The SKINS Plus Luna Women’s Racer Back Top is a lightweight and loose fitting tank that you can wear on the running track or in the weight room.

Made from moisture wicking fabric, this tank kept me feeling dry during all types of workouts including an intense CrossFit session.

The tank’s mesh panels let my skin breathe while its racer back design allowed me to move easily. Switching from burpees to deadlifting 150 pounds caused me to sweat buckets, but the SKINS Racer Back Top took the change in stride.

Features of the Plus Luna

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To keep you safe when you take to the open road, SKINS added 360-degree reflective highlights to the tank top. This feature provides low light visibility. The company also manufactures the tank from stretch jersey fabric, which is breathable and able to wick moisture from your body to keep you feeling dry.

Design elements like its athletic cut minimize drag while the racer back styling allows you to move your shoulders and arms without any restrictions.


The main body of the tank top is 77 percent polyester and 23 percent elastane. SKINS manufactures the mesh section of the tank from 100 percent polyester.

This top comes in four sizes that range from extra small to large. If your bust measures 32 ½ inches, then plan to order the extra small size. If your waist is 38 ½ inches, be sure to get the large.

Quality and Top Value

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Unlike some tank tops, the SKINS Racer Back Top does not come with a built-in bra, which increases wearer comfort. This design style meant that I was able to avoid the personal debate about whether I needed to wear a more supportive sports bra beneath the top.

When I wear tanks that include this feature, I have the added challenge of trying to slide the built-in bra over the supportive one.

Pros and Cons

A pro of this product is that SKINS makes it in cerulean blue. This hue blends well with other colors like yellow, orange and white. You can also pair it with light gray or blue leggings as well as with black or dark gray ones.

The tank top is looser fitting around the stomach area than other tops are, meaning for workouts involving yoga or Pilates, which require you to be upside down from time to time, it will take a few sessions to get used to.

Inverted positions may cause the top to slide up around your armpits. Otherwise this is a premium fitness tank top for your workout needs!

Final Verdict

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Because the SKINS Plus Luna Racer Back Top features a loose, drape-like style, it will keep you comfortable during all types of workouts.

In fact, the comfort level of this tank is such that I could wear it to the gym in the morning and “forget” to take it off for the rest of the day if it wasn’t for the workout odor.

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