So recently, we were sent a free Urikar Pro 3 massage gun to review.

To be honest, we expected yet another subpar product in an endless pool of companies battling it out for the trending and growing massage gun market.

We certainly didn't expect 45lbs of stall force and 3400 RPMs. All while not making an overly loud noise, in fact the muffled sound is much appreciated.

But, you'll find out all that and more ahead. First, let's talk a little about the company behind the product and the genesis of this massage gun.

What is Urikar?

Founded in 2015 by Bob Xiong, Urikar continues to have one goal in mind: help people recover in a simpler and smarter way. By offering more effective therapies for musle pains, in the form of percussion massagers.

In 2019 the company made a milestone by launching the word's first AI powered smart massage gun, the AT1. A product that went on to become widley popular.

The product we will be reviewing today is the Urikar Pro 3 massage gun. Now, the company has 2 more models under this umbrella, the Urikar Pro 2 and the Urikar Pro 1, and the higher end AI powered Urikar ATI.

At just under $140, the Pro 3 is the most affordable of the 4 massage guns they offer. But the gun performs as well as any high-end model out there. Let's dive in.


The Urikar Pro 3 comes in one color, black. It has a long and thick handle that roates 180 degrees for self targeting the back area. On the bottom of the handle is the power on/off switch, once you turn it on a blue halo appears.

Out of the box the massage gun comes with 6 massage heads, a charger, a 3 year warranty, and a user manual pamphlet neatly folded into an envolope package.

Perhaps one of the coolest features is the carrying box itself. Done with your massage and don't want massage heads and the gun getting lost throughout the house? No problem, neatly and quickly snap them into the foam insulated carrier along with the massage gun and tuck away the whole package 'till next use.

On the back of the massage gun is a square HD touch display control board to manuever the speed and different setting. Some of the touch controls available include:

  • A row of up/down arrows to adjust the time, for precise massages
  • A row of up/down arrows to choose from 30 different spees
  • A circular start/stop button
  • While not a touch control, the battery level is displayed on this screen



  • Weight: the massage gun itself weights about 3lbs
  • Battery Capacity: 2600mAh. Up to 10-hours of battery life.
  • Charger: Input 100-240V, Output 16.8V
  • Charging: Plug-in
  • Sound Level: 42dB (low noise)


  • Up to 3400 RPM
  • 45W peak power dual bearing brushless motor
  • 14mm into muscle tissue
  • 30 gears/speed levels
  • Standard ball head for large muscle groups
  • Air plug head for sensitive areas
  • U-shaped head for shoulder, neck, spine, and calves
  • D-shaped head for abs
  • Coin head for pinpoint muscle treatment
  • Flat head for abs, chest, and legs
  • 180 degree rotating arm
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • 45lbs of stall force
  • Portable with a handy and organized carrying case

Package Content

  • 1x Urikar Massage Gun Pro 3
  • 6 Different Massage Heads
  • 1x Power charger
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Urikar warranty (limited to customers who bought it on Amazon)
  • 1x Carrying case

What We Liked

Multitude of massage options

The massage gun comes with 6 different massage heads and 30 different gears. Truly offering the possibility of a full body massage. Whether you need to target your large muscle groups, loosen up your traps, or pinpoint an area, they've included the head for it. If you're looking to overcome muscle soreness, relieve muscle tension, and accelerate muscle recovery, this is a great option.

Noise level

The last thing anyoone wants to do after a tough workout is put on their favorite Netflix show and fire up their massage gun, only for the gun to sound louder than the show. The Urikar Pro 3 is a low noise massage gun at less than 42dB.

Battery Life

Another annoyance triggered by some cheaper gund is the battery life. If you don't remember to charge it, chances are you'll be in dire need of a massage and won't have a charged tool for it. So you'll have to wait, and wait, and wait. The 10 hour battery life from this massage gun pushes that waiting period much further out and decreases the amount of times you'll reach for it only for it to be on empty.


Now $140 is by no means affordable to most people. But consider the fact that you're investing in your health, and that quality massage gund typically go for hundreds of dollars. This makes the Urikar Pro 3 a great option for those who can't or won't spend the hundreds, but still want the quality.


The carrying case is great for those on the go, or for those like myself who like to keep a tidy home. Once finished using it, simply drop the massage gun and the heads back into the sleek looking black foam case until next time. Or take it with you on the road, wherever it may take you.


This product is really simple to learn. It wasn't hard at all to learn the ropes once out of the box. In fact, it's almost too easy to learn to use that you may find yourself wondering if you're doing it right.


Delivering up to 45lbs of stall force to deliver 14mm of depth of stimulation to muscle groups. It certainly feels powerful when you're holding it in your hand.

What Could Be Better

Nothing comes to mind, as the product really does well what it's marketed to do. The only potential thing to nitpick would be the power on/off button being at the bottom of the handle, and sometimes I forgot to turn it off after finishing my massage. But that is truly nitpicking, overall this massage gun gets the job done and more. I've certainly untied some knots in my legs since I've started using it.

Final Verdict

When Urikar said they were going to send us a free massage gun to test and review, I couldn't help but think it was going to be just another cheaply made massage gun. But I was pleasently surprised! First by it's aesthetic look and organized packaging, and second by it's performance output.

Overall, a solid product from Urikar, and if this is their base tier version, I can only imagine what the other three models are like, especially their smart AI powered gun. Maybe one day I'll upgrade and find out.

To get more info or buy a pair, check out their Amazon page.