The Brooks Women’s Ravenna 7 Running Sneakers are born to run.

At least, they’ll inspire you to do so.

The Ravenna line is one of the company’s flagships, and Brooks designed the line for the high-mileage folks who prefer minimal support.

With design features that include a fast-rolling toe curve and a bouncy forefoot combined with a high-level of cushioning and stability, you’ll be breaking your own mileage records.

Not only will you have the gear to break records, but your feet will also feel good while doing it.

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Ravenna 7 Features

Brooks Women’s Ravenna 7 Best Running Shoes
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Brooks considers the opinions of its runners when it makes updates to its shoe lines. For the Women’s Ravenna 7’s, this resulted in the company making changes to the upper section of the shoe model as well as to the foam configuration.

In designing the modifications, Brooks used lab tests and feedback from its Ravenna 6 customers.

The shoe’s upper section is made from mesh. This material protects your foot while maintaining a breathable environment. Laces let you tighten the shoe based on your comfort and support needs.In addition, you can remove the shoe’s molded foam insole.

If you decide to replace the insole, select one that offers added support or cushioning. To enhance the fit and general function of the shoe, Brooks used a universal platform.

Ravenna 7 Details

The sole section of the Ravenna 7s include the company’s signature BioMoGo DNA foam. To increase the speed of the heel-to-toe transition, Brooks developed the Midfoot Transition Zone. The company has also restructured its Forefoot Energy Zone technology to improve the responsiveness of the shoe and decrease foot fatigue.

Changes include modifying the undercarriage chassis to make the medial post less rigid. This change gives you more support without being too aggressive about it. The shoe model’s sole delivers a quick ride with firmness in the forefoot area and comfortable cushioning on the heel.

The shoe company also focused its design efforts on ways to give you greater energy returns. Brooks decided that 10 mm forefoot pods would do the trick. The company developed the forefoot from soft blown rubber to lighten the weight of the shoes and increase their durability.

Advanced technology in the form of the company’s HPR Plus boosts the shoe model’s longevity. The company added this feature to the high-wear sections of the footwear’s outsole.

Brooks makes the Ravenna 7s in bright color combinations. Options include brilliant purple and turquoise, salmon, grey and blue and lime green and brilliant blue. The company makes this shoe model in its normal width.

Value and Shoe Quality

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Brooks developed the model for the runners of half-marathons and marathons, but if you want a good solid shoe with plenty of cushioning, then the Ravenna delivers. The shoes are responsive, and they’ll give you a quick feel even when you’re going for distance. Brooks included a rubber outsole piece made from its Flextra material for enhanced flexibility.

The Brooks Ravenna 7s are comfortable right out of the gate. As you stand in them for the first time, your feet will experience an advanced level of cushioning. This cushioning will support your feet during those long runs. In addition, the company used DRB Accel.

This shank-like piece adds rigidity in the shoe’s midfoot area. It also lets your forefoot and heel operate independently while the full-length Brooks DNA provides a customized running experience based on foot shape, speed level and overall size.

Pros and Cons

The pros of the Brooks Ravenna 7 shoes are their lightweight and perfectly balanced support. Brooks also priced the running shoes competitively, so when it comes to cost, they’re definitely a model to consider.

Because the shoe model comes with a shank, the arch won’t collapse over time. This support has also been known to decrease knee and ankle pain. Those who spend hours on their feet for either work or pleasure prefer wearing Ravenna shoes.

While the shoes are comfortable to wear, one of their cons is that it may take you a while to break them in for runs. Also, some athletes report that the upper portion of the shoes causes too much pressure against their midfoot. As with a number of shoes made by other manufacturers, some people report that the shoes run small.

A few runners noted that the shoes are stiff while others recommend wearing different shoes for runs in wet conditions as the model is slippery.

Final Verdict on Ravenna 7

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Due to the company’s commitment to making sure that runners have the best experiences while wearing its shoes, the Ravenna 7s check all the boxes.

From updates involving the foam structure to ones that focus on providing a perfect level of support, the Ravenna 7s are sure to become your go-to shoe.

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