So, percussion massagers — fad or fantastic? Well, the science is out, and massage guns officially get every gold star in the sticker book. These handy little devices are essentially a professional massage in a pint-sized machine, and they do all sorts of great things like improve muscle recovery times, increase circulation, prevent injuries, and so much more.

While there is zero debate about the benefits of percussion massagers, not all massagers are created equal. But recently, we came upon a new and hot massage gun to hit the market, and we decided to put it through the ringer with a fine-toothed comb. With that, let’s dive into the specs of the Ekrin B37 massage gun.

What’s in the Box?

Before we explore the massager’s mechanics and other fun stuff, let’s catalog exactly what you get when you purchase the Ekrin massage gun. After excitedly unboxing, you’ll find:

  • Sturdy travel case
  • Cordless B37 massager
  • Charger
  • 4 attachments
  • Soft round ball
  • Fork attachment for neck and spine
  • Flat massage head
  • Bullet (for pesky knots and trigger points)

Who is Ekrin Athletics?

We like to be thorough, so we peeked behind the curtain to check out the company and founders. Ekrin Athletics was started by a couple of awesome sports junkies, Dan Kozak and Elise Williams. The duo put their heads together to develop a product to improve muscle functioning and recovery as well as prevent athletic injuries. But their aim wasn’t all about the athletes — they created this to help out all bodies, whether you’re a marathoner or jog once a week. Pretty cool if you ask us.

Performance Review

Design & Ergonomics

First off, it’s downright gorgeous, and both looks and feels expensive. The B37’s sleek design and spot-on sea green color make for a pretty sight (a huge step up from boring black massage guns flooding the market). But then, you pick it up and it just gets better. It’s heavy enough so you know it’s not a toy but light enough so that you can use it to your heart’s (and body’s) content without your arms giving out. The 15-degree angled handle is ergonomically-minded and lets you comfortably reach sore hotspots — much better than straight handles to which many other companies are diverting.

Power and Motor

This compact massager must have eaten some spinach, cause it packs a serious punch (in a good way). It delivers 56 lbs of stall force at its top speed, which is almost as much as the Theragun — and it’s worth mentioning that the theragun is more than twice the price of the B37.

The B37 also runs on a brushless motor, which is some nifty technology that helps the device last much longer and not overheat. Substandard massage guns used brushed motors and have a big problem with overheating, but after much testing, the B37 runs nice and cool for long periods.


The best thing about becoming your own massage therapist — besides saving a ton of money — is that you’re in control of the speed and intensity. The lower speeds are intense enough to freshen up and reinvigorate achy muscles while cranking up the speed really drives max healing and circulation deep into overworked tissues. There are 5-speed settings, all ranging from 1400 RPM to 3200 RPM.


The Ekrin B37 comes with four attachments designed to target muscles with a different approach. The number of attachments is pretty average in the massage gun world — but honestly, some of the companies offering more attachments are essentially creating different versions of the same attachment. Any more than 4 or 5 is a bit of overkill, and you might find that you only need one or two.

Battery Life

A lot of other percussion massagers — and even more expensive ones, like the Hypervolt — only give up to a few hours of battery life. But Ekrin’s B37 is long-lasting, offering over five hours of massage time. This is a super convenient factor as you won’t have to worry about constantly having to charge, and in most cases — even with regular use — you’ll only have to charge up once a month!


A lot of percussive massagers sound like a jackhammer trying to break open cement. You can’t even hear yourself think. But thank the heavens that the B37 is as quiet as a whisper. We were honestly stunned as to the absence of noise from such a powerful little machine — hats off to Ekrin for their use of Quiet Glide noise reduction technology.


Warranty is an important thing to talk about because it’s one of the things that let us know that a company believes — or doesn’t believe — in the quality of their product. We were impressed to find out that Ekrin’s B37 comes equipped with a lifetime warranty — a superior warranty compared to the 1 or 2 years offered by competitors. Plus, you get a full 30 days to decide if you like it or not. If you feel like it’s not for you, the company promises no-questions-asked returns.

Customer Service

Nowadays, getting through to someone at the other end of a phone or screen is tough. Some companies are way lacking in customer relations, but we were pleasantly surprised by Ekrin’s generously fast response times. Plus, their customer service team is reliable and down to earth, which is as rare as finding a parking spot in downtown LA. Double points, here.

So, What’s Not to Like?

We’ve certainly whizzed through a mountain of pros, so — are there any cons?

Honestly, not many that we can find. If a charging port was included rather than a charging adaptor, that would have been a pretty sweet upgrade, but we’re really nitpicking here.  When rifling through the competition, what the Ekrin B37 offers in the way of amenities is as good as it gets, especially for the price. Do your muscles a favor and see for yourself!