Best Leg Extension Machine – Top 10 Leg Curl/Extension Machines

Before you jump ahead in your search for the right leg extension machine and/or leg curl machine to add to your home gym, let’s briefly review why this equipment is so crucial to bodybuilding success.

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You’ve probably heard the common advice to never skip leg day. It comes from a good place, to be healthy it is essential for the body to have a strong foundation.

To achieve this, it is necessary to adopt a fitness regimen that builds lower body strength.

Strong knees, hamstrings, quads, and glutes are critical for balance, speed, and coordination.

There was a time that the only way build strong legs was to do specific exercises at a gym. But gym memberships can be expensive and it’s often difficult to fit those trips into a busy schedule. The solution is a home gym.

HighlyRated Leg Extension / Curl Machines Examined

Here is a list to help you find the best leg curl machine and the best leg extension machine for your use.

We know how valuable your time is, and how equally if not more valuable your health is. Which is why we take on the tasks of researching and rating the fitness gear and gym machines out there.

In this list we’ve gone ahead and composed ten of the top machines for your legs, whether it be extending or curling. Take a look below.

#10 – TDS Leg Curl Extension Unit

Tds Leg Curl Extension Unit

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  • Needle bearings provide smooth movement
  • Muscles can contract completely throughout the leg curl exercise
  • Good value for the money


  • Unbalanced leg pressure when you add weights

This machine is hand crafted by artisans entirely in the US. It consists of solid 100% lead pewter with bush bearings for easy operation.

It is designed to build hamstrings and glutes. You can perform curls or extensions in either an upright or prone position.

#9 – Body Solid GLCE365 Leg Curl/Extension

Body Solid Glce365 Leg Curl Extension

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  • Seat is adjustable for optimum exercise posture
  • Sturdy and wide base eliminates any rocking
  • Provides consistent resistance throughout full range of motion


  • Short load bar limits the weight capacity

This model was designed to focus on thighs, hamstrings, and glutes. It is made with a welded construction and has three upright positions and two supinated positions.

It has extra thick dura-foam pads for comfort and support and can be adjusted for any size user.

#8 – Body Solid Leg Curl Machine

Body Solid Leg Curl Machine

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  • Self-lubricated steel cables provide smooth movement
  • The nylon pulleys are fiberglass reinforced for extra strength
  • The 210 lb weight capacity should accommodate all users


  • Leg curls only

This machine has a high tensile steel main frame. It is designed specifically for leg curls. It has a center drive cam for even weight distribution. The steel cables are nylon coated and the upholstery is Dura-firm with foam padding.

#7 – Powerline PLCE165X

Powerline Plce165x

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  • The handles are well-positioned for support throughout each exercise
  • Wide base eliminates rocking
  • Both back and thigh pads have hold down grips for additional support and stability


  • Not enough padding makes some exercises uncomfortable

The Powerline is designed to strengthen quads and hamstrings. You can perform leg extensions or curls in either the upright or prone position. A slight decline provides total hamstring isolation when doing leg curls.

#6 – XMark Rotary XM-7615

Xmark Rotary Xm 7615

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  • Variety of adjustments makes this the most customizable machine
  • Oversized, thick cushions provide added comfort
  • Machine is stable throughout all exercises


  • Difficult to get in and out, especially if you’re over 6 feet tall

The XMark is constructed with an 11-gauge steel mainframe and has a scratch resistant finish. Support and comfort are provided by three inch duracraft cushions and vinyl covered rollers.

The thigh pads adjust in twelve different positions and there are twenty different positions for the press arms and the backrest pad.

#5 – Deltech Fitness Leg Extension / Leg Curl Machine

Deltech Fitness Leg Extension Leg Curl Machine

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  • One of the highest weight capacities
  • Decline V bench angle for perfect exercise position
  • Both leg pads can adjust in and out


  • The one inch weight plates do not easily accommodate the reported maximum weight

The Deltech is designed to work thighs and hamstrings. It has a bronze bushing design and powder coat finish.

There are standard weight plates for resistance and it can accommodate up to 650 pounds. The design allows for smooth operation for each exercise.

#4 – Body-Solid Pro Dual Leg Extension & Curl Machine

Body Solid Pro Dual Leg Extension & Curl Machine

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  • Back pad adjusts to twelve positions and leg pad adjusts to seven positions
  • Variable resistance throughout the full range of motion
  • Includes a 210 lb weight stack


  • More expensive than most other leg machines

A more upscale version in Body-Solid’s family of leg machines. This machine demonstrates the use of higher level technology, with an ergonomic design that provides for the correct body position.

The leg pad is oversized for ultimate comfort and accommodates all user heights and all exercises.

#3 – Valor Fitness CC-4 Adjustable Leg Curl Machine

Valor Fitness Cc 4 Adjustable Leg Curl Machine

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  • Sun dial adjuster to vary the range of motion to suit your body type
  • Both upper and lower rolls have extra padding for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable resistance


  • May tip forward with weight over 100 lbs.

With the Valor you can perform leg curls and leg extensions while seated in the same position. The seat, thigh pads, and resistance can all be adjusted for body size and maximum hamstring workout.

#2 – Body-Solid GCEC340 Cam Series

Body Solid Gcec340 Cam Series

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  • Curls and extensions from one seated position
  • Pop-pin design makes for easy adjustment
  • Maximum range of motion allows for total muscle contraction


  • Difficult to assemble

This machine is one of the more popular of the CAM series. It is fully adjustable to accommodate users of all sizes. It has a 7-gauge steel cam to promote a maximum range of motion.

The bio-mechanically correct seat angle is designed to isolate specific muscle groups during the workout. There are Dura-firm pads for comfort and sturdiness.

#1 – Marcy Utility Bench

Best Leg Extension Machine Marcy Utility Bench

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  • Foam padding that is adjustable to provide custom support
  • Can accommodate Olympic or regular sized weights
  • Variety of workouts using the incline, decline, and flat position adjustments
  • Ideal for a limited space


  • None noted

The power coated steel frame makes this bench resilient and durable. It is designed to train your upper and lower body. The back pad adjusts to six positions and there is a dual position leg developer. It stores easily, by using the transport handles and roll away wheels.

Final Take

The best leg curl machine and/or leg extension machine is out there for you. This list gives the information you need to help you achieve your fitness goals. Best of luck on your journey!

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