Our list of the best men's gym bags is a carefully crafted one with all types of guys in mind. No matter how often you workout or how often you plan to use it, there is surely one for you in this lineup.

Personal style, desired use, and budget will all be determining factors, but luckily, finding a high-quality bag shouldn’t be an issue. Not only is there a huge variety of gym bags for men, but almost all of them have solid purchasing options like money back guarantees to keep customers happy with their decision.

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10 Highly Rated Men's Gym Bags

Generally speaking most men participate in a wide range of activities, either for work, fitness, and pleasure. In many cases, gear will be required, and therein lies the need for a strong bag.

The ideal bag will differ for a lot of men. While some prefer a bold-colored gym bag with their favorite logo stitched on the side, others might opt for a more natural looking leather duffel bag.

The list includes wild designs, innovative features, and trusted brands you’ve probably heard of, helping you find the perfect bag for hauling your manly stuff around.

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#10 – Ferrari Sports Gear Red Duffel Bag

Ferrari Sports Gear Red Mens Gym Bag


  • Length: 20 Inches, Width: 8.3 Inches, Height: 10.8 Inches
  • Main Compartment Designed for Large Items
  • Detachable and Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Includes Side and Front Pockets
  • Bright Red Bag with Ferrari Logo on Bag and Zippers

Key Factors

Every man on the planet knows the name Ferrari, although you probably associate it more with super cars than gym bags. Bringing that same level of craftsmanship to a sports bag, the Ferrari Sports Gear Red Overnight Duffel Bag represents the Ferrari brand through and through.

Not only does the bag have the quintessential bright red color of the famous car, but the catchy Ferrari logo is found on long zippers, as well as the bag itself. In addition to being stylish, the Ferrari Duffel Bag also strives for practicality, as the main compartment has an exceptionally wide opening which allows for bulkier items.

Who Makes It?

Ferrari is a world famous brand, with merchandise stores found in Venice, and other luxury locations throughout the world. Not a brand for the average joe, Ferrari is best known for their line of luxury cars and motorcycles, with an F430 costing around $200,000. In addition to cars and gym bags, Ferrari sells a surprising array of products, including fashionable clothes and headphones.

Bottom Line

Men who care about a luxury brand name will gravitate towards the Ferrari bag, which lacks a lot of extras but holds a lot in its main pocket.

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#9 – Team Sports Bag by ABD Athlete

Abd Athlete – Team Sports Bag


  • Seven Total Storage Compartments
  • Waterproof Rubber Bottom
  • Reinforced Sides and Removable End Panel
  • Big and Durable with 1200D Nylon Shell
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Key Factors

Offering some really useful advantages, the Team Sports Bag by ABD Athlete is built tough with a lot of features. From an insulated cooler to a separate shoe compartment, this bag has all the details an athlete needs for trips to the game or gym.

The appearance of the bag is rather simple, as the whole thing is black, but with the green and white ABD logo emblazoned on the side. Most people agree that you can’t go wrong with a solid black bag, and with seven storage compartments and durable material, this one by ABD fits the bill.

Another advantage is that this bag foregoes a big name for affordability, because you can find this well-made gym bag for around $50.

Who Makes It?

ABD Athlete lives by the mantra of attitude, balance, and determination, and sells products that are geared towards sports and fitness. These include accessories ranging from compression socks to backpacks, all designed with the needs of the athlete in mind. ABD Athlete also sells a surprising array of brand merchandise, including a beer stein and shirt with a powerful quote on preparation.

Bottom Line

For those who need a reliable bag with seven compartments, the Team Sports Bag can keep your drink cool and store all your gear, and is tough enough that you can load it up without worrying about it.

Just to back that up, ABD Athlete offers an excellent 90 day money back guarantee, in addition to a 1-year replacement warranty, so you can make your purchase with confidence.

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#8 –  Filson Medium Twill Duffel Bag

Filson Medium Twill Duffel Bag


  • Made of Rugged Twill and Bridle Leather
  • Measures 20 x 13 x 12
  • Volume: Holds 3100 Cubic Inches
  • Includes Adjustable Removable Shoulder Strap
  • Three Color Styles: Black, Tan, and Navy

Key Factors

More of a luxury travel bag than a gym bag, the Medium Twill Duffel Bag by Filson appears to be of high quality leather and twill rather than polyester. This one is at a much higher price tag than previous bags on the list, but it also has the ability to function as a legitimate carry-on bag.

The bag’s oil finish fortifies it against water, causing beads to roll right off of its surface. Internal end pockets serve as a place for your personal items, so whether you’re flying to Europe or hitting the gym, the Filson Medium Twill Duffel Bag has you covered.

Who Makes It?

Unlike companies like Nike and Adidas that focus on sports apparel, Filson sells outdoor products for people who hike, camp, and hunt. Most of their products involve leather, and include wallets, watches, and boots in addition to their twill and leather bags. If hunting and fishing are your thing, then Filson has an entire section of products dedicated to the outdoor adventurer in all of us.

Bottom Line

If your need for a bag goes beyond a simple gym bag, then the Medium Twill Duffel Bag is versatile enough to use while traveling, camping, or anywhere.

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#7 – Claire Chase Rolling Duffel

Claire Chase Rolling Duffel


  • 100% Leather
  • Handle is Longer than Average
  • Three Exterior and Three Interior Pockets
  • Recessed Roller Bearing In-line Skate Wheels
  • Six Style Options Including Café, Saddle, and Red

Key Factors

Unlike any other on this list, the Claire Chase Rolling Duffel is a luxury travel bag made purely of leather. Far more expensive than a typical polyester gym bag, the Claire Chase Rolling Duffel contains six total pockets, an extra long handle, and has recessed in-line skate wheels so you can roll it to your destination.

Appropriate as an exceptionally nice leather gym bag, the Claire Chase Rolling Duffel is ideal for airports, vacations, hikes, and other occasions where a top-quality, rolling leather bag would come in handy.

Who Makes It?

Claire Chase specializes in premium leather luggage, including golf bags, business luggage, and backpacks. Emphasizing luxury and quality in every detail, Claire Chase has a list of testimonials from paragons of various industries, from business author Stephen R. Covey, to owner of Spago’s Beverly Hills Restaurant, Barbara Lazaroff. If their Chase Rolling Duffel Bag isn’t a good fit for you, they offer a slew of other man bags which are all comprised of high quality leather.

Bottom Line

For men who want more than an average polyester gym bag, the Claire Chase Rolling Duffel is a pure leather bag with rollers and six total pockets.

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#6 – CLELO B305 Casual Canvas Gym Bag

Clelo B305 Casual Canvas Weekender Gym Bag


  • Thick Cotton Material
  • Leather Carrying Handles
  • Includes Detachable Shoulder Strap
  • Three Sizes: Large, Oversize, and Extra Large
  • Five Color Styles Including Army Green, Blue, and Coffee

Key Factors

Not like an ordinary duffel bag in style or material, this one is made of thick cotton with leather handles and bronze zippers.

The look of the B305 Casual Canvas Duffel Bag by CLELO is more like a luxury purse than a sports bag, but there is no doubt that the material is thick and the bag is well-built. Color options consists of earthy colors like beige and coffee, and three distinct sizes ensure you can carry all your necessary gear to make it to practice.

Who Makes It?

CLELO does make decorative throw pillows, but their specialty is a series of trendy, functional, and unique looking bags and backpacks. Many of their bags have a look of thick, quality materials with leather buckles of different colors holding compartments shut, but CLELO has some more traditional options as well. With dozens of bags, sports bags, and back packs, one could write a top ten list of just CLELO products.

Bottom Line

For a different type of duffel bag that’s made of durable cotton rather than nylon, one of the five styles of the B305 Casual Canvas Duffel Bag by CLELO may be perfect for your gym bag needs.

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#5 – Under Armour Exeter Backpack

Under Armour Exeter Backpack


  • 100% Polyester with Five Exterior Pockets
  • UA Storm Technology Keeps Water Away
  • Foam Padded Heat Gear Back Panel and Straps
  • Can Easily Hold a 17’ Laptop
  • Either Black/Grey or Grey Bag with Light Green Back and Zippers

Key Factors

For state of the art technology in clothing and bags, Under Armour is arguably the best known company. Their Exeter Backpack is made entirely of polyester, and features some of the temperature regulating elements that Under Armour is known for.

With Heat Gear technology in the back panel, and UA Storm technology to repel water, you’ll be well equipped to take on the elements with this bag from Under Armour.

Who Makes It?

Founded by a University of Maryland football player in 1996, Under Armour is easily one of the most successful clothing brands of the last 20 years. Now sponsoring legends like Cam Newton and George St. Pierre, Under Armour has become a force to be reckoned with in the fitness apparel industry.

Among the newest in Under Armour’s many types of products are stylish hoodies, polo shirts, and shoes.

Bottom Line

Innovative and tough with technology to keep it dry and regulated, the Exeter Backpack from Under Armour is a top quality bag that any man could put to good use.

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#4 – PUMA Men’s Teamsport Formation Duffel Bag

Puma Men's Teamsport Formation


  • 100% Polyester with Side, Main, and Internal Pockets
  • Measurements: Height: 2.2 Inches, Width: 9.9
  • Machine Washable
  • Side Ventilated Pocket for Shoes
  • Six Color Options Including Orange, Navy, and Red

Key Factors

The quintessential gym bag, the Men’s Teamsport Formation Duffel Bag by PUMA is tough and affordable. Since it has a ventilated side pocket, you don’t have to worry about ruining your bag by putting sweaty clothes, socks, or shoes in it.

This is especially true since the bag is machine washable, and therefore easy to get all of the sweat and smells out when necessary. The style is classic PUMA, with the minimal curvy stripes and PUMA logo, however it comes in a nice variety of colors.

Who Makes It?

With over 65 years in the fitness industry and 11,000 people employed worldwide, PUMA continues to make a mark as a leader in athletic products. Involved in sports ranging from motorcar racing to golf, PUMA provides the shoes, clothes, and gear that athletes need to look stylish when they hit the field.

With one of the coolest and most recognizable logos in all of sports, PUMA continues to thrive against gargantuan competitors like Nike and Under Armour.

Bottom Line

For those who need a well-ventilated bag that’s big enough to not only hold your gym clothes, but your shoes or cleats as well, then this one by PUMA is worth your time and money.

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#3 – Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Duffel

Under Armour Storm Undeniable 2


  • 100% Polyester
  • Measures 13 x 25 x 11
  • Includes Front D-ring
  • Large Front Zippered Pocket
  • 16 Color Options Including Royal, Steel Town Gold, and Water

Key Factors

With four external pockets and one on the inside, the Storm Undeniable II is the medium duffel bag from Under Armour. The most significant key factor that separates this bag from the pack is the massive array of styles you can choose from.

Whether you want a mundane color like black or grey, or a wilder look like high-vis yellow or tropic pink, you can pick from 16 different colors with this Under Armour bag. In addition to four compartments on the bag’s exterior, there is an internal one for hiding small items like your keys, phone, and money clip.

Who Makes It?

Under Armour began with a simple policy: Make a superior t-shirt that reflects water and stays dry and cool. Now the official outfitter of major sports teams in multiple sports, Under Armour has expanded to include everything from uniforms to cleats. If your budget is tight, Under Armour offers an outlet where you can get products like their UA Fat Tire Low Running shoe at a discounted price.

Bottom Line

If you need a solid bag that has five total pockets for your gym stuff, then the Storm Undeniable II is a medium duffel bag by Under Armour that comes in a whopping 16 variations.

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#2 – adidas Team Speed Duffel Medium

Adidas Team Speed Duffel


  • 100% Polyester with Polyester Lining
  • Measurements: Height: 12 Inches, Width: 24 Inches
  • Three Exterior Pockets, One Internal Pocket
  • Climaproof Water Resistant Bottom
  • 12 Different Color Options Including Forest/Black and Light Maroon/Black

Key Factors

Adidas is known for high-quality sports apparel, and their Team Speed Medium Duffel is no exception. Available in a huge variety of colors, it should be easy to pick an Adidas bag that fits your style.

The bag is big, with a 28 inch drop when wearing the shoulder strap, and designed to hold all of your gym clothes and gear you need for a successful gym trip. One side pocket is well-ventilated, so feel free to store sweaty clothing, socks, and shoes as well.

Who Makes It?

Adidas is one of the top five fitness brands in the Western world, and aside from a popular Korn song named after the brand, the popularity of Adidas comes from their highly recognizable gym bags and clothing. While everyone knows that Adidas sells a wide variety of apparel, people may not know that the company has expanded into making fitness watches and customizable shoes, among other innovative products.

Bottom Line

Although pretty basic, the Team Speed Medium Duffel by Adidas has the size and compartments to store more than you expect, and enough variety to find the color that matches your personal style.

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#1 – Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag

Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag


  • Main Compartment, Side Pockets, and Quick Access Front Compartment
  • Ventilated Compartments for Storage
  • Measures: Length: 24.5, Width: 12, Height: 13
  • Removable Strap for Multiple Carrying Options
  • Available in Nine Different Styles Including Volt/Black, and Orange

Key Factors

A surprisingly inexpensive Nike gym bag, the Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag comes in nine colors and multiple sizes. Details like ventilated compartments add to the bag’s versatility, since it can be used daily or used to store things long term.

Otherwise, it has a main and two side compartments, and an easily accessible front pocket. The styles are pretty unique, and provide options like plain black and white for those who want to stay low key, and bright styles like orange camo and volt/black for people who want a bag that stands out.

Who Makes It?

Nike is the biggest brand in sports, and in addition to this gym bag, they sell countless other items related to sports and fitness. They sell such a vast array of items that they can put them in categories by sport, with sports ranging from golf to skateboarding.

Due to their ever-popular flagship product, the Air Jordans, and their partnerships with top athletes like Kobe Bryant and Roger Federer, Nike remains an indisputable titan in the fitness industry.

Bottom Line

While you might assume products from a top brand like Nike would be overpriced, but in this case, the bag is of excellent quality and some versions of it are highly-affordable. The vast amount of style choices ensures that they’ll have one you’ll be proud to take into your next competition.

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Beginners Guide to Men’s Gym Bags

The list of the top ten bags for men includes a lot of recognizable names. Sports companies like Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour all make high-quality bags for men, as do luxury companies like Ferrari and Claire Chase.

Whether you just need it for quick gym sessions, or multi-day outdoor adventures, there is an ideal man bag out there for you. In addition to highlights of each bag and key factors that set them apart from competitors, info is included on each brand as well, so you can easily peruse related products.

Initial Look at Men’s Gym Bags

The first criteria for a good gym bag is it has to be tough, capable of being thrown across the room and forcefully jammed into lockers. Depending on your sport, it may have to handle various equipment, and being dragged through mud, sand, or asphalt.

Not to mention, it’s got to look cool, a standard which varies for every man. More important than all of that though is functionality. A decent bag for men has to hold a lot and easy to deal with. That means strong handles that aren’t going to suddenly come undone, and compartments big enough to hold the gear that matters.

Whether your gear is a fencing uniform or a dozen racquetballs, each bag on this list is designed for the needs of men.

History of Men’s Duffel Bags

It’s widely known that cavemen used animal skins for bags thousands of years ago, but without the tanning methods needed to turn them to leather, these were not very dependable. Credit goes to 17th century sailors of Spain and Portugal for realizing that the material used to repair their sails, also makes for a reliable and waterproof bag.

The bags were named after the city they were imported into, Duffel, Belgium. Duffel bags came into real popularity after WW2 however, with some versions evolving into the sea bags used by sailors. From their nautical history to their tough, durable material, duffel bags are a quintessential product for men, but are useful for anyone and all occasions.

Type of Gym Bags

You may be expecting the top ten gym bags to be different variations of a typical sports bag, but that’s not the case. Gym bags for men can mean many things, from high-end 100% leather duffel bags, to the classic Adidas bags often seen in college gyms.

While some bags are made to be crammed into a gym locker, others are highly-versatile, and tough enough for an all-weather hiking trip. Whether you stick to the basics, or go for a bag that costs more than your annual gym membership, these are the main types of bags you’ll see available for men.

Polyester Bags

These are the staple gym bag, made of 100% polyester, and containing a large main compartment. If you’re not up to speed on polyester, it’s basically a miracle fabric that is so versatile and strong, it’s used to make everything from water bottles and carpets, to furniture and pillows. It’s no surprise that polyester makes a phenomenal material for gym bags, especially considering it also has the properties of being resistant to chemicals and able to hold its color as well.

Leather Sports Bags

The priciest bags on the list are high-end travel bags that can fulfill all of your manly bag needs. Comprised of 100% leather and sometimes including wheels, these bags are made by luxury luggage companies rather than fitness brands. Ideal for road trips, air travel, hiking, or stuffing into a gym locker, the bright side of spending a few hundred dollars on a top-quality leather bag is that you’ll probably never have to buy another one.

Outdoorsmen Bags

These are often made of twill, hemp, leather, or a combination of materials, but can usually be defined as rugged. Ultimately, these are made for more than just gym visits, and usually offer some protection against the elements. Expect a lot of Earthy colors and buckles, but also know that you’re getting a tough bag designed to survive dangerous environments.

Benefits of Sports Bags

The benefits of workout bags vary greatly depending on how you use them, if you use your bag often, it will be much more beneficial to your workout routine. The best way to get the most out of your bag is to develop a habit of keeping your most essential items for working out in it and cleaning it regularly.

How Do They Help?

Each bag has it’s pros and cons. Though the overall effect of gym bags is definitely on the positive side. The best gym bags make your life easier by keeping your workout items nicely organized and ready to go with the grab of your hand. They’re portable and weatherproof for the most part, meaning you’ll be prepared for the gym no matter the conditions. Let us explore how different materials matter below.

Polyester Sports Bags

Polyester is extremely flexible and can handle a beating, and a wide variety of options increase the likelihood that one matches your style. For example, the Storm Undeniable II by Under Armour is an affordable polyester gym bag that comes in sixteen different color combinations, including unique options like Hi-Vis Yellow and Water.

Another thing that these type of gym bags have going for them is that they are the quintessential athletic gym bag, and everyone including Nike, Adidas, and Puma all have their versions. It should also be mentioned that polyester gym bags are much more affordable than leather bags, with most of the top brands available for less than $50.

Leather Duffel Bags

Officially defined as the tanned hides of any animal, humans have been using leather since they were throwing spears to catch lunch. Many people swear that there’s no substitute for a leather jacket, couch, or duffel bag, and no material has a stronger connection to human history. The feeling and durability of leather is unparalleled, making it the choice for products ranging from biker jackets to purses.

Unlike more generic materials, there is an entire world to leather, and its value can be affected by the animal it comes from, its source of origin, and its physical condition. Ultimately, leather is a classic, natural material that has kept humanity surviving for thousands of years.

Who They’re For?

As mentioned, what may be of benefit to you may not be of the same benefit to someone else. Some people prefer the look and feel of leather, while others like the practicality of polyester, below we explore in more detail who each of these men’s gym bag types is for.

Leather Bags

Transcending type, a leather bag has a ton of uses and is a worthy part of any man’s collection. That said, it’s probably men who spend a lot of time in nature that will opt for a leather bag, like hunters and hikers. Also, soldiers and sailors may gravitate towards a solid, leather duffel bag, since it reminds them of the bags they use in the service.

The fact that leather bags are ideal for the airport as well as the gym or camping makes them appealing to men who find themselves on the move a lot. Some of the more high-end leather bags can be seen as more of an all-around investment since they’re known to have a lot of lasting power.

Polyester Bags

The standard polyester gym bag has become a staple in gyms around the world. Their affordability makes them ideal for young athletes who might have budget concerns. Aside from that, these are sports bags, so athletes who have to haul gear like footballs, sparring gear, or just a spare change of clothes are the people in mind when these gym bags are designed. These bags are ideal for coaches as well, since they’re highly flexible and can carry a lot of balls and equipment.

Should You Get One?

No matter how hardcore of an athlete you are, there are a lot of reasons why men could use a decent gym bag. The most obvious need for a gym bag is if you’re using it to haul sports gear, like to martial arts class, soccer practice, or other physical endeavors.

For those who typically go to a local gym, a good gym bag is the perfect way to stay organized, and keep your various shoes, socks, fresh clothes, and workout clothes separated. Another advantage of actually researching and choosing a gym bag that matches your needs is that it can cover those extras that make your trip easier.

For example, maybe you need a bag with a wide opening for your exceptionally large shoes or tennis rackets, or perhaps you want as many compartments as possible. Having a trusty bag that’s compatible with your style can keep you well organized, and can give you the peace of mind to enjoy a fulfilling workout.

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How to Pick a Good One

If you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a good bag for the gym or other purposes, you’ll find that there are tons of options. From different shaped compartments and varying measurements, to cool style choices and bonus features, there are a lot of subtleties that separate high-quality bags for men.  Here are a few things to consider that might help you narrow down the vast sea of options.

Storage Capacity

What are the largest items you’re planning to put into your bag? Not every bag will be large enough for things like tennis rackets, but some will, so knowing the purpose for your new bag is a good place to start. Knowing what you’re going to be storing can help find the extras that matter as well, like ventilated pockets for storing shoes, or an extra sleeve for a laptop for example.


This is going to be everything to some men, and completely unimportant to others. Whatever the case, style and brand will play into most people’s purchasing decision to some extent. If you’re somebody who follows NBA athletes, then there is a certain status that goes with having a Nike bag, but Under Armour, PUMA, and other brands have large fan bases as well.

If you’re all about high-end, luxury products, then the Ferrari Sports Gear Red might be an ideal choice. Aside from brands, you may like certain details of a bag’s style, or like a particular version that is only available from one company.

Carrying Options

Carrying options vary from short handles, long padded handles, back straps, and removable shoulder straps. If your bag is predominantly going to be used for quick trips to the gym or field, then you can probably get by with minimal carrying options. However, if there’s a good chance you’ll be lugging your bag through some huge airports, then a shoulder strap or backpack will be preferable. Versatile carrying options are not lost on these brands, as most of them offer multiple ways to take it where you need to go.

Brand Reputation

Due to the high-reputability of the brands on the list, and the quality of their bags, just about all of them come with impressive purchasing options. For example, the Team Sports Bag by ABD Athlete comes with not only a 90-day money back guarantee, but also a one year satisfaction guarantee where they will replace your bag. Obviously companies do this when they’re certain you’ll be satisfied with their product, but it always makes a purchase easier knowing there’s a guarantee involved.

Extra Features

From temperature regulating pads to waterproof compartments, bags for men come with a slew of extras aimed at earning your purchase. Some of the simpler, polyester bags differentiate by offering creative styles and color options.

Others that are designed for performance, will have cleverly placed interior pockets for specific items, in addition to compartments that will keep your goods hot or cool as needed. One example is how Under Armour employs their Heat Gear technology and Storm technology into to keep them resistant to harsh elements.

Keeping an eye out for any key extras that resonate with you can help you get a bag that is genuinely useful.

Wrapping Up

The types of men that work out are as widely varied as the numerous bags available. A young college athlete might feel that a $35 Adidas bag is the best match for their style, while an older gentleman going to swim laps at an executive gym may prefer a more sophisticated leather duffel bag.

The bag you choose will depend on whether you need a lot of space, a great look, or a tough one that will stand the test of time. Ultimately, the bag you choose is a reflection of your own personality and style, so good luck in your search for one that is worthy of carrying your most prized workout apparel.

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