This is one of our favorite fitness equipment in existence. Such a powerful tool for chiseling your body, with countless exercises you can do on them.

Finding and investing in the best power tower is often underappreciated because most people are not aware of the number of exercise options it offers.

It is ideal for working out the:

  • upper body
  • arms
  • abs
  • among other body parts.

A good power tower machine allows trainers to use their body weight to perform a wide variety of workout routines.

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10 Highest Rated Power Towers in Review

There are many power tower options on the market, but only a few provide the durability, versatility, and value that they promise.

This review goes beyond flashy advertisements and misleading biased analyses to identify the ten most efficient power tower equipment.

Take a look at the highest rated ones we’ve across over the years. Once you’re ready, get excited by viewing the video at the end of the post for some exercises to try out.

#10 – Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower

Docheer Adjustable Height Power Tower


  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable height
  • 550-pound weight capacity
  • Sturdy base


  • Wobbly in extreme workouts

This power tower from Docheer lets the user adjust the dip station from 1640 mm to 2150 mm.

Its frame is built with oblate reinforced steel to support a max load of about 550 lbs. The bottom bar is 4 mm thick for stability, and the handles are fitted with non-slip grips.

It also comes with padded arm and back cushions to prevent injury.

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#9 – Body Power Multi-Functional Power Tower

Body Power Multi Functional Power Tower


  • Robust and sturdy
  • Total body workout
  • Versatile
  • Sling straps


  • Average weight capacity

The Body Power Multi-Functional Power Tower provides at least twelve main muscle group exercise routines. It is made of construction-grade steel for durability and strength.

It is padded using a back foam roller to prevent injury and enhance comfort. It weighs about 85.8 pounds and holds 300 lbs.

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#8 – Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Vision Pt600 Power Tower


  • Slip-resistant foot grips
  • Adjustable push-up bars
  • Padded arm and back cushions
  • Easy assembly


  • Dip bars a tad too wide

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower features a Chin up/Pull up station, a VKR station, and a Dip station to allow the user to perform a wide range of upper body strengthening workouts and abdominal exercises.

Its non-slip foot grip doubles as traction-ready grips and a push-up bar. It features a heavy duty steel frame and padded arm cushions. It is height-adjustable and provides excellent support and stability.

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#7 – Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

Gold’s Gym Xr 10.9


  • Excellent dip station
  • 2.5 inch cushioning
  • Thick tubular steel construction
  • A manufacturer’s warranty


  • Armrests wide apart

An excellent addition to any home gym, the Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower provides a multi-grip pull-up station, a push-up station, and a dip station.

It is made of solid steel and sold with a manufacturer’s warranty. It also includes well-padded hand grips to facilitate ease of use. This power tower also has a weight capacity of 300lbs.

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#6 – XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull Up Bar

Xmark Power Tower With Dip Station And Pull Up Bar


  • Skid-resistant rubber base
  • High-grade square tubing construction
  • Extra thick cushioning
  • Wide grip pull-up bar


  • Quite costly

This superb power tower from XMark comprises an ergonomic dip station, a pull-up/chin-up bar, raised push-up handles, and covered grip posts to facilitate vertical knee raises.

It offers 2-inch thick high-density Duraguard Vinyl cushions and rubber-coated handles. Its frame is constructed using 14 gauge steel and powder-coated for ruggedness.

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#5 – Bowflex BodyTower

Bowflex Bodytower


  • Very versatile
  • Limited footprint
  • Fully adjustable handles
  • Sling straps


  • Bulky at about 120 pounds

This power tower from Bowflex is a multi-station equipment that comes complete with hand grips, horizontal bars, a cushioned pad, and sling straps.

It has a 300-pound user weight rating and enables the trainer to perform at least twenty different exercise routines. It includes a workout placard to ensure that you plan your routines adequately.

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#4 – IRONMAN Triathlon X Class Multi-Function Power Tower

Ironman Triathlon X Class


  • Extremely adjustable
  • Very versatile
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy and rugged


  • Comparably costly

This exceptional power tower from IRONMAN is a versatile machine for losing weight, burning calories, and increasing muscle mass.

It is equipped with a construction-grade powder-coated steel tube frame to support a 400-pound user. It includes an ergonomic 3-inch angled backrest and a 2.25-inch thick angled elbow and forearm support.

It offers seven-position adjustable handlebars, a three-position adjustable stability beam, and two-position adjustable leg raise handles.

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#3 – Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Stamina 1690 Power Tower


  • Bang for the buck
  • Feature rich
  • Sturdy tubular steel construction
  • Compact


  • Too light for very advanced users

The Stamina 1690 Power Tower is an easy-to-assemble equipment that is made from basic tubular steel. It includes a wide-grip pull-up station, a dip station, a high bar, a foot bar, and shoulder-width grips.

Its ergonomically designed hand grips are foam padded, and its frame has L-bends for easy gripping. It is compact, inexpensive, and comes fitted with non-slip end caps.

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#2 – Body Champ Power Tower

Body Champ Power Tower


  • Elevated push up bars
  • A heavy-duty steel frame
  • Durable and well-built
  • Seam-stitched cushions


  • Unstable during extreme dips

The Body Champ Power Tower is a simple piece of equipment with a sturdy design. It comprises five workout stations to facilitate knee raises, chin-ups, wide and close grip pull-ups, and dips.

It offers a faux-leather backrest, foam padded hand grips, and anatomically angled VKR forearm pads. It is ideal for dedicated workout routines.

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#1 – Weider Power Tower

Weider the Best Power Tower


  • Professionally presented
  • High gauge tubular steel construction
  • Versatile
  • Value for money


  • Quite large for a small apartment

From Weider comes this practical and versatile 300-pound capacity power tower that exemplifies the company’s dedication to quality. It provides a multi-grip pull-up station, a push-up station, a dip station, and a vertical knee raise station.

It is constructed using heavy duty steel tubing and features easy-to-clean sewn vinyl cushions on hand grips and armrests. This power tower is easy to assemble, and it is sold with a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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Wrapping Up

There are various factors to consider before choosing a body tower. Key among them is the amount of space that you have.

Another important factor is the muscle group that you intend to develop since most power towers are dedicated to specific exercises.

Also important are the safety features that the machine offers so as to avoid unnecessary injuries. The equipment reviewed are those that try as much as possible to balance these factors.

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