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    The History of Cheerleading Apparel

    cheerleaders walking

    Last Updated:Tuesday, April 24, 2018Over the years, cheerleading has transitioned from sideline yelling to a competitive sport involving stunts and tumbles, and from an all-male activity to predominantly female-led. Cheerleading apparel has also transitioned from stuffy, bulky sweaters to stylish crop tops and cheerleading skirts for the team. Clothing associated with the sport has had […] More

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    The Importance of Organic Food in Your Diet

    importance of organic food

    The buzz about organic food has been going strong for a while and for all the good reasons. Seeing that we’re being more and more surrounded by processed foods and GMO, eating organic food has become a form of luxury, which is ludicrous, but true. More

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    Are We Headed Towards a WALL-E Reality? The Dangers of the Fat Acceptance Movement


    As the bewildered robot scoots away in hesitation not knowing what to do, the annoyed human aggressively reaches a little too far out and rocks himself out of his chair. EMERGENCY! As if an accident had just occurred, two robots immediately come in to redirect traffic out of the fallen human, who is on his back begging for help, similarly to when a turtle is turned over on its shell and rocks waving its limbs helplessly. More

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    15 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym


    Going to the gym, you should have one goal in mind, to put in the work and get the results. Oftentimes however we get sidetracked and do one or more of these fifteen gym don’ts. Here are a few helpful rules to live by to not only maximize your success in the gym, but piss off as few people as possible along the way. More

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    20 Amazing Gyms Around the World – Stay Active While Traveling


    People around the world recognize the need to exercise and have made it possible to do so almost anywhere at anytime. It can get boring doing the same gym routine. However, many gyms are designed around beautiful scenic views and offer various fitness programs that allow their members to spice up their regular routine. All gyms worldwide share the same goal and that is to keep people moving. More

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    Best Pilates Reformer – Top 10 Highly Rated Machines for Reformer Pilates


    With the best Pilates reformer come many benefits, it is perhaps quickly becoming even more popular than yoga. These exercises improve balance and flexibility, strengthen your core, help with back pain, build muscle, increase your energy, and so much more. More

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    Best Resistance Bands – Top 10 for Effective Resistance Workouts


    You may have always thought of them as being too weak, or just not a good fit for your workout routines; but the best resistance bands have come a long way in their capabilities.
    One very apparent benefit has to do with working out in a gym. A public gym may not always be applicable to you, especially if you are busy person. More

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