The Jaybird X2 Sport wireless headphones are high-quality, Bluetooth-enabled, in-ear headphones that deliver premium audio for music and voice calls.

They are capable of delivering eight hours of skip-free music as well as receiving phone calls using the remote controls that are built into the earpiece.

The lithium ion battery will hold a working charge of eight hours and a standby charge of 250 hours, which is just over 10 days. That means you can pick them up and go out the door without worrying about whether or not they are charged.

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What’s Inside the Packaging

JAYBIRD X2 Headphones Package Best Workout Headphones - What Comes With

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Every set of Jaybird X2 Sport headphones comes with a set of Comply sport-fit memory foam ear buds, patented ear fins for secure wear, a friction-fit silicone carrying case, a second set of silicone ear tips, a USB charging cable and cord management clips. They also have a standard, “sweat-proof” warranty that lasts for the lifetime of your headphones.


  • Superb in-ear fit
  • Passive noise cancellation for safe workouts
  • Versatile over/under ear fit
  • Skip-free audio
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Up to 250 hours standby battery life
  • Lifetime warranty against sweat damage
  • Connects to most Bluetooth devices, including Apple, Android, Microsoft, TomTom and more


  • Silicone case can be difficult to open and close
  • Some users report connection issues with older Bluetooth devices
  • Customer service does not respond promptly

Sound Quality

With any headphone purchase, the quality of the sound is one of the most important considerations. The Jaybird X2 headphones come with two separate sets of ear tips that allow the user to customize their sound experience.

The first set is the premium, Comply memory foam ear tips. These special memory foam ear tips were designed exclusively for the Jaybird X2 headphones, so they deliver the ultimate sound experience.

They come in three sizes to ensure users get the best fit possible, and then they mold themselves to the unique shape of your ear. This helps to maximize comfort while also isolating outside noise. The noise cancellation is passive, which means you can perform outdoor activities safely while still enjoying quality sound.

The second set is a more traditional silicone ear tip that users will be familiar with. These tips come in three sizes as well and are very easy to clean. They are designed to stay securely in the ear, even when sweating.

For additional security and better in-ear sound, the headphones also have patented, adjustable ear fins that allow users to hook the earphones over or under their ears.

Overall Quality

Overall, the Jaybird X2 sport headphones deliver superior sound and a simple, customizable listening experience. The sound is crisp, clear, and skip-free, even in the midst of a workout.

The headphones also feature Shift premium Bluetooth audio, superior connectivity, a comfortable fit and voice prompts that are easy to understand.

Value – Is It Worth the Price Tag?

JAYBIRD X2 Headphones Package Best Workout Headphones

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Value is subjective, of course, but it depends on what you are looking for in a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

For the price point, the Jaybird X2 sport wireless headphones perform quite well. With a proper fit, the sound is more than good enough for the average listener.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts should have little to no trouble finding a fit that suits their particular workout style, and the headphones are supposed to be compatible with other health and fitness applications as well.

That being said, the price tag is a bit steep for a casual gym goer or for someone who is mainly looking for a versatile set of in-ear, Bluetooth headphones. There are other, less expensive models that would suit casual listeners just as well.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Jaybird X2 in-ear headphones are impressive and perform very well. There are very few reports of malfunctioning, even after months of regular use. The lithium ion battery holds a reliable charge and delivers a full eight hours of music and telephone calls.

One of the biggest selling points of these headphones is the double set of ear tips that come standard with every set of headphones.

The Comply memory foam tips allow for safe, effective noise cancellation while molding to your inner ear, and the standard silicone tips are soft and easy to clean. Add this to Jaybird’s lifetime warranty against sweat-related damage, and you have a great set of in-ear, Bluetooth headphones.

The price point is certainly more than other brands that you can find at big box stores, but it is far less than other brands of comparable quality. While the price tag may not appeal to everybody, for serious athletes and fitness junkies, this will definitely be money well spent.

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