Commercial grade and super tough, the Vulcan Concept 2 Rower Model E is an exercise machine that will give you an intense workout without straining your joints or back.

This makes the machine perfect for the times when you want to exercise, but your back insists that it needs a break. In developing the Concept 2 E, Vulcan upgraded the machine with a few convenience features.

The company also added a tough exterior finish for protection against dings and scratches.

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Key Features of the Concept2 Model E

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Vulcan’s Concept 2 rowing machine is made from nickel-plated chain, and for extra durability, the exercise equipment manufacturer covered the exterior of the rower in a double powder coating that has a glossy finish.

The nickel-plated chain decreases maintenance since you won’t have to oil the rowing machine’s moving parts as frequently as owners of other units do.The rower’s frame measures 20 inches, which is a height increase from the last model.

This feature makes it easy to get on and off the rowing machine. If you have mobility issues or just sore knees, you’ll want a rower with a higher frame like this one has.

Details of the Concept2

Vulcan developed the Concept 2 with a one-leg design to increase the equipment item’s stability while the inclusion of a stainless steel track makes the machine more durable.

Ergonomic handles that feature a 10-degree bend combined with adjustable footrests ensure user comfort.The footrests are designed to accommodate a variety of shoe sizes.

You’ll also appreciate Vulcan’s willingness to stand behind its product since the company offers a two-year warranty on the rowing machine’s moving parts and performance monitor. The frame has a five-year warranty.

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To make it easy for you to store your workout data, Vulcan includes a USB flash drive with the rowing machine. Chain oil, a user manual and a quick start guide are also included.

For tracking and distraction purposes, a performance monitor is mounted onto the exercise machine. It features a backlight for enhanced screen visibility. The monitor is compatible with the flash drive, and it allows you to track your heart rate using wireless technology.

Four workout games are sure to make each rowing session fly by while the monitor’s competitor option gives you the opportunity to race against a pace boat or one of your previous performances to see if you can overtake your earlier awesomeness.

The large display is easy to see, and you can even move its angle for better viewing. As you begin a workout, you’ll notice that the display presents the total time that you’ve been rowing, the number of strokes you’re making per minute and your distance.

Rowing Machine Quality

To give you the feeling that you are rowing across the surface of a smooth lake, the Concept 2 E takes advantage of air resistance. It also comes with a handy release mechanism that makes the machine easy to store.

When you activate the mechanism, you’ll be able to split the machine into two separate sections without using tools to do so.This is a large piece of exercise equipment. However, it folds down, which means that you don’t need a big space to store it. Because Vulcan added a plush seat and increased the machine’s height, the Concept E is more comfortable to use than the company’s older models.

When it comes to rowing machines, athletes are often sitting uncomfortably close to the ground. This isn’t the case with the Concept E. Instead, athletes row at chair level. Vulcan made the rowing machine’s spiral damper adjustable. This feature lets you modify the airflow to the unit’s flywheel to change the feel of the machine’s stroke according to your preferences.

Ten damper settings are available. If you select settings six through 10, the machine delivers the feeling of a slow, heavy boat while settings one through five are designed to give you the impression that you’re rowing a boat that’s sleek and speedy.

The company also developed the flywheel to emit a minimal amount of noise and provide a smooth rowing action.

Pros and Cons

The Concept 2 has plenty of pros. With it, you’ll have a rowing machine that delivers an authentic rowing motion. The handle’s bend lets you row with a natural hand and arm position. It’s easy to put together, and the performance monitor offers motivation.

The machine’s shortcomings include its instructions, which are somewhat confusing, and its high price tag. However, numerous reviewers have reported that the rowing machine is well worth the cost.

Final Verdict

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While the Vulcan Concept 2 Rower Model E is on the pricey side, it comes with the professional grade quality that most athletes seek at the gym. The rowing machine is built to last, and it makes it easy and fun to get a full body workout every day.

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