Mornings can be hard to power through.

It is harder than ever for people around the globe to get an honest good night’s sleep. We are surrounded by the constant influx of stimulation in the form of blue-light moving images and incessantly bright neon-glazed streets that seem to become brighter by day then they are by night.

A constant barrage of work-related obligations puts us on the edge and chronic anxiety seems to have become the norm. This goes without even mentioning a whole battery of sleep disorders. In other words, mornings are getting only rougher and morning fatigue is one of the hardest dragons to slay.

However, there are certain health and wellness tips and tricks you can adopt this summer in order to totally transform your morning routine.

1. Drink a glass of lemon water

We all know at least one of those lifestyle enthusiasts that are pretty adamant about their health-life outlooks. One of the platitudes you’ll often hear is that a glass of lemon water in the morning is just as effective as coffee, if not more impactful, and its health benefits are undeniable to boot.

While you shouldn’t ditch your beloved caffeinated drink (as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t if it works its magic in the morning), there is a kernel of truth in this statement.

Lemon water before a healthy breakfast is a potent, alkalizing elixir that is just as energizing as it is refreshing. It is rich in vitamin C, potassium and splendid antioxidants. It regulates your blood pressure, so it is bound to improve any morning routine!

You’ll replenish your morning dose of electrolytes and increase your alertness almost immediately after you drink the glass. However, take note – you should never ingest it if it’s as cold as ice. In general, cold drinks will cost you a lot of energy because your body has to put in the effort to warm up the ingested fluid.

Lemon water will also ‘prepare the terrain’ in your stomach for effective nutrient absorption, which extends to a lasting effect of improved energy throughout the day; all of that from a singular, lukewarm glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice and water. The only thing you should adhere to is the thirty-minute pause between the drinking and the first meal.

2. Commence your day with an exercise

If you are suffering from extended morning fatigue due to sleep apnea or other disorders, you may want to ‘cut through the fog’ by partaking in the immediate morning workout.

Forcing yourself out of drowsiness by making your blood pump fast and hard is one of the oldest tried-and-true ways to battle morning fatigue and improve your AM performance.

In addition, physical exertion in the morning, before the first bite, prepares your muscles for the intake of nutrients, so nothing you eat after the exercise will go to fat. A morning workout will also promote the secretion of happiness hormones and transform your mind into an eager, sharp machine ready for problem-solving.

Only 10 minutes of push-ups and sit-ups coupled with several series of glute exercises will make a world of difference, but there are numerous other workout habits that can totally transform your morning routine.

3. Get out of the house immediately

As a matter of fact, one of the most uplifting ways to turn your mornings into joyous energy-boosters is to get out of the house as soon as you wake up.

Take a fast walk to the local park or the closest arresting landmark and, in the words of Petula Clark, ‘just listen to the music of the traffic in the city’. Relish in the local socio-urban dynamics and try to savor the best your town has to offer while you fight through the morning mist.

If you can, go out on a jog before breakfast, but avoid going down the same routes. Surprise yourself with unexpected turns and new sidewalks and increase your morning workout comfort by investing in the comfiest athletic equipment.

Since you have the power of the internet search at your disposal, you should keep an eye out for small perks. For example, opportune discounts are amazing but the possibilities don’t end there. Durable Rockay socks are a good investment because, in addition to the resilient material that will last you for years, they come with a lifetime guarantee. That is as good of an investment as they come.

4. Introduce magnesium to your diet

While it would be amazing if you could maintain the rhythm of morning exercises, you may also opt to introduce some dietary supplementation to your meals in order to maintain the necessary levels of energy and will on the road to your goals.

There is only so much the Rockay running socks or cushiony Nikes can do to ease your rocky road. While lemon water is a good place to start, you should also introduce another ‘elemental’ cornerstone of lifelong energy – magnesium

Magnesium might just be the ultimate mineral that answers everything. It is the building block of your immunity and the most basic constituent of ‘nutrient fuel’ that keeps your body going even when it is strained beyond belief.

This is why you should start drinking magnesium-rich mineral water and increase the intake of magnesium-rich foods, but there is one detail you should know beforehand: it will take several months of consistent intake before you feel any profound effects.

However, if you remember to ingest enough magnesium every day, your mornings will slowly become much crisper and your morning routines will improve dramatically.

5. Allow yourself to turn-on the screens only fifteen minutes after breakfast

As has been implied in the introduction to this article, the vibrant glare of the screens has become a latent bane of our collective existence.

The blue-light that incessantly emanates from computer screens, tablets and televisions keep us agitated and alert, as if we are staring down the grass field under the sun. It delays the production of melatonin in the evening and puts us into tiring anxiety in the morning.

This is why you should put two specific limitations into practice.

One, you should turn off all the screens at least two hours before bedtime in order to correct your circadian rhythm and reduce the chance of morning fatigue.

Two, you should impose a strict no-screen policy until the breakfast is well on its way into your belly.

Mesmeric plunge into emails, Facebook posts and attention-grabbing articles will push your natural biological responses for morning hours into the background and mess-up your habits. Instead, keep calm and turn-off until you have properly eaten and done some morning workout.


woman working out in the bed fearly in the morning

Should you decide to embrace at least one of the tips mentioned above, there is a chance to improve the quality of your mornings. If you decide to adopt at least half or all of these habits, the chance for a higher quality of life increases exponentially.

However, you should arm yourself with a steel resolve if you plan to make a truly impactful change. In order to turn something into a habit, you have to repeat the action every morning with absolute resolve.

At the end of the day, no matter how many tips and tricks you embrace, a determination is the cornerstone of a true change.

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