Best Water Bottles for Fitness– Hydrate Your Body in Style


Choosing among the best water bottles out there, is not always easy. Once you decide to make fitness a regular part of your life, a reusable water bottle becomes your best friend, ensuring you stay healthy and hydrated through hours of activity.

We reviewed the highest rated water bottles for you:

Since purchasing water each time adds up quick, it’s easy to see the initial benefits of a reusable bottle. Choosing among the thousands available is however, is not so easy. We put in the effort and tackled this task for you. Below are our findings.

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Making the decision that a reusable bottle is beneficial is only the first step, then a decision must be made regarding which type of water bottle suits your needs. These range from collapsible bottles to stainless steel, glass to plastic, and each has notable advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing the Best Water Bottle for the Gym

While exploring the categories of water bottles below and examples of each, perhaps some of the key features will resonate strongly and lead you to your perfect fitness bottle.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

A stainless steel bottle looks sleek and as the name implies doesn’t stain, which is perfect for us clean freaks. Check out our top picks below.

Insulated Water Bottles

Keep your drinks at the desired temperature with insulated bottles. No more drinking lukewarm water on a scorching hot day.

Plastic Water Bottles

For those of us who are environmentally friendly and conscious of our environment, these highly recyclable plastic water bottles fulfill that need while also fulfilling their intended purpose of being some of the best water bottles around.

Glass Water Bottles

There is just something soothing about glass water bottles. They’re easy to clean, transparent, and preserve the taste of the beverage like no other!

Folding Water Bottles

We’ve all been on the go and in need of space preservation. Too many times something as simple as a water bottle can take up too much valuable space. These collapsible water bottles will fold up into a fraction of their extended size and you’ll be on your way to your intended destination.

Hot Water Bottles

Blizzards are no match for these reusable water bottles that will keep your drink hot no matter the weather. These bottles range widely in their practical applications, for example some people use them to heat their strained muscles up!

Diving Into It – Highest Rated Water Bottles

Unless price or looks are your main motivators, then the first step in choosing the perfect water bottle will be choosing the type. While the bottle’s material may seem like a minor issue, the difference between glass, plastic, and steel can affect everything from temperature to taste.

The decision is further complicated by extra features, such as insulation, collapsibility, and the type of nozzle or cap you prefer. Ultimately, the perfect water bottle can be an excellent tool that enhances your fitness experience and keeps you healthy, and this list contains twelve of the best from various categories.

Best Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Key advantages of stainless steel bottles include excellent purity, durability, and light weight. Coming in many varieties, stainless steel water bottles often have a high-quality appearance compared to their plastic counterparts.

Furthermore, stainless steel is extremely resilient against rust and corrosion, so if you get a good stainless steel water bottle, you can expect it to stand the test of time.

Klean Kanteen Classic 27-Ounce

Klean Kanteen Classic 27 Ounce


  • 12 inches, 29 cm
  • 13 Color Variations
  • Dishwasher Safe

Sleek and simple, these stainless steel bottles from Klean Kanteen have a narrow design and hold 8 oz of your favorite beverage. The lid has a finger hole to facilitate easy opening, and the bottle has a leak proof design with the logo printed on the center.

The 13 color options vary in price, and include clever inventions like Blue Planet, Violet Storm, and Lime Pop

Who Makes It?

Klean Kanteen is a small company based in Chico, CA that focuses on superior fitness bottle products that are safe for the customer and the environment. As members of 1% for the Planet, Klean Kanteen goes to great lengths to ensure their bottles are free of BPA, liners, and leaching.

Key Features

The slim design of the Klean Kanteen Classic 27-Ounce stainless steel bottle makes it perfect for fitting into bike cages or cup holders. The material on the bottle and lid looks very smooth and clean, with no liner or extra materials involved.

Also adding to its cleanliness is the fact that there are no corners, as every part of the bottle is completely rounded.


The primary market for slim, stainless steel water bottles like this one is cyclers, because the bottle is made to be light and small enough to fit in a bike cage. While this one is excellent for any fitness endeavor, it doesn’t offer additional insulation that will keep the beverage hot or cold.

Bottom Line

For a stainless steel bottle with no corners or linings, this bottle by Klean Kanteen is an excellent product at a fair price. Built from light yet durable steel, this is a bottle that will pay for itself many times over, and the fact that you can pick from 13 colors only sweetens the deal.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $20.95 $15.40  More Info

Futurepace Tech – Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Futurepace Tech


  • Double Wall Insulation
  • Available in 3 Colors
  • Easy to Use Loop Lid

Very likely the classiest looking bottle on the market, this stainless steel bottle by Futurepace Tech is ridiculously sleek. The three colors it comes in fit the mature design, as white, stainless steel, and charcoal are the available options.

Ultimately this is a slim and sturdy bottle that should fit nicely into most cup holders and bike cages.

Who Makes It?

Futurepace Tech is a company that’s dedicated to sustainable and innovative lifestyle products. Their website offers a lot of info, and an exclusive VIP club for preferred customers. The company’s flagship product is their stainless steel water bottle, and a lot of detail was obviously invested in the design.

Key Features

The most distinguishing features about this Futurepace Tech bottle are its distinctly professional appearance and smooth design. Another notable feature is that this bottle has double-wall insulation, which means it will keep your iced drinks cold and your coffee or tea hot.

The price difference for this bottle is pretty miniscule, as it offers the insulated wall while still keeping the price below $20.


As professional and mature as this bottle looks, it won’t appeal to everybody. Kids, teens, and anyone who likes fun, playful colors will probably want a bottle that’s geared more toward them. Also, it’s a very slim and sleek steel bottle, so some people may want one made of glass or plastic, or a bottle that holds more.

Bottom Line

For anyone wanting a very slick looking stainless steel water bottle that is clearly marketed towards adults, this may be the perfect option.

At only $19.99, the charcoal, white, or steel versions of the Futurepace Tech bottle are ideal for anyone’s locker or bike cage, plus it has added insulation to keep your beverage as hot or cold as desired.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $29.99 $19.99  More Info

Best Insulated Water Bottles

If the temperature of your beverage is of top concern, then an insulated bottle is going to be your ideal choice. Features and details of insulated bottles may vary, but they will often be a bit more expensive than other types due to the insulating material.

On the bright side, these bottles are the most versatile, able to handle the coldest water, or even hot coffee or soup.

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Loop Cap

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Water Bottle With Loop Cap


  • Stainless Steel with Vacuum Insulation
  • Wide Mouth Bottle
  • No Corners or Liners

This high-quality water bottle from Klean Kanteen is available in 20 colors and 12 or 16 oz sizes. With a wide mouth and vacuum insulation, this bottle is designed to stay clean and durable no matter if you’re using hot or cold beverages.

At a slightly higher price point than its more slim, stainless steel counterparts, this wide mouth insulated bottle is bigger and has more features as well.

Who Makes It?

Klean Kanteen has been selling environmentally friendly fitness bottles since 2004. One of their main claims to fame was being among the first to realize that low quality plastics were harmful.

They’ve been crafting their bottles out of only the safest and most high-quality materials ever since.

Key Features

With a large looped lid that twists on, the Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth has the look of a top-quality water bottle. Though not necessarily slim, the bottle is sleek in its simplicity, as the materials appear durable. Ultimately, the bottle has the look of being strong and well-crafted.


Although well-built and available in a lot of interesting colors, this wide mouth bottle will probably not fit into most cupholders. Additionally, some complaints have stated that water can get trapped in the lid, so it’s advisable to follow the cleaning instructions in detail.

Bottom Line

Assuming you need a bottle with a wide-mouth and good insulation, these bottles are stainless steel, easy to clean, and offer a lot of value for the price. Highly-recommended bottle presuming you don’t need a skinny one to fit into a cupholder.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $30.95 $23.00  More Info

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle


  • Keeps Drinks Cold for 24 hrs
  • Stainless Steel with Vacuum Insulation
  • 9 Color Options

Not just an ordinary bottle, the Hydro Flask is a powder coated, stainless steel bottle with vacuum insulation. At the highest price so far on the list, the Hydro Flask is designed for top-notch temperature control, even in extreme climates.

Holding a whopping 40 oz of your favorite soup or beverage, the Hydro Flask has plenty of volume and comes in nine color options.

Who Makes It?

Hydro Flask sells insulated containers in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Their primary tagline is “24 hours cold, 12 hours hot”, which sums up the effectiveness of their vacuum insulation.

Another reason to appreciate Hydro Flask is that they let you give 5% of each purchase to a charity of your choice.

Key Features

Strong vacuum insulation is the most distinguishing feature that sets the Hydro Flask apart from competitors. Much of their selling point is based on the bottle’s ability to stay colder longer than other bottles, even as long as 24 hours. The screw lid has a lanyard connecting it to the bottle which is convenient, and the bottles themselves come in designs like Orange Zest and Green Zen. Arguably the most valuable feature of the Hydro Flask is that it comes with a lifetime warranty for when the insulation wears out.


Other than being too big for cup holders and more expensive than many of its peers at $34.99, the Hydro Flask has a critical fact that makes it worth the dough. Although the insulation wears out over time, the aforementioned warranty and solid customer service will have you covered.

Bottom Line

While the price may seem like a lot to spend on a water bottle, when you’re getting the Hydro Flask, it’s more of an investment into your health and fitness. Between the powerful insulation, the no sweat exterior, and the lifetime warranty, there is a lot to like about the Hydro Flask.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $47.99 – $88.88 & FREE Shipping  More Info

Best Plastic Water Bottles

When shopping for a plastic water bottle, material has to be first concern. That’s because only BPA-free plastic bottles are safe from leakage of hazardous material.

The good news is that companies know this, and are not shy when advertising their BPA-free status. Other advantages of plastic bottles over the rest include their light weight, transparency, and lower cost than more elaborate competitors.

Embrava Eco Friendly & BPA-Free Plastic

Embrava Eco Friendly & Bpa Free Plastic


  • Designed for active users
  • 100% Toxin Free US imported Tritan Co-polyester plastic
  • Opens with one click

At a single glance, it’s obvious that a lot of meticulous work went into the design of the Embrava Eco Friendly & BPA Free Plastic Bottle. The strap is longer than you’d expect to facilitate quick drinks on the run, and the cap is an ingenious push-button lid that easily pops open and shut.

While ultimately a plastic bottle, the logo, design, and extra features make the Embrava shine above others on the shelf.

Who Makes It?

Specializing in camping gear and innovative sports bottles, Embrava explains how each part of their products is developed with the customer’s safety and convenience in mind.

Furthermore, customer service is a major part of Embrava, so don’t expect any difficulty if you need to claim the money back guarantee.

Key Features

Created to be the perfect sports bottle for all types of athletes, this plastic bottle by Embrava is loaded with features. From the pop-top lid and durable plastic, to cool bull logo and stylish gift box, everything about the Embrava bottle seems carefully made to optimize its style and quality.

At $19.99 and with a 100% money back guarantee, this eco-friendly bottle by Embrava seems almost too good to be true.


While the Embrava bottle has tons of benefits, it does not have the insulation of vacuum insulated, stainless steel bottles. Also, hard plastic will survive most drops and smashes, but there’s no substitute for steel when it comes to durability.

Bottom Line

Plastic water bottles are available in a wide range of quality, and this version by Embrava belongs at the top of the class. With a long strap and instant pop-up lid, this is the ideal bottle for runners, cyclers, and highly-active people.

Throw in the discounted under $18 price tag and the money back guarantee, and this may be the best plastic bottle on the market.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $27.95 $17.95  More Info

NutraWork Insulated Plastic Water Bottle + Straw

Nutrawork Insulated Plastic Water Bottle


  • Made of Tritan Plastic and BPA free
  • Quick open top with wide-mouth straw
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

With a greenish-yellow tint but mostly transparent, this plastic bottle by NutraWorks appears to be more sophisticated than the rest. This is partially due to the elaborate lid, which is grey in color, and features a wide mouthed straw accessible by a pop top.

The plastic is obviously higher quality than normal, and is designed to be extra durable for adventurous individuals.

Who Makes It?

It should first be mentioned that there are a lot of companies throughout the world with the name NutraWorks, with many of them being nutrition and life coach related.

The NutraWorks company that makes these bottles specializes in insulated drink ware, as they also make insulated coffee cups and different variations of their sports bottle.

Key Features

Arguably the most distinguishing feature of this bottle by NutraWorks is the ultra durable Tritan plastic, which immediately grabs the eye due to the bright green-yellow color.

When buying a plastic reusable bottle, material matters, and Tritan plastic is among the best available. A close second for most notable feature would certainly be the pop top that opens to reveal a wide mouth straw.

This shows that the bottle is clearly made for highly-active people who frequently run, ride bikes, participate in fitness classes, and are otherwise energetic and active.


Although a bright and innovative bottle with overwhelmingly positive reviews, some customers have had issues pertaining to its function. Specifically, the bottle is somewhat noisy while drinking out of it, and seems extra airy when drinking through the straw.

If extra oxygen and a little noise with each drink are not dealbreakers for you, then this plastic fitness bottle by NutraWorks might be the ideal way to go.

Bottom Line

Among plastic fitness bottles, this one from NutraWorks is definitely above average. With the double-walled insulation and wide straw in the lid, it has enough unique features to set it apart from the pack.

That said, $16.79 is still a small chunk of money for a reusable bottle considering that many other bottles of various materials are outside that price range on the higher end.

The wide straw is a rare and unique trait of this bottle, and is likely to be a polarizing factor among consumers.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $16.79  More Info

Best Glass Water Bottles

Perhaps it’s because of the clarity of glass, but many people swear that drinking out of a glass container is the best tasting option available.

Whether you share this perspective or not, glass is definitely the most transparent option, which is excellent for seeing that the container is clean, and for knowing exactly what is in the bottle at any given time.

Another trait of glass is that it will be the most hefty of the substances, so that could be a deciding factor depending on when you typically use your fitness bottle.

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle With Silicone Sleeve


  • Innovative Design with See Through Window
  • Holds 22.5 oz.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Price depends on color and size

Featuring a colorful sleeve that includes a well-placed window, this bottle by Takeya looks sharp by any standard. Whether you go with a bold color like purple, or something dark and sleek like their smoke design, these bottles definitely stick out from the crowd.

The window that runs down the center is both stylish and functional, as it makes it pretty convenient to check on your water supply and to ensure the bottle is clean.

Who Makes It?

Takeya was born from a combination of a businessman’s fascination with Japanese product design, and a Japanese family business. Founded in 2009, Takeya continually provides a variety of teas, coffee cups, water bottles, and pitchers.

The partnership between two international talents brought these innovative glass containers to the United States for millions of westerners to enjoy.

Key Features

The design itself is a key feature, as Takeya succeeded in making a glass bottle look interesting. Four color variations add to that aspect, as the options vary greatly in style. That said, the benefit of the glass is still there due to the see through section, and the sleeve does a lot to increase durability.

Considering that these start at only $13.99 and will never add a metal or plastic taste to your water, price and purity are key features as well.


Although covered with a protective sleeve, this bottle is still made of glass and is not immune to being dropped. Some customers reported their bottle surviving even a few drops, but ultimately glass is glass, and unlike with plastic or steel, glass bottles are vulnerable to breaking upon impact. Otherwise, the weight of the bottle will be a little more than its steel and plastic counterparts.

Bottom Line

The Takeya Classic Glass Bottle with Silicone Sleeve is an innovative and unique looking glass bottle, and at a price point that starts at $13.13, it’s actually among the lowest priced bottles out there.

Whether you use the bottle for breaks in between sessions at the gym or as a safe and reliable beverage for your purse or car, this glass bottle by Takeya is unique, pure, and an excellent deal.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment  $13.13 – $14.88  More Info

Lifefactory 22-Ounce Glass Bottle

Lifefactory 22 Ounce Glass Bottle With Flip Cap And Silicone Sleeve


  • 17 Color Choices
  • Dishwasher Safe with Sleeve Attached
  • Pop-up Lid Controls Flow

Immediately different because of its hexagonally spotted design, the Lifefactory bottle is covered by a silicone sleeve that improves grip and lets you view the contents of the bottle.

Available in a massive variety of colors ranging from the playful to conservative, it won’t be hard to get a bottle that fits your tastes. The fact that it can be washed while still in the sleeve on the top rack of a dishwasher adds a lot of convenience to this interesting looking bottle.

Who Makes It?

Lifefactory is the brainchild of Darren Joy and Pam Marcus, and has environmental concern and product versatility as its primary selling points. Their website demonstrates how the sleeves are sturdy enough to serve as stylish pencil holders, can holders, and several other household functions.

Key Features

A tie for the most unique feature of this bottle from Lifefactory would be between the flow-controlled lid and hexagonal sleeve. Both do a lot to make this product different, and give it its own sense of individuality.

The lid regulates flow and includes a handle, both of which will be valuable for some people. The sleeve is polka dotted with hexagonal windows, a feature that makes the bottle easy to grip and enables you to check on its inner contents.


The narrow suck nozzle on the lid is going to be a polarizing factor, although the option is always there to simply remove the lid entirely. Otherwise, the property of glass bottles is that they’re clean and pure, but they lack the overall durability of their steel competitors.

Bottom Line

With the original design and vast array of color options, the Lifefactory 22-Ounce Glass Bottle with Flip Cap and Silicone Sleeve would make an excellent gift for any fitness fans in your life.

The spout is narrow and designed to control water flow, so whether that is preferable will be up to individual customers. The price tag is average for this product, as many comparable bottles are available for less than $20.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $24.99 $19.99  More Info

Best Folding Water Bottles

If you liked poking the straw into a little grey bag of fruit punch as a kid, then a collapsible fitness bottle might be the best pick for you. The greatest advantages of foldable or collapsible fitness bottles lies with their portability, since when empty, they easily fold down into a smaller size than any other bottle.

This makes foldable bottles ideal for stashing in a purse, or anywhere else where maximizing space is key.

Platypus PlusBottle

Platypus Plusbottle


  • Flexible and Durable Material
  • Easy Carry Loop
  • Can Attach Lids and Accessories

Essentially a bag with a small plastic lid and cool design, the Platypus PlusBottle is a foldable bottle from Cascade designs.

Who Makes It?

With an inspiring story about three engineers that were laid off by Boeing, the founders of Cascade designs sell products under six brands, including PackTowel, ThermaRest, and Platypus. In addition to collapsible bottles, Platypus makes hydration packs and camping packs in a wide array of styles.

Key Features

This versatile bottle by Platypus is not only collapsible and light, but can be modified with additional lids and accessories, a feature which is rare among water bottles. The design is subtle yet unique, with a silhouette of a platypus, and the word “Platypus” running the length of the bottle.


The Platypus PlusBottle has many fans, but it’s not without a handful of consistent complaints. The most frequent problem with the product is related to the lid, with many people complaining that it’s unreliable and made from a cheap material.

The next most frequent concern among customers involved drinking from the Platypus PlusBottle, an act that some found to be awkward, messy, and challenging. Finally, the price is pretty steep considering the high-quality bottles that are available for under $20.

Bottom Line

A collapsible bottle can be tossed around, dropped, and folded up neatly when it’s empty, but it’s definitely not a traditional drinking experience.

If the benefits of a space-saving and highly-unique fitness bottle outweigh the extra learning curve of handling it without making a mess, then the Platypus can be a fun gift or purchase for any outdoorsman or fitness fan.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $16.95 $12.95  More Info

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle – BPA Free

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle – Leak Proof – Bpa Free


  • 22 ounce
  • Leak Proof Cap
  • Withstands Extreme Temperatures

Available in blue, pink, or grey, this collapsible bottle resembles a normal bottle when full, and has a simple external design and logo. The extra strap and quick open lid make it convenient for using on the run.

Who Makes It?

Specializing in products for active lifestyles, Nomader strives to create products that solve real world problems while exemplifying style and durability.

Key Features

Rather than a bag that inflates when filled, this bottle by Nomader appears to be a strong, sturdy, collapsible bottle. With a guarantee that it will never shatter or dent, and ability to squash down to a small size, this bottle has the durability and portability that others lack.


For the Nomader Collapsible Bottle, the innovative, portable design is a real crowd pleaser at a good price. The only drawback would be if you don’t like a small plastic lid, are intimidated by the collapsible design, or prefer the sturdiness of a glass or metal bottle.

Bottom Line

Among collapsible bottles, this one by Nomader is a diamond in the rough. With overwhelmingly positive reviews that attest to its structure, design, and stability, the Nomader Collapsable Bottle is a phenomenal deal at $16.95.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $24.95 $16.95  More Info

Best Hot Water Bottles

While most people assume hot water bottles are meant for coffee, there’s a wide variety of uses for hot water bottles. These uses include tea, soup, and hot water for pouring on ramen and other lunches at work or while camping.

The main goal of hot water bottles is simple: Insulating your beverage so it stays hot for as long as possible. If keeping your beverage warm takes precedence over portability, weight, or cost, then a hot water bottle may be ideal for you.

Zojirushi SM-SA48-BA Stainless Steel Mug

Zojirushi Sm Sa48 Ba Stainless Steel Mug


  • Compact Design Fits Most Cupholders
  • Lid Disassembles for Cleaning
  • 16 or 20 oz Bottles

Sleek and compact, the Zojirushi SM-SA48-BA Stainless Steel Mug is available in four colors, including black, Pearl Pink, and Cinnamon Gold. The top appears elaborate, and functions as a stopper and lid. Otherwise, the bottle is smooth, with the Zojirushi logo printed towards the bottom.

Who Makes It?

Selling many different types of cookware, containers, and other products, Zojirushi is a company that prides itself on innovation.

Key Features

The sleek, smooth look of this bottle is notable, as it can be professional in its black variation, or more fun and wild in its more colorful options. Otherwise it keeps beverages hot, with a 5-year heat-retention guarantee included.


While definitely a sharp looking hot beverage bottle, a tiny margin of customers have reported issues with the lid design. While the heat retention guarantee covers the bottle for five years, it doesn’t cover the lid. Ultimately, this bottle won’t take as much of a beating as others on the list.

Bottom Line

Thousands of satisfied customers have chosen Zojirushi as their top hot bottle, and with a smooth look, fair price, and 5-year warranty on heat retention, it’s easy to see why.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $25.98  More Info

Transparent Classic Hot Water Bottle

Transparent Classic Hot Water Bottle


  • Thermoplastic Material Retains Heat
  • Ideal for Hot or Cold Liquids
  • Cross-hatched Design

Simple in appearance, this hot water bottle by Fashy is made from an innovative thermoplastic material that retains heat. Although plain looking, the bottle is ideal for customizing with a cover of your own. Furthermore, this bottle is designed to be odor free and easily cleaned.

Who Makes It?

In addition to hot water bottles of varying colors, Fashy sells a mix of different covers to personalize your water bottles. Fashy also provides stylish swimwear, including various types of women’s swim caps.

Key Features

As a sturdy and reliable hot bottle, this one has the added benefit of being completely transparent. That makes it a lot more convenient to inspect cleanliness, and to verify how much of your beverage remains.

Numerous reviews from long term owners attest to the bottle’s resilience and durability, even after years of use.


This bottle is ideal for keeping your beverage warm, but not as much for a quick drink on the run. If you’re interested in a sports bottle to keep you hydrated in the most convenient way possible, other options will be more efficient.

Bottom Line

Unlike many other bottles on this list, this Transparent Classic Hot Water Bottle by Fashy serves multiple functions, as it makes an excellent heating pack for cold nights, and can be used to hold hot water for cooking, traveling, or camping.

For a tough and reliable bottle that retains heat for hours, this is arguably the best option available at just under $20.

Vendor Price Comparison Link
Amazon Retailer of Fitness Equipment $19.95  More Info

Beginners Guide to Reusable Water Bottles

Before making the purchase, take a look at some of the key things to consider when buying a water bottle for the gym or beyond.

Table of Contents

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Benefits of Reusable Water Bottles

Benefits of Reusable Water Bottles

Millions of people prefer to purchase a high-quality water bottle that can be used time and time again, and with benefits to your wallet, the environment, and even your health, it’s easy to see why.

With bottles of water often costing at least a couple of dollars, it doesn’t take long for your reusable bottle to pay for itself. Furthermore, considering all of the plastic that you won’t be using and throwing away, simply owning a reusable bottle does a lot for the environment.

The third main advantage of refilling your bottle with tap water is that unlike bottled water, tap water is subject to stringent local and state testing procedures, and is actually extremely safe.

Different Types of Water Bottles

While thirsty humans have been crafting containers to hold their water since the beginning of time, traditional bottles have always been fairly simple.

Now in 2018, water bottles come in a surprising array of styles, with different designs, features, and materials affecting their performance. Whether you want your bottle to keep a drink hot or cold, avoid spilling or damage, or have a sleek look that fits your personality, there are numerous categories of reusable water bottles on the market.

Knowing the type of bottle that covers your needs is a great way to narrow the search when shopping for your ideal reusable bottle.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stainless steel bottles are popular among active people for a few key reasons. By their very nature, stainless steel bottles are non-toxic, as the material is often used in all kinds of cook ware. Whereas you have to be careful with dyes and toxicity from some plastic bottles, stainless steel is immune to rust and won’t leak anything into your water.

Another major advantage is that these kind of bottles are lightweight yet durable, which makes them ideal for hiking, jogging, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

Insulated Water Bottles

The main advantage of insulated water bottles is to keep the temperature of the beverage at a desired range. If you have an insulated bottle filled with ice, it’s safe to assume that your drink will remain cold, even in the hottest environments.

Lack of condensation is a side benefit of insulated bottles, as the multiple layers serve to keep your bottle dry. Insulated bottles are sold in a wide array of designs, from pop-up nozzles to screw caps, but each is made to regulate the temperature of your water.

Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic is highly-recyclable, flexible, and lightweight providing you use a type that’s non-toxic. To save time and trouble, the safe kinds of plastic water bottles are made of either polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) or high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Both of those types are high-quality plastics that provide a durable, light, and non-toxic material that is often used for fitness water bottles.

It should be noted that the type of plastic used in disposable water bottles is not suitable for reusing, primarily because it’s a treated plastic that could leak chemicals into the water after repeated uses.

When choosing a plastic water bottle, simply ensuring that it’s made from PET, PETE, or HDPE is enough to know that it’s high-quality.

Glass Water Bottles

For a bottle that’s clear, pure, and dishwasher safe, look no further than glass water bottles. In addition to obvious advantages like the transparency of the bottle and ease of cleaning, taste is a benefit that is unique to glass bottom bottles.

Much like in the days of glass bottled soda, many swear that beverages simply taste better out of a glass container, so if taste and clarity take precedence for you, then glass is probably the way to go.

Folding Water Bottles

Also known as collapsible water bottles, these are typically plastic bottles that fold, smash, or deflate into a much smaller size. Much like other collapsible products like bicycles, the convenience of a bottle that folds up often results in a higher price tag.

This collapsibility is useful anywhere that extreme portability is necessary, like hiking, camping, or any adventures where an extra water bottle is useful. On camping trips, combining a water purifier with a folding water bottle can be a lifesaving combination that keeps you hydrated.

Hot Water Bottles

With blizzards running rampant in certain parts of the world, many people are more interested in keeping their liquids warm. Hot water bottles are designed to do just that, with some appearing plain and basic, while others are more elaborate.

Also notable is that the internet is filled with dozens of alternate uses for hot water bottles, ranging from bed warmers, to first aid for strained muscles.

More common uses for athletes will include hot water for coffee, tea, and to stay warm during cold days.

How to Maintain Your Water Bottle

The best method of cleaning your reusable water bottle will vary based on its type and material. While each brand will come with its own recommendations, glass and stainless steel bottles will typically be suitable for dishwashers.

Bottles with a wide rim are easy to clean manually, but some steel bottles are made with narrow openings. For bottles with narrow rims, brushes are made specifically to reach in and clean the hard-to-reach areas.

Ultimately, the individual maintenance instructions will vary for each bottle, and will most likely be written along with the bottle’s purchasing materials.

What is a BPA-Free Water Bottle?

Bisphenol (BPA) is found in polycarbonate plastics, and is not a safe material for reusable water bottles. The reason for the major backlash against products made with BPA is that it has been associated with a host of nasty diseases, ranging from low testosterone to breast cancer.

Luckily, all you have to do to avoid BPA is look for the BPA-free labeling on the bottle, or stick to a non-plastic water bottle. Another safety tip is to not reuse plastics that are designed to be disposable, because traces of low-quality plastic might be ingested with multiple uses.

“It should be noted that each of the bottles on this list is devoid of harmful BPA.” ~ Team GymVentures

Putting a Lid on Things

We truly hope this guide and the accompanying list of the best water bottles for fitness and beyond will help you in making a sound decision on adding this piece of workout gear to your arsenal.

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