A great way of saving money and executing various Crossfit exercises, is by investing in a good Crossfit equipment package. Ahead, we'll take a look at some of the top package choices out there.

Options in the following categories:

  • Bar and bumper plate packages
  • Minimal equipment packages
  • Nearly complete packages
  • Complete Crossfit home gym sets

While Crossfit equipment can be bought individually, these equipment packages ensure you get a good Crossfit experience with one purchase. These are some of the best crossfit packages you’ll find out on the market right now.

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Bar and Bumper Plate Packages

If you decide to invest in a barbell, it’s probably a better deal to get an entire set at once. Rather than a few weight plates, it’s definitely better to buy a whole set, because then you can increase your weight in increments, and have the right weights for differing workouts.

The following brands are heavy-hitters in the fitness industry, and will often include excellent warranties for their products.

Fringesport Packages

Highly-customizable in terms of the pieces and color you prefer, Fringesport offers multiple bar and bumper packages that are compatible with Crossfit. To sweeten the deal, Fringesport also allows free returns and a full lifetime warranty on the whole package.

Among the barbell options are the Bomba Bars and Vaughn Bars, both very popular barbells with meticulous designs. The plates have interesting variations as well, ranging from pure black to black with bright yellow labeling.

Fringesport has four levels of barbell and bumper packages, and they range in price from $475 to $969.

Rogue Packages

Rogue is among the most trusted companies for barbells, and they offer seven barbell and plate sets, each prepackaged and marketed for a specific purpose.

For example, the Social Econ Bar and Plate set is designed for general use from beginners, and the Charlie Bar and Plate Set includes an Ohio Bar and slightly less plates, making it an affordable option.

The seven packages by Rogue allow you to add additional equipment as needed, and range from $365 for the Foxtrot Junior Set, to $1,225 for the Warrior Bar and Bumper Set.

Vulcan Packages

Vulcan offers a wide array of plate designs with either the Olympic or competition barbells. The thing that sets Vulcan’s products apart is that their plates really stick out, featuring a bright multi-colored option, and a randomly spackled design that looks like someone threw paint at it.

In a sea of plain black and steel plates, their colorful options are interesting, and can do a lot to spice up a home gym.

Vulcan’s plate and barbell sets range from $594 to over $1300.

See All Vulcan Bumper Plates

Minimal Crossfit Training Packages

The minimal packages below should not be underestimated, because each provides five pieces of equipment that are used in some of Crossfit’s most popular WOD’s.

With slight variations in gear, each of the packages on this list includes a tough yet affordable barbell, six weight plates, a kettlebell, and a medicine ball. The fifth item varies for each package, but almost all of the pieces are customizable while online ordering.

Fringesport Bronze Garage Gym Starter Package

Five different types of fitness equipment comprise the Fringesport Bronze Starter Package, including a Bomba bar, plates, medicine ball, jump rope, and kettlebell.

The size and quantity of many of these pieces can be tweaked when ordering on the website, so if you want a 106 pound kettlebell instead of an 18 pound kettlebell, that is a viable option.

Another key factor is the no-drama purchasing benefits, with a 365 day money back guarantee and quick free shipping.


  • Includes a Bomba Bar barbell
  • 3 pairs of plates: 10, 25, and 45 lbs.
  • Kettlebell, Slam Ball, and Jump Rope Included


The main concern with ordering a package is one of the pieces of gear going unused. Since you’re paying for five different types of high-quality fitness gear, it’s worth considering if the speed rope, medicine ball, and barbell set will get enough use to justify an entire package.

As for the gear itself, it’s top quality, and easily returnable if you don’t agree.

Bottom Line

Offering five of the key items that are used in many of Crossfit’s most popular WOD’s, the Fringesport Bronze Garage Starter Set provides enough gear for years of full-body workouts. If you have particular preferences, you can easily customize the Bronze Package with cafeteria style add-ons and weight variations.

Ultimately, each of the five categories of items included in this package serve a specific and effective purpose, and purchasing options like free shipping take a lot of stress out of the decision.

More Info from Fringesport

Rogue SoCal Starter Package

Designed with Crossfit in mind, Rogue included their Beater Bar which is among their toughest and most affordable barbells. Additionally, it comes with plates in useful sizes, a kettlebell and medicine ball of your preference, and a set of wood rings which are great for upper-body exercises.

Each of the included pieces are commonly used in Crossfit WOD’s and each facilitates multiple workouts. If you’re comparing prices, then Rogue’s free shipping policy and detailed warranty make the Rogue So Cal Starter Package a solid offer.


  • Highly-resilient Beater Bar
  • Three Pairs of Plates: 10, 25, and 45’s.
  • Comes with Wood Rings, Medicine Ball, and Kettlebell


From a consumer’s perspective, ordering in the package means you’re at the mercy of each item in the package. For example, the wood rings that come with the package are $72. You might not normally spend $72 on gymnastics rings, but it will be factored in to the total of the package.

That said, the package deal is a shotgun blast of equipment that will have anyone ready for most of the Crossfit WOD’s in a single purchase, so the value really depends on whether you’ll use each piece of equipment.

Bottom Line

If you’ve decided to go all in on Crossfit, then getting a Rogue SoCal Starter Package is a worthy investment. One side note to be aware of is that you’ll need a place to hang the $72 wooden rings, so a tall squat rack, tree, or other solid foundation is required.

For those who are determined to do the many various workouts that are part of Crossfit, this set by Rogue provides high-quality equipment that covers the vast majority of those exercises with five different pieces.

More Info from Rogue Fitness

Nearly Complete Crossfit Equipment Packages

The nearly complete Crossfit packages have pretty much everything you need, and for most people the nearly complete Crossfit equipment package does the trick.

Kettlebells, speed rope, medicine balls, slam balls, Olympic bar, bumper plates, Plyometric box, abmat, pull-up bar, are some of the items included. Below are some of our favorites from some of the leading Crossfit equipment manufacturing brands.

Fringesport Gold Package

With enough pieces to do just about any Crossfit WOD known to man, the Fringesport Gold Package has everything from plyo-boxes to slam balls.

The barbell and plates offer enough variety to gradually work into your optimal shape, with ten pairs of plates and a Bomba Bar barbell. A variety of four kettlebells is another highlight, with a pull-up bar, cable jump rope, and eight total different types of fitness gear.


  • 8 Different Types of Fitness Gear
  • Includes Bomba Bar and 10 Pairs of Plates
  • Comes with Ab Mat, 2 Medicine Balls, and 4 Kettlebells


The best and worst thing about a package is that you’re getting a lot of items all at once, so if you find that you never use one or two of the kettlebells or the cable jump rope and ab mat, then that’s money you basically threw away.

This package has a lot of different pieces for $1545, including various sizes of plates, medicine balls, and kettlebells, so it’s up to your frequency of use whether it’s a worthy investment or not.

Bottom Line

If you want to instantly stock your home gym with eight high-quality pieces of gear that will enable most Crossfit WOD’s, then Fringesport’s Gold Package is comprised of useful, high-quality gear with free shipping and an excellent return policy.

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Rogue Bravo Package

Rogue is known as a leader in the fitness equipment industry, and their Bravo Package gets you a nice array of equipment that is commonly used in Crossfit.

With each part of your order completely customizable, you can easily alter a piece or add extras where necessary and the cost is automatically adjusted. For example, going with a slightly lighter Bella Bar barbell rather than the Rogue Ohio Bar will save $50 on your order.

With the already valuable gear that comes with the package paired with the ability to modify the package to your specs, the Bravo Package by Rogue will have you Crossfit ready in a single purchase.


  • Choose an Ohio Bar or Women’s Bella Bar
  • 2 Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Ab Mat, Rings, and Jump Rope
  • Can add a Squat Stand or Bench


Considering that Rogue’s Bravo Package is one of several package variations, and each decision involved with the package is highly-customizable, the only disadvantage is that you’re pigeon-holed into paying close to full-price for each of the pieces of gear in the package. That said, the price for all that gear is truly impressive at only $1150, especially with free shipping factored in.

Bottom Line

When it comes to barbells and fitness gear, there are few brands that garner as much respect as Rogue. Luckily, their customization and purchasing options are equal to the quality of their equipment, and their Bravo Package provides an instant Crossfit gym at just over $1000.

Note that adding a squat rack, bench, or place to hang your Wooden Rings will drive up the price point, but ultimately, even all of this gear dumped onto a floor will let you do over 90% of the Crossfit WOD’s.

More Info from Rogue Fitness

Complete Crossfit Home Gym Set

Previous Crossfit packages focused on covering major pieces of gear, like the barbell, plates, and kettlebells. With a complete set such as the Rogue Warrior Crossfit Package, you’ll have an arsenal of equipment that rivals most professional gyms, at least in versatility.

Including everything from a Concept 2 Rower, to five different kettlebells, purchasing a complete set outfits you with enough gear to handle even the most obscure Crossfit workouts.

Warrior Crossfit Package from Rogue

Credibility runs high with this Warrior Crossfit Package by Rogue, because Rogue is the official provider for the Reebok Crossfit Games, and numerous gyms throughout the country.

The many pieces of gear in this epic package were chosen for their Crossfit value, and include expensive items like a Concept 2 Rowing Machine, an Ohio Bar barbell, and no less than 5 kettlebells. Some of the more fringe items include their wood rings and a climbing rope, but finding a place to hang those shouldn’t be a major issue.

With free shipping for all of these pieces of heavy, steel gear, this is the quickest way to completely outfit your home gym with top-quality equipment.


  • 12 Different Pieces of Fitness Equipment
  • Includes Concept 2 Rower, Ohio Bar, and 320 lbs. Bumper Plates
  • 5 Kettlebells, Parallettes, Med Ball, Slam Ball, and 2 Ropes


One doesn’t just casually purchase a $2725 fitness package without doing a bit of research. With any package, it’s important to value each piece of gear, and that applies even more with a package as massive as the Warrior Crossfit Package. For example, if you don’t really use the balls or kettlebells, that is easily over a $200 value that you paid for and didn’t take advantage of.

Keeping this general consideration in mind will help you know if you’ll truly get $2725 value out of your purchase. Since this one includes a climbing rope, wooden rings, slam and medicine balls, multiple kettlebells, a premium rowing machine, and high-quality barbell, it’s important to fully understand what you’re paying for.

Bottom Line

While $2725 may seem like a large investment into your home gym for some, what you’re getting in return is some of best fitness equipment on the market, particularly with the inclusion of the Concept 2 Rowing Machine.

That said, when investing so much into a fitness package, you’re definitely not going to want any of the gear to become a $100 paper weight, so staying committed to versatile workouts on the slam balls, climbing ropes, rower, barbell, and kettlebells is a must.

If you have that level of commitment and are ready to go all-in to outfit your home gym with some of the best Crossfit equipment available, then the Rogue Warrior Package is the quickest and most efficient option.

More Info from Rogue Fitness

Final takeaway

Once you’ve made the decision to make your home gym compatible with the many workouts of Crossfit, then the real decision-making begins.

  • Do you take the selective route, carefully picking each piece of equipment, gradually building a perfectly customized gym?
  • Or do you stock the whole thing at once, dropping $2000-3000 on a Crossfit Equipment Package that will single-handedly equip you for 90% of the potential Crossfit WOD’s?

Whichever your approach, it’s recommended to not overlook any parts of a package, or you could end up wasting money on equipment that does not fit into your regimen.

That said, a Crossfit Equipment Package will be the perfect answer for some, offering numerous effective pieces of gear, often at a slightly reduced rate with no shipping.

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