If you’re on the hunt for the best weight sets to choose from, you’re at the right place. Tired of scouring the net for bumper plate reviews, deals and discounts on the best weight sets? The search ends here. All of the leg work has been done.

In this article, the pricing for standard black bumpers, training and competitive bumpers from honest vendors will be thoroughly explained.

This article was created specifically for people looking to either purchase new bumper plates, upgrade or increase their own collection of weight sets.

What to Look for in a Quality Set of Bumper Plates

When it comes to black bumper plates, the following brands are all very much alike. Some of the sets are even manufactured from the same factory. Most of the brands listed in this article produce plates that meet the IWF standard 450 mm diameter plates and are combined with 50 mm steel inserts.

Top Bumper Plate Set Options

According to most bumper plate reviews, it is important to steer clear from plates containing brass or bronze pull-outs when shopping.

A rule of thumb: The best bumper plates will solely have steel or stainless steel inserts.

Of all of the brands, Rogue and Vulcan will have the best bumper plates pricing in their training category.

Rogue Fitness Bumper Plate Sets

Rogue Fitness Bumper Plate Sets

The Rogue HG 2.0 is the standard version for the black bumper models. This is the plate design the majority of buyers are familiar with. These plates are commonly found in Cross Fit boxes.

They are best for lifters who prefer to add bigger plates to an existing collection, however, it is important to note that these plates are not the most durable. This particular set does not come with an anchored insert.

HI-Temp Bumper Plate Sets

HI-Temp bumper plate sets are expressively much denser, bouncier and more robust in comparison to the virgin rubber brands. These plates are unique in that they are one of the few bumper plates that can be used outdoors. They are also one of the few sets of black bumper plates made in the United States.

The negatives of these plates include higher cost and a smaller diameter than the other plates on the market.

Rogue Echos are hardly ever in stock. This particular brand of bumper plates frequently has an assembly of basic, training, and competition bumper plates in the closeouts section of their website.

Check Prices for Rogue Bumper Plates at Rogue.com:

Rogue All-Black Training Bumper Plates
Rogue Training Bumper Plates
Rogue Urethane Bumper Plates
Rogue HG 2.0 350 lb Plates
Rogue Echo Colored 260 lb Plates

The new Rogue Urethane Bumpers feature a shrill looking compacted hub similar to Eleiko Sports. Urethane plates entail a high Shore Durometer rating which translates to a dead blow when.

American Barbell Weight Sets

American Barbell Best Bumper Plates Set

The American Barbell Sport Bumpers are the company’s version of the standard black bumper plate pair. Apart from the fact that they are listed at the lowest starting price, the sport bumpers are no different from the other basic brands.

While these particular plates are a solid deal, it is important to note that like their other counter parts, the lighter plates are not always comprised with the same durability levels as the other competitors in their class.

Check Prices at American Barbell.com:

American Barbell Sport Bumpers
AB Colored 260 lb Plates
American Barbell Shield Plates 300 lb
American Barbell Sport Plates
American Barbell Training Bumper Plates

Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates

Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates

The Vulcan Alpha Bumper is different from other plate sets (particularly the traditional color bumper plate sets) in the sense that it is quiet and more multipurpose. For example, Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates are suitable for utilization both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, these type of plates have a plethora of design interventions that only advance the plate’s levels of durability. In laymen’s terms, they never have to be replaced.

Competitively Priced Weight Sets

Vulcan plates are also competitively priced in comparison to their counterparts. The combination of resilience, viable pricing, extensive warranty, and low bounce make the Vulcan plates the number one choice for buyers who are involved in Cross Fit and Olympic Weight Lift training.

Furthermore, the design of Vulcan plates mirrors that of the newly designed Rogue. One of many advantages is that the Vulcan plates are built with an anchored insert. Another advantage is that Vulcan offers their solid colored plates in bulk, an option that is more of a bargain for buyers who prefer color for a box or a gym.

All in all, Vulcan Alphas are less expensive than other bumper plates, solvent, and comprised with inserts that have a no damaging stratum.

Check Prices at VulcanStrength.com:

Vulcan Premium Olympic WL Training Discs
Vulcan Plates 340 lb
Vulcan Plates 370 lb
Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates 250 lb
Vulcan Colored Basic Bumper Plates 260 lb

Check out our full review of Vulcan Strength’s bumper plate sets.

Eleiko XF Bumper Plates (sold in pairs)

Eleiko XF Bumper Plates

The Eleiko XF is Eleiko’s notion of producing low-cost basic bumpers. This set of basic bumpers are the thickest, and quietest in their class. They are also the most expensive. Set variety is not offered with this brand (XF plates are solely accessible in a 370 lb or 100 kilogram set.

The only way to have less weight with this type of set is to purchase them in pairs. Other disadvantages of this set include the price and lack of seamless steel inserts.

Eleiko Weight Sets Collection:

Eleiko XF Bumper Plates
Eleiko Sport Training Olympic WL Discs
Eleiko Olympic WL Training Discs
Eleiko XF 370 lb Plates

Follow this link to see Eleiko’s entire bumper plates collection.

The Takeaway

There are a multitude of other sets varying in weight size available to buyers. The selection is not limited to these brands however these brands produce resilient bumper plates. The brands listed above are the most popular in the market and have the most positive bumper plate reviews.

Out of all the bumper plates produced by reputable manufacturers, the best priced plates tend to be the most durable in the market.