So you’re in search of the best kettlebells the marketplace has to offer?

Is it time to expand the home gym? Mix up the fitness routine a little?

Well, whatever your reasoning, we’re here to help!

Below we’ll help you make an informed decision on the absolute best kettlebell set for you before parting with your hard earned money.

We even suggest some beginner kettlebell workout routines along the line!

So let’s jump right into the top kettlebell sets out there shall we.

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Best Adjustable Kettlebells – Top 5

If you decide that an adjustable kettlebell is ideal for your home gym, then you’ll find they vary in size, shape, and weight settings.

Whether you’re a hardcore bodybuilder needing a heavy duty kettlebell with a wide range of weight, or a casual man or woman who supplements kettlebells with other training, odds are good that this list will have the optimal adjustable kettlebell for you.

#1 – Mir® – Pro 83lbs Adjustable Kettlebell

Mir - Pro 83lbs Adjustable Kettlebell

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As the second most expensive adjustable kettlebell on the list, the Mir – Pro 83lbs Adjustable Kettlebell has all of the settings you need for a hardcore workout or a light one. Featuring a wide range from 10 to 83lbs, the amount of standard kettlebells replaced by the Mir – Pro is impressive.

A few key drawbacks separate this from a basic kettlebell, but ultimately it’s a solid adjustable kettlebell that covers over 70lbs of weight.

Who Makes It?

Rather than home gym machines, Mir is a company known for their weight vests and similar types of wearable fitness gear.

Their official website lists over a dozen variations of weight vests, belts, and equipment of that sort, so with their small and multi-weighted nature, adjustable kettlebells seem like a natural progression.

The company is currently awaiting a patent for the Mir – Pro 83lbs Adjustable Kettlebell, specifically pertaining to its space saving design.

Key Features

The design of the Mir – Pro is like a stack of small weighted discs locked onto a kettlebell handle. Increments amount to 11-lbs each, and if you have other Mir products, the weights are interchangeable with the vests and other fitness equipment.

Although the product claims to utilize a “Speed-Pin Lock”, the most common complaint over hundreds of reviews was that it took several minutes to switch the weights. The design itself is a unique feature of the Mir – Pro, and the fact that you can have 83lbs of fitness gear in such a small space is worth noting.


The drawbacks for the Mir – Pro 83lbs Adjustable Kettlebell seem to be consistent among numerous reviews, and consist of two primary complaints. First, changing weights is more time consuming than the product implies.

Rather than a quick key system found in a lot of adjustable kettlebells, the Mir – Pro 83lbs will take a few minutes to switch weights and lock them in place. While this may not be a dealbreaker, it’s caused a lot of disappointment for those who expect to quickly switch weights between workouts.

The second notable drawback to the Mir – Pro 83lbs Adjustable Kettlebell is that it stands about twice as high as a traditional kettlebell, and this subtle difference can greatly affect your favorite workouts.

For example, if you’re used to sumo squats or kettlebell swings, you might have to hold the kettlebell in a higher position to keep it from hitting the ground. The taller shape can cause differences in momentum to become noticeable as well, which can cause some of your favorite exercises to feel awkward. If those two drawbacks don’t sway you, then the Mir – Pro 83lbs is probably enough to suit your needs.

Bottom Line

The Mir – Pro can potentially take the place of at least five kettlebells with a wide weight range that covers 10-83 lbs. That said, do not expect the exact same experience you get working out with a standard kettlebell.

The primary reason for that is the alternate shape will cause some of your key lifts to feel very different, so that’s a major factor to consider with this, and all adjustable kettlebells. If saving money and space are high-priorities, than the Mir – Pro excels in both of those aspects.

#2 – Stamina 36lbs Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell

Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell

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Closely resembling a standard kettlebell, the Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell covers a weight range of 16-36lbs in increments of four. The bright color and sleek aesthetics are a welcome change from a lot of the other odd looking adjustable kettlebells that are out there.

Who Makes It?

Most famous for successful infomercial campaigns and Pilates equipment, Stamina has been making all kinds of fitness gear since 1981. Dedicated to top-quality fitness products at affordable prices, Stamina is a company with a strong development team that creates innovative exercise products for their brands.

Brands associated with Stamina include everything from Suzanne Summers to Body by Jake, and they’ve had a lot of success selling through infomercials.

Key Features

The best features in the Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell lie in its similarity to a standard kettlebell. Although noticeably bigger all-around, the shape is still that of a standard kettlebell, and the weights lock tightly together, providing a solid workout each time.

There are six variation settings, so the fact that it replaces six kettlebells makes it an effective space saver.


Although this product was very highly-reviewed, some recurring complaints mentioned its excessive use of screws and slight rattling noise when using multiple weights. As could be expected from a kettlebell with a series of mini weights inside of it, the Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell is bulkier than its standard counterparts.

On the bright side, it’s not plagued by an awkward design that alters movements like a lot of competing adjustable kettlebells on the market.[/su_spoiler]

Bottom Line

With six settings, a solid build, and a design that’s typical of a standard kettlebell, the Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell stands out in its secure design and simplicity. The fact that your kettlebell swings won’t feel awkward due to a weird shape is an often-neglected benefit of this adjustable kettlebell by Stamina.

#3 – Empower 3-in-1 Kettlebell with DVD

Empower 3-in-1 Kettlebell with DVD

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Feminine in appearance and soft in texture, the Empower 3-in-1 Kettlebell is a pretty piece of fitness gear that does resemble a traditional kettlebell. The unique changing system is simple, and just involves removing or adding one of the weights and reducing the size of the kettlebell.

Also notable is that the package includes an instructional DVD that explains workouts for both kettlebells and dumbbells.

Who Makes It?

Empower aims for the demographic of real women who strive for a healthy level of fitness rather than perfection. Their products vary greatly, and include everything from weight vests and fitness accessories, to kettlebells and massage sticks.

Their 3-in-1 Kettlebell is ideal for the clientele they specialize in, as it’s feminine in appearance, easy to handle, and is designed to resemble a standard kettlebell.

Key Features

Ideal for female and lightweight athletes, the Empower 3-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell legitimately replaces three kettlebell sizes for a reasonable price. The soft material will appeal to some, and the entire piece is visually attractive in general.

That said, it would definitely look out of place on a rack of metal kettlebells, but is absolutely perfect for when a lady friend is visiting your home gym. It’s also ideal for beginners of any kind, because the included DVD by fitness expert, Gin Miller will have you performing effective kettlebell workouts in no time.


This could ultimately be considered a light weight kettlebell, since it only covers a range of 5, 8, and 16lbs. That said, it legitimately replaces three standard ones for the remarkably low price, so the relatively low weight range is just something to be aware of.

Also notable is that this is a distinctly feminine looking product, which is something to keep in mind depending on the purpose and users of your home gym.

Bottom Line

Either way you look at it, the Empower 3-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell is an excellent deal. The material and color make this a non-intimidating entry into the world of working out with kettlebells, and the included DVD is a nice bonus.

#4 – Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell

Rocketlok 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell

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Arguably the best reviewed adjustable kettlebell on the market, the Rocketlok stands out in durability and simplicity. Rather than an awkward stack of weights, the pieces interlock like a puzzle, which is excellent because it maintains the shape of a standard kettlebell. Weights covered include 14, 17, and 20 pounds, a relatively small range of weight, but a popular one for all levels.

Who Makes It?

Rocketlok specializes in heavy duty bodybuilding gear, like curl bars, weight stands, and kettlebells. The Rocketlok website offers support via phone and warranty, and really seems to be accessible and accountable for their products.

The attention to detail and solid design applied to the Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell makes it easily among the best on the market.

Key Features

Shape and usability are major concerns when it comes to adjustable kettlebells, and the Rocketlok 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell succeeds in both categories.

Since the weights fit together in cylindrical shapes, the pieces do not clang together when you swing the kettlebell, and the shape is such that it will not disturb your workouts.


The biggest advantage of an adjustable kettlebell is that it can replace multiple standard kettlebells, but with settings that include 14, 17, or 20 pounds, the range is only a difference of six pounds.

The small variance in adjustable weight would be the only potential drawback of the Rocketlok 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell, especially since it excels in all the right ways where others fail.

Bottom Line

If you need a kettlebell within the range of 14-20 pounds and will use the different variations, then the Rocketlok 14-20 Adjustable Kettlebell is among the best on the market for its price.

#5 -Adjustable Kettlebell by Mileage Fitness

Adjustable Kettlebell Weight: 20 - 40 lbs by Mileage Fitness

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Appearing almost identical to a standard, black kettlebell with the exception of a dial lock on the top, this Adjustable Kettlebell by Mileage Fitness covers a larger than average range of 20-40 pounds.

The weights change via an opening in the bottom of the kettlebell like the cartridge of a handgun, and this does not interrupt the shape or feel of the kettlebell in any way.

Who Makes It?

Although their website is currently under construction, Mileage Fitness is a company that sells a wide-array of fitness equipment, ranging from home gym machines and exercise bikes, to kettlebells. A massive variety of retailers sell their products which cover multiple markets within the fitness industry.

Key Features

Regarding value, it has to be mentioned that the 20 pound weight covered by this range in five pound increments can replace a lot of standard kettlebells. The range of 20-40 pounds is a highly-popular one, and due to the concise adjustment method, the feeling of a standard kettlebell is present here, making the Adjustable Kettlebell by Mileage Fitness a viable fitness option.


The Adjustable Kettlebell by Mileage Fitness may be the most expensive product on this list, and is in the upper range in the kettlebell market in general. While it does replace five kettlebells in key weights including 20, 30, and 40, customers have to ask themselves if their budget includes over two hundred dollars for an adjustable kettlebell.

Bottom Line

If you’re a personal trainer, fitness guru, or love spending extra on top-quality fitness gear, then the high price tag for an excellent adjustable kettlebell may be a worthy investment for you.

With an easy system to alter the weights, and a familiar and unchanging design, the Adjustable Kettlebell by Mileage Fitness is a phenomenal product for anyone who wants to spend a little more on a kettlebell.

Best Standard Kettlebells – Top 5

If proper feel, grip, and design are most important to you in a kettlebell, then there is little doubt that standard kettlebells are optimal for you.

Ideal for those building a rack for multiple people or who like to add to their home gym piece by piece, standard kettlebells are confined to a single weight measurement, but have other ways of distinguishing themselves in regards to quality.

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These factors include aesthetics, size, shape, and the width and texture of the handle. You’ll find kettlebells to typically be priced higher than equally-weighted dumbbells, but on the bright side, their workouts often work multiple muscle groups with the use of a single kettlebell.

#1 – Body Solid KBS105 Kettle Bell Set

Body Solid KBS105 5 to 30-Pound Kettle Bell Set

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For anyone who loves working out with kettlebells, you can’t beat this basic set from Body Solid. Looking exactly as you’d expect a set of six kettlebells to look, these range from 5-30 pounds in five pound increments and are black with a smooth finish. With a simple round shape and wide variation in weights, this set of kettlebells is all you’ll need for a complete workout regimen.

What is it?

This is a set of six black, rounded kettlebells with a smooth finish from Body Solid that can fill an entire rack in a single purchase. Since different speeds and repetitions provide different types of workouts, the wide array of choices will be useful to beginners who are progressing or families who exercise together.

Who Makes It?

Body Solid is a leader in fitness and bodybuilding equipment, and produces everything from free weights to complex home gym machines.

A visit to their website reveals that Body Solid sells a massive variety of fitness products, including some that are innovative and exclusive. One such product is their “Kettleball”, which is designed to function completely as both a kettlebell and a dumbbell.

Key Features

Perhaps the greatest feature of these kettlebells is their simplicity. One way that they are somewhat different is that their smooth finish is immediately noticeable, and gives them a sleek, shiny appearance. Otherwise, there is a slight difference between the sides of the kettlebell, but it’s too subtle to affect any workouts.


Overall, there are very few complaints related to these high-quality standard kettlebells from Body Solid, but one minor annoyance was that the numbers are not largely visible on the kettlebells, making it hard for some to tell them apart.

Bottom Line

If you ever wondered what it cost to fill an entire rack with kettlebells, you can start with six of the best with this set. You don’t have to be a math whiz to see that the deal amounts to a reasonable price for each kettlebell before taxes, so it’s worth considering whether that fits into your home gym-related goals.

#2 – Hers – Vinyl Kettle Weight Set

Hers 30 lb Vinyl Kettle Weight Set - 3 Kettlebells

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Kettlebells are extremely popular among female personal trainers and women’s fitness classes, and there is an entire genre of fitness gear marketed exclusively to women.

Hers 30 lb Vinyl Kettle Weight Set capitalizes on this, providing three attractively designed kettlebells that would spice up any woman’s home gym. Featuring the relatively light, and common weights of 5, 10, and 15, the kettlebells are covered in vinyl and colored pink, blue, and green respectively.

What is it?

These are a set of kettlebells for women that are extremely smooth and sleek in appearance due to their coloring and outer layer of vinyl. Rather than a typical kettlebell shape, these are more triangular, but the handles seem wide enough for any user. Ultimately these are three stylish looking kettlebells that make a colorful addition to any home gym.

Who Makes It?

Marcy is the branch of Impex Fitness that make stylish feminine fitness equipment. Experts in the fitness industry since 1980, Impex specializes in innovative fitness gear for each of their key demographics.

Key Features

The style of the Hers 30 lb Kettle Weight Set is its most notable feature, as they look very different from typical kettlebells. Between the smooth vinyl coating and the bold color assortment, these are going to stand out, as they are bright and attractive compared to most fitness equipment.


These are distinctly feminine and light weight, so that’s important to be aware of before purchasing these as a gift.[/su_spoiler]

Bottom Line

For a gift or an attractive addition to your home gym, this kettlebell set by Her is an unbeatable product. If buying a set for yourself, it’s relevant to ask whether the price tag justifies three very lightweight kettlebells, although they are unique in their color and smooth design.

#3 – Yes4All Super Cast Iron Kettlebell

Yes4All Super Cast Iron Kettlebell

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This set of four kettlebells from Yes4All has slight differences that set it apart. Including the weights of 10, 15, 20, and 25, these kettlebells have a traditional shape, but a large flat-bottom and a black powder finish. This serves to enhance grip, and provide a unique, non-glossy look.

What is it?

Four kettlebells of varying weights make up this set by Yes4All. The shape is more round than most kettlebells, and resembles a handle attached to a steel ball, but the bottom is flat which is ideal for certain exercises. Also, the finish is rough, which makes it a lot more protective against surface damage.

Who Makes It?

Yes4All sells tons of very different products at affordable prices. These include a huge inventory of innovative fitness products, including exercise bikes, hammocks, and free weights.

Key Features

As a solid weight intended for swinging and lifting, the primary key feature here would be its rough appearance. Most kettlebells have a notably smooth exterior, and the rough, black powder coating adds an element of depth and uniqueness. Otherwise, this standard set of kettlebells by Yes4All meets or exceeds the requirements you’d look for in a kettlebell.


While the black powder finish enhances grip, it can be rough for people with sensitive hands. Of course this can be alleviated with a pair of bodybuilding gloves, but it should be mentioned that the lack of a smooth finish has bothered small amounts of people in prior reviews. Also the writing on the actual kettlebell is black, and doesn’t stick out very well.

Bottom Line

Simple and solid, this black powder set by Yes4All will give satisfying workouts for you and your partners time and time again. The only questions are whether each of the weights will get used enough to justify the set, and if the rough, black powder coating will be something you enjoy more than a smoother kettlebell.

#4 – Yes4all Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set

Yes4all Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set

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This dark blue coated set of kettlebells has an added layer of protection and style than its average counterpart. Intended for indoor use, the printing on the vinyl coating makes it easy to identify each kettlebell.

What is it?

These vinyl-coated kettlebells are meant for all athletes, and include the popular weight range of 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds. This range is enough for most people to get a solid workout using exercises like Sumo squats, kettlebell swings, and Tukish Get ups with varying weight resistances.

Who Makes It?

Yes4All sells a lot of products, but specializes in innovative fitness gear. They offer a variety of kettlebells for different types of athletes, including the two that are mentioned on this list that vary by coating.

Key Features

With a nice wide handle that will facilitate any workout, any type of athlete can count on these to get some tough workouts. Aesthetically, the dark blue coating with easy to read white print is very sleek looking, and will make an attractive addition to any home gym.

Bottom Line

If you’ve made up your mind that a rack of kettlebells is the missing piece for your home gym, then this dark blue vinyl coated set by Yes4All is a phenomenal deal. Featuring weights most people would actually use at 10-25 pounds, the wide handles and easy to read printing on this set is a nice bonus.

#5 – CAP Barbell Vinyl Coated Cement Kettlebell

CAP Barbell Vinyl Coated Cement Kettlebell

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Upon first glance, the CAP Barbell Vinyl Coated Cement Kettlebell looks extra refined in appearance. Multiple texture types are noticeable, as the bottom half is rough, whereas the top and handle are smooth with a design around the logo in the center.

What is it?

This vinyl-coated set by CAP is designed to be ideal for beginners, and they’re visibly larger than standard kettlebells. Another difference is that the handle is wide and strait, rather than having a natural curve like most other standard kettlebells.

Key Features

The design of these CAP kettlebells is significantly different than that of a basic set, and appears to be more detailed and refined. Anyone who has used a kettlebell will immediately see that the handle shape and width are different than usual, as is the size of the actual kettlebell. Positives include the easy to read numbers and the unique aesthetics.


People are particular about their kettlebell workouts, so differences in size, shape, and handle can make severe differences in how an exercise feels. If you are truly an open-minded beginner who doesn’t have a strong preference for how your kettlebell feels, then this may be an appropriate starter kettlebell for you.

Bottom Line

While some kettlebells excel in simplicity, this one takes some bold risks. The appearance and mixture of textures give it a unique design, but the awkwardly large size will turn off true aficionados of the kettlebell.

Beginners Guide to Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells have seen a major surge in popularity in recent years, as everyone from Crossfit coaches to aerobics classes implement them into everyday workouts.

Additionally, there is a whole sport centered around the kettlebell, proving that the small, iron ball with a wide handle has become far greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether you invest in a set of standard kettlebells for your home gym or an adjustable one will depend on various factors, including cost, space, and individual fitness goals.

After exploring some of the history, traits, and details surrounding the ever-popular kettlebell, making an informed decision of which one is optimal for you will be easy.

What Is a Kettle?

Although the earliest kettlebells are found in ancient Greece, like one that’s on display in the Museum of Olympia, it wasn’t until the 1700’s that they made their way to the west.

It was Russia that embraced the kettlebell first, evolving kettlebell training from a method of conditioning, to a national sport that is practiced by all ages and genders.

North America had to wait until 1998 before Russian special forces expert, Pavel Tsatouline, published an article about the benefits of kettlebell training.

The article was popular, and served as the catalyst for the kettlebell fitness craze in America. Now in 2018, kettlebells of all sizes are a staple at gyms across the country, and athletes of all-types use kettlebells as an important aspect of their training.

How To Use Kettlebells

While specific tips will vary for each exercise, there are general rules to follow for working out with kettlebells. Since many of the workouts involve leaning over to properly hoist the kettlebell, then back safety is a key issue.

One of the oldest safety tips in bodybuilding is to keep your back strait when reaching low, squatting, or bending, and this applies to kettlebells as well.

Video Demo

Also, kettlebells are intended for functional workouts, which means multiple muscle groups are involved in each repetition. These functional workouts may be more detail oriented than simple exercises, and will require knowledge of which muscle groups are in use throughout the exercise.

Why Buy Kettlebell Weights?

The primary reason to purchase a kettlebell for your home gym is because of the many effective workouts that can only be done with kettlebells.

While some equipment such as pull-up bars or ab benches are limited in the potential muscle groups that can be worked, kettlebells can provide a thorough workout for your core, legs, and upper body, depending on the exercise.

Throw in the fact that kettlebells take up little space and are easy to store, and you have a virtual one stop shop for functional workouts.

That said, don’t let the small size of kettlebells fool you, because their prices are often comparable to much more elaborate pieces of gym equipment. For athletes who prefer effective, functional workouts in a small space, there is simply no substitute for the kettlebell.

Adjustable Kettlebells vs. Standard Kettlebells


Since high-quality versions are available for both adjustable and standard kettlebells, the comparisons are specific to your situation rather than physical.

The biggest advantage of adjustable kettlebells and the reason they’re made in the first place is to take the place of an entire kettlebell rack. Realistically, an adjustable kettlebell will often cover three or four different weights of kettlebells.

Conversely, a major advantage of investing in a kettlebell rack with multiple sizes is that numerous people can use the standard kettlebells at the same time. Another consideration is that if you already own one or more kettlebells, then you may have more of a reason to continue collecting a full set rather than investing in an adjustable one.

Benefits of Adjustable Kettlebells

The most prevalent advantage of adjustable kettlebells is that they often include the weight values of four sizes of kettlebells. This makes them an excellent value if you have a small space and are just buying them for personal use.

Another key advantage of adjustable kettlebells is that they are typically a better price than the equivalent amount of standard kettlebells. If price is a priority and you don’t have to supply a whole gym, then adjustable kettlebells are well worth the investment.

Benefits of Standard Competition Kettlebells

You can’t beat the solid feel and reliable shape of a standard kettlebell. Even the best adjustable kettlebells are good because they properly mimic the feel of a basic kettlebell.

That said, adjustable kettlebells are popular because they supposedly take the place of multiple regular ones, but for those that can afford the cost and room for your own kettlebell rack, it’s hard to beat a perfectly balanced set of steel kettlebells.

The primary advantages of owning a rack full of kettlebells is that multiple people can lift at the same time, and there are no extra moving parts to deal with.

Kettlebells vs. Dumbbells

Although it may seem that both kettlebells and dumbbells are weighted hunks of steel that basically offer the same workout experience, they are actually very different.

While dumbbells have been used for centuries in bodybuilding to do exercises like curls, presses, and rows, kettlebell workouts involve an entirely different philosophy.

Emphasizing functional exercises that work multiple major muscle groups, kettlebell exercises like sumo squats and the Turkish Get up are much more complex than typical dumbbell techniques. While talented fitness experts could design a full-body workout involving dumbbells, the kettlebell is made for it.

Kettlebells vs. Weight Benches

Like the kettlebell, the weight bench offers a variety of exercises that work the upper and lower body. However, workouts on the weight bench involving barbells and dumbbells are typically targeted to specific muscle groups, whereas kettlebell exercises will cover multiple major muscle groups in a single technique.

It is fair to state that the weight bench has a major advantage over the kettlebell, and that’s that a weight bench is designed to handle massive amounts of weight, so if you’re looking to boost your bench press maximum to over 300, you can’t do that as easily with a kettlebell.

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Quality Kettlebells vs. Cheap Kettlebells

Quality is of vital importance when purchasing an adjustable kettlebell. Cheaper versions that involve a handle and several dangling weights can feel extremely awkward and flimsy compared to their standard counterparts.

While price is likely to be a selling point for most people, adjustable kettlebells are a product where the quality matters, so going with the absolute cheapest is not recommended.

Considering that a balance has to be achieved between price and quality, then the solidity and durability of an adjustable kettlebell are both major concerns.

Common Differences Between Kettlebells for Sale

The most obvious differences you’ll notice among adjustable kettlebells is that they vary greatly in shape. While this may seem like a minor detail, it’s not, because an awkward, rickety, or loose adjustable kettlebell can degrade your workout, and make you less likely to use it in the future.

Another significant difference is in the grip of the kettlebell. Not only will the texture of the grip vary among brands, but so will the size of the handle, and the curvature between grip and the weight of the kettlebell. Aside from those factors, size, color, and coating are other differentiators among kettlebells.

As with most individual pieces of fitness equipment, there are a handful of common workouts associated with the kettlebell, and then there are dozens of innovative or less popular exercises. Among the most common kettlebell workouts that are taught by most personal trainers are sumo squats, kettlebell swings, and the clean and jerk.

Some warmup exercises that are often done with kettlebells include the slingshot, where the kettlebell is passed in circles around the body. There are also some long form kettlebell exercises that involve multiple steps, such as the Turkish Get Up.

With techniques that are ideal for cardio and strength across all muscle groups, the dozens of available kettlebell workouts are highly-effective.

Finding a Good Kettlebell Workout

A brief search online will reveal numerous suggestions for complete kettlebell workouts. Major considerations in choosing a kettlebell workout plan include whether your fitness goals lean towards cardio or bulk, which muscle groups you want to prioritize, and how much time you have to devote to your workout.

Since just about any muscle group can get an effective burn with kettlebells, you might not have to compliment it with other workouts. Conversely, it’s easy to add kettlebell exercises into your current workout routine no matter what athletic goals you have, ranging from triathlons to MMA.

Kettlebell As a Sport?

Russians have held local competitions for hundreds of years to see who could heave their kettlebells with the most power and skill, but it wasn’t until 1948 that the first official competition was held. The sport continued to evolve, with weight classes established in the 1960’s, and the first kettlebell tournament for women held in 2001.

The three main events in sport kettlebell lifting are:

  • the jerk
  • the long cycle clean and jerk
  • and the snatch.

If you feel that your kettlebell skills are world class and you want to enter a competition, the American Kettlebell Club (AKC), International Kettlebell Fitness Federation (IKFF), and International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) are the governing organizations for competition.

Wrapping Up

By reading these kettlebell reviews and through our guide to kettlebell weights we hope and are certain you are well equipped to make the right decision. There are plenty of awesome kettlebell workouts for you to try out once you make you purchase!

Keep in mind, the kettlebells won’t work unless you do. As with anything else, there is no magic wand that we can wave and make our body thinner, more shredded, or bulkier.

We have to work at it, and the best kettlebells are one of the tools we have to use. That being said, go out there and kick some butt, we wish you all the best on your home gym venture!

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