are also new healthy diets being introduced all the time.

From Vegan to Keto, and everywhere in between, these new trendy diets can further motivate you to dive into your personal health and will get excited about all of the positive you are creating for yourself.

The Internet is another free resource for researching the newest healthy eating trends that can transform your life. Dive in today and change the way you live!

#5 Keep It Simple

Sometimes, all of these new trends and equipment pieces can just make things confusing and overwhelming. It can muddy the waters and become too much of a chore to keep up with it all.

Sometimes, working out should just be about the few inches in front of you and the simple task of lifting a few weights or going for a jog. It doesn’t have to be anything more if you don’t want it to, and eliminating some things can help you stay excited about working out.

#6 Find A New Way to Workout

There are some new things you can introduce to your workout that will enhance your experience. A few of these things include:

  • Listening to music as you workout.
  • Finding a favorite podcast.
  • Watch videos on YouTube.
  • Watch your favorite TV shows or a movie.
  • Ditch the fitness center and workout at home.
  • Ditch the home workouts and find a local gym.

There’s an endless possibility of little things you can do to change your workouts. Don’t settle for just anything, figure out what works for you.

#7 Find Motivation in Influencers

Fitness influencers aren’t just people who post images of themselves and benefit from having a large number of followers. These are real people who have stories of their own and can offer expert advice. And it’s all free!

Find a few influencers on social media that you enjoy and use their posts as an influence. If you want to have your body look more like theirs, then use it as motivation to get into the gym. You can also find great advice from experts who know what they’re talking about.

Fitness influencers are more than just a pretty face. And they can help you find enjoyment in working out once again.

#8 Try Out Other Self Care Practices

New self-care practices like yoga, meditation, tai chi, and dancing can completely change the way you approach fitness. They are not your traditional regimes but can offer a great workout to the human body – and are enjoyable.

Find a self-care practice to complement your fitness routine and benefit from the positives they’ll infuse into your life. By taking a forward approach to living a healthy life, you’ll be more apt to go to the gym and complete your regular workouts.

#9 Take A Short Break

Our final tip isn’t our most encouraged one but, sometimes, it needs to be said.

If you’re not feeling your workouts and it is negatively affecting your mental health, then maybe it’s time to take a short break. Some time away from the gym will clear your head and allow you to recharge your physical and mental battery.

This could be one day, 3 days, a week, two weeks, etc. There’s no set time pre-determined but, if you trust your body, you’ll know when you’re ready to get back at it.

Find the formula to fall in love with fitness

It’s normal to dread a single workout, but you should never be permanently down about your personal fitness and having to look after your body.

If you do find yourself bored, disinterested, unmotivated, and neglectful of your workouts, then consider one or more of these 8 options above. Soon, you’ll be more motivated than ever to succeed and reach your goals!

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