I was sent a free sample of a pair of wireless earbuds for my honest review.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and here’s what I know now.

Who makes the product?

EarFun is a young company established in 2018 and driven by the passion of music.

Founded by an experienced group of industrial engineers acoustic engineers, and music enthusiasts who shared the goal of creating next-generation wireless audio devices.

So, let’s see just what they made.

What’s inside the box?

whats inside the earfun free earbuds box
  1. EarFun Free Earbuds
  2. Charging Case
  3. Additional Ear Tips (small, large)
  4. USB-C Charging Cable
  5. User Manual
  6. Charity Card ($1 from every purchase goes to charity!)
  7. EarFun Pamphlet

Technical Specs FAQ

earfun free earbuds features

What bluetooth version are they? V5.0.

What’s their bluetooth profile? A2DP , AVRCP , HFP , HSP.

What is the listening distance for them? About 15 meters or 50 feet.

What type of battery do these earbuds have? 2*50mAh

How long does a charged battery last? Up to 6 hours(varies by volume level and audio content).

How long do the earbuds take to charge? About an hour and a half.

What type of battery does the charging case have? 500mAh

How long does the charging case take to charge? About 2 hours with the USB-C and about 2.5 hours through wireless charging.

How heavy are the earbuds in total? 60g / 2.08oz(which includes the charging case)

How heavy is just one earbud? 5.5 grams or  0.19 ounces.

Now, are the earbuds any good?

I’ve been using the brand-new earbuds by EarFun for a few weeks, and it’s high time for a review!

Let’s start with the obvious fact, these weren’t my first pair of wireless earbuds, and after using my Samsung Galaxy Earbuds,

. . . I was quite skeptical about other alternatives, and I didn’t have high expectations.

However, after two weeks of using EarFun Free earbuds, I was more than satisfied.

This product is definitely a good value for the price.

Now let’s have a closer look at the pros and cons I found worth sharing.

Pros of EarFun Free Wireless Earbuds

Good Price: Though I recieved mine for free in exchange for an honest review, the EarFun Free wireless earbuds are relatively inexpensive for a number of benefits it offers. Similar earbuds on the market can cost you twice as much! If you don’t want to compromise quality and don’t want to break the bank, these might be the ones for you.

Quality Sound: They really do provide superior sound quality. Much better and louder than I expected. I haven’t noticed any distortion of the sound. Expect to enjoy a crystal-clear sound and deep bass whilst listening to your favorite songs with these.

Ergonomic Design: I really do love the design of this product! They look bulky at first, but appearances are deceiving in this case, these earbuds are light and comfortable, with time they simply become a part of your body. I haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort, wearing them almost all day. They stay quite firm and securely in the ear, and do not fall out very easily. I have tested it personally several times during my gym sessions. Also, as most of the brands, EarFun provides 3 sizes of ear tips, so you can choose those that fit in your ears better.

Waterproof Technology: I found their claims about being durable and waterproof to be valid. You can sweat excessively during tough workouts and run with them under the rain. I tested them out a few times in the rain without any problems. Thus, these earbuds have great water-resistant capabilities you can rely on.

Bluetooth connection: The connection is great and pairs SUPER easily. You don’t have to keep the phone in the pocket. I’ve performed my test with several media types and at different distances from the source. They work just fine within 45-50 feet away from the source (in this case my phone). I’d leave my phone in the leaving room while cooking in the kitchen and listening to music while testing without any issues; I’ve even tried leaving it in on the house deck while working in the garden outside. Worked for me!

Hands-Free Calls: Receiving calls with EarFun is quite convenient. The built-in microphone with noise cancellation assures a clear sound in noisy environments. The on-device control button is easy and comfortable to press.

Separation of the Controls: EarFun Free earbuds operate differently. For instance, you use the left earbud button to change the tracks, and with the help of the right earbud button, you can activate voice assistant. This helps avoid mistakes and easily control your device.

Quick AI Assistant Access: If you want to use a voice assistant, just double press the right earbud. As soon as you hear a tone, which means that Siri or Google Assistant is activated, just say your command. This feature helps greatly in fixing some problems on the go, without getting the phone out of your pocket and causing distractions.

Decent Battery Life: After a full charge, you can listen to your audio files for around 6 hours. However, the charging case provides four charges, so you can enjoy 30 hours of uninterrupted listening on the go without a charging source. I usually used these earbuds the whole day whilst working from home, and cannot complain about their battery life much.

Two Ways Charging: The charging case can be charged via USB-C or a Qi wireless charger. The second method is much more convenient. You just place it on the wireless charging pad, and that’s all. Charging up the earbuds takes around an hour-and-a-half.

Things That Could Be Better

Not for Small Ears: If you have really small ears, these earbuds might not suit you well. EarFun Free earbuds are larger than other options on the market.

No “Battery Low” Sound: For some people, it is quite annoying when the media gets paused because of the “beep beep” sound, indicating the remaining 15 percent of battery. Personally, I prefer to have a warning sound to know when I need to charge my earbuds and prevent inconveniences.

Not a Perfect Charging Case: Though I must say I love the design of the case, the charging case is a bit larger than the cases of competitors, and can be a bit uncomfortable to carry in a small pocket. Also, unlike the earbuds, the case is not protected against incursion by water.

What is the #EarFunCEO program all about?

Basically you become what they call an “EarFun Chief Experience Officer” and let the company know what you think about their products. I guess technically I could be considered an EarFun CEO, though the program was launched after I received mine. :/

It’s a pretty cool endeavor and any company that put the power into the hands of their consumers is bound to get some extremely valuable feedback that will hopefully lead to even more improved versions of the product as well as further innovations.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can find more info here: EarFun C.E.O Recruitment

Final Say

earfun free earbuds charging wirelessly

I had no idea you could get modern earbuds with well-balanced sound and long battery life at a price lower than $100. At the end of the day, EarFun Free Truly Wireless Earbuds are a real gem.

If you’re looking for the perfect fitness gift for him or for her, these are a super cool option!

Or, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution with quality sound for yourself, and comfortable to use during a workout, a morning jog, or while driving, EarFun Free Truly Wireless earbuds will certainly come in handy.

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