A home gym doesn’t feel quite complete until you’ve put a large mirror on the wall. It provides that finishing touch and can help your training by improving your form and increasing your motivation.

These mirrors will help you keep a visual on your body’s progress. Identify areas you’d like to define some more, and just give you motivation by staring at your own self face to face as you work out.

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10 Highly Rated Gym Mirrors Reviewed

If you haven’t had any luck finding a home gym mirror, or prefer to buy online from the comfort of your own home, then here’s a list of some mirrors that could suit you.

#10 –CTBU Glassless Mirror

Ctbu Glassless Mirror Physical Activity Panel


  • 18 lbs shipping weight
  • 16” x 48”
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Shatterproof

Key Points

These mirrors are glassless and shatterproof, so they’re ideal for a home gym that has some heavy duty equipment being thrown around. Of course the reflection isn’t as good as a real glass mirror but they’re a light and extremely safe option. They’re also easy to move around and mount.

These mirrors are made with a rigid foam core and framed with aluminum. There mirrored surface itself is a polyester film that has been aluminized and then stretched over the surface.

This means there’s space between the surface and the backing, resulting in a mirrored surface that can withstand some small impacts.

Bottom Line

These mirrors are great if you need something lightweight and safe to workout around. However the reflection is poor and can distort so don’t expect glass-like quality.

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#9 – Rectangle MiraSafe Gym Mirror Kit

Rectangle Mirasafe Gym Mirror Kit


  • Safety mirror
  • Flat polish edges
  • 6mm thick
  • 4 feet x 6 feet

Key Points

The MiraSafe Gym Mirrors are super safe mirrors that stay together when hit and fractured. They’re a glass style mirror so you get a clear and accurate image.

These mirrors come in a pack of five so you’ll probably have enough so you can cover a lot of wall space and never have to buy more mirrors for a long time.

You can also keep a couple as spares in case you damage one.

The pack comes with installation methods in the form of mirror clips, mirror glue, j channels and mounting screws.

Bottom Line

Sure, these are expensive, but you get so many that the investment is probably worth it. Plus they’re big and they come with their own mounting options included.

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#8 – Alrens(TM) Silver 6 Pcs Squares

Alrens(tm) 30cm X 30cm Silver 6 Pcs Squares


  • Acrylic mirror
  • 6 squares included
  • Easy stick application
  • Easy to remove

Key Points

These acrylic mirrors are lightweight and super easy to stick anywhere you want – put them in a vertical or horizontal line according to your needs.

These are essentially mirrored stickers and all you need to do is clean your wall before mounting.

The Alrens mirrors are made from acrylic so they’re lightweight, affordable and very safe. Keep in mind that you’ll need to make the wall as smooth as possible so that the mirrors don’t distort your image. Although distortion will naturally happen over time.

Bottom Line

This is one of the cheapest options around, but of course they’re very small mirrors and are made from acrylic so they may be prone to warping and degrading over time. Those who rent and need a quick, removable option would benefit from these mirrors.

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#7 – Gravity Decor – Large Mirror + LED Lighting

Gravity Decor Large Rectangular Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror


  • Weighs 18 lbs
  • Comes with LED lights
  • Moisture proof
  • 3” x 31.5” x 23.5”

Key Points

The Gravity Decor mirror is designed as a vanity bathroom mirror but could be great for a home gym.

It comes with energy efficient LED lights around it so you get the benefits of both a mirror and extra lighting in your home gym room. The light glows through a frosted strip around the mirror and helps to give an accurate reflection.

Since it’s designed as a bathroom mirror, the Gravity Decor is moisture proof, which happens to be great for all the sweat you’ll be expelling when you’re working out. It also comes with polished edges and looks professional.

Bottom Line

For a relatively cheap price, you get a big single mirror and some great lighting to boot. While this may be a bathroom mirror it is well suited to a home gym with the moisture proofing and classy finish.

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#6 – MiraSafe Gym Mirror Kit

36 X 60 Inch Rectangle Mirasafe Gym Mirror Kit


  • 63” x 39”
  • Flat polish edges
  • 6mm thick
  • Safety mirror

Key Points

This is a true glass mirror with a clear reflective surface that won’t distort. It’s a safety mirror that stays together if it’s struck so you won’t end up with shards all over your gym floor.

It comes with an installation kit with a variety of hanging methods, including mirror clips, mirror glue, J channels and mounting screws.

Bottom Line

This is a good quality safety mirror that would suit many home gyms. Plus, the handy mounting inclusions mean it’s convenient and simple to put up by yourself.

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#5 – Glassless Mirror (Wall-Mounted)

Glassless Mirror (wall Mounted)


  • 13 different sizes and shapes available
  • Glassless and shatterproof
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • Easy installation

Key Points

These glassless mirrors come in 13 different sizes and shapes, from 16” x 48” to 6 feet x 8 feet, so they can suit any style of home gym, as well as any budget.

Instead of plate glass, they’re made from a reflective film stretched over a lightweight aluminum frame. This makes them extra light and safe, so they’re ideal as safety mirrors in high impact zones.

These home gym mirrors are easy to install as they come with pre-drilled holes and mounting brackets.

They’re made by Gym Source, a company that claims to have built more gyms than any other company in the world. It’s been running for 75 years and has always been a front runner in the fitness field.

Bottom Line

While not everyone will want glassless mirrors, you can’t deny that these are good quality, from a reliable brand and are easy to install. The wide selection of sizes means you can easily find one to suit your home gym.

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#4 – The Mirror Company (Gigantic Mirrors)

The Mirror Company (giganticmirrors)


  • Free delivery
  • Includes installation
  • Wholesale prices
  • 5 year guarantee

Key Points

The Mirror Company provides cheap, new glass mirrors that are 6 feet x 8 feet – with the additional benefit of free resizing! It’s a great option as the prices are wholesale instead of retail so you can save around 50% on what many other stores sell.

Prices and installation are included in the price so there’s no hidden fees, plus there’s a 5 year guarantee on the mirrors and a lifetime warranty on the installation.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best deals on cheap mirrors you’ll be able to find. They’re affordable and so simple with delivery and professional installation included, as well as free resizing if you need it.

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#3 – Mirrorlite® Surface Mounted Glassless Mirror

Mirrorlite Surface Mounted Glassless Mirror


  • Lightweight
  • Shatterproof
  • Come pre-drilled
  • Come with mounting brackets

Key Points

Did you know that the glassless mirror was developed by British Aerospace in the 1960s? They’re a lighter, safer alternative to glass mirrors and can be a great option for wall mirrors in home gyms.

Mirrorlite has perfected the glassless mirror so that they’re bright, clear and free of distortion. The Mirrorlite mirrors come pre-drilled and with mounting brackets so they’re as easy to install as hanging a picture. Custom sizes are available.

Bottom Line

Mirrorlite claims their glassless mirrors provide a brighter and sharper image than conventional glass mirrors, while being safer, lighter and cheaper. The easy installation and variety of sizes makes them a real winner when it comes to mirrors for the home gym.

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#2 – Fab Glass Mirror – Activity Gym Mirror Kit

Fab Glass And Mirror Activity Mirror Kit For Gym And Dance


  • Installation tools included
  • Safety backing
  • Weighs 74 lbs
  • Glass mirror

Key Points

This glass style mirror is 48” by 60” and comes with a variety of installation methods. Depending on your home gym walls and requirements, you can mount this mirror via J channels, mirror clips or sticking it to the wall with specialty mirror adhesive.

It comes with a safety backing so that if something hits and breaks the mirror it won’t shatter onto the floor, instead the pieces will stick to the safety backing.

Bottom Line

There’s no denying that Fab Glass provide great value glass mirrors that allow you to save on installation because everything comes included. Their mirrors are good quality and clear so they would suit any home gym.

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#1 – MiraSafe Home Gym Mirror Kit by Troy System

Troy System 48x 72 Rectangle Mirasafe Home Gym Mirror Kit


  • Double pack
  • Flat polish edges
  • Safety mirror
  • 6mm thick

Key Points

The MiraSafe gym mirror comes in a double pack so you can see different angles while you work out, or put them side by side for a gigantic mirror.

These mirrors are flat polished for a smooth and professional finish and come with safety backing so they stick together even if they’re fractured. These are low-iron mirrors so they have great clarity and won’t distort like acrylic mirrors.

The mirrors come complete with an installation kit that includes mirror clips, J channels, mirror glue and mounting screws so you can easily put them up at home.

Bottom Line

The only thing better than getting one mirror at a good price is getting two. The MiraSafe gym mirrors are great value for real glass mirrors and they come with a professional finish. They’re easy to install, have safety backing and simply look great in any home gym.

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Beginners Guide to Home Gym Mirrors

If you’ve ever looked into buying a mirror then you’ll know they can be expensive and surprisingly technical when it comes to their materials, thickness and installation.

We put together a guide on knowing the best type of mirror to buy, how to care for it, ideas for where to buy cheap mirrors, plus a list of mirrors you could buy right now.

Benefits of Having a Large Home Gym Mirror

A large mirror addition to you home or garage gym can bring new benefits you may not have imagined initially. Below are some of the pros of owning one of these big reflective things as you journey through fitness.

Correct Your Form

The main reason for installing mirrors in your home gym is to be able to check your form during your movements.

It can be all too easy to slip into poor habits and the easy way of doing something, that is not necessarily the best for getting the results you want.

Incorrect form means you are not properly targeting the muscle groups you want to, and are instead using other muscles to compensate. This can lead to poor results and overall weaknesses during movements.

Reduce the Chance of Injury

At best, doing the wrong movements can be useless, but at their worst they can lead to injury as you overwork other muscles, tendons, ligaments and even bones.

Checking your form in a mirror means you can see where your weight is and often what muscles are being worked.

“If you can watch your form and technique as you exercise it will dramatically lower your chances of injury,” says Shantelle Meaney, a kinesiologist and fitness supervisor at Calgary’s Preventous Collaborative Health.

Measure Your Progress

You’ll be able to see the physical benefits of your regular training every day when you look in the mirror. You can not only see the muscle gain and definition, but also how much smoother you’re doing the movements compared to when you first started.

Being able to visually see your results as you’re working out can be a really motivating factor for many So if you’re particularly motivated by visual improvements then a mirror is for you.

Have the Right Posture

Keeping your pelvic and abdominal muscles tights is important in most exercises to protect your lower back as well as helping to tone those areas. Keeping an eye on this in the mirror can help to prevent injury, as can checking that your weight is evenly distributed and you’re not giving into rounded shoulders and a hunched upper back.

Replace a Trainer

While it is always beneficial to have someone train with you and help to improve your movements, the truth is that most of the time you will be training by yourself in your home gym.

There won’t be a spotter or personal trainer to point out when something is out of alignment, so a mirror can help to point out when you’re bending the wrong way or cutting corners in your workout.

Make a Room Bigger and Brighter

Everyone knows that mirrors make a room look larger and can add light to a dark space. Let’s face it, many home gyms are relegated to the basement, garage or smallest room in the house so these spaces can usually use some brightening up.

A better looking and feeling workout space is much more likely to be used so adding a few mirrors around can be the difference between loving and loathing your home gym room.

Things to Consider Before You Put the Mirror Up

Don’t dive into it without taking the below suggestions into consideration, returning large mirrors can be a pain in the you know what, especially if you’ve purchased them online and have to ship them back.

Large Mirror Material: Acrylic vs Glass

Acrylic mirrors are much cheaper than glass and are about half the weight of glass mirrors. They can be great for heavily used areas because they don’t attract dust and grime the way glass mirrors do. On top of this, if they break you won’t have super sharp shards of glass scattered on the ground.

You can get shatterproof acrylic mirrors that are particularly impact resistant and won’t break into sharp pieces the way glass mirrors do, so if you have kids around or are prone to swinging kettle bells in all directions, a shatterproof acrylic mirror would suit you best.

If acrylic mirrors have so many benefits, then why don’t all gyms and studios use them? The main problem with acrylic mirrors is that the quality of the reflection degrades over time and these mirrors can sometimes distort due to their thinness, which is not something you want when you’re checking yourself out in the mirror!

Glass mirrors may be more expensive and heavier, but if you intend to use yours for years to come and don’t want your reflection ending up like something from a circus hall of mirrors, then they’re the way to go.

What Thickness Do You Need?

6mm mirrors are recommended for commercial gyms and dance studios because they need to be able to withstand constant reverberations and the odd impact.

However, for home gyms 4mm should be adequate to stand up to regular use and the occasional bump. Generally 3mm glass mirrors aren’t recommended for use in places where there are impacts and a lot of movement as they’re quite fragile.

Should Your Mirror be Permanent or Temporary?

You need to consider if your mirror will be permanently or temporarily attached to the wall. If you’re renting then you’ll need to go for a hanging mirror or standing mirror.

Hanging mirrors are easy to put up and take down to bring with you wherever you go, but you’ll need something to hang it on that’s already there or ask your landlord’s permission to put a fixture in the wall.

Standing mirrors can easily be placed anywhere without hassle but they tend to be heavier, more expensive, and often not the right shape and height.

Ideally you would fix a permanent mirror to the wall using the self-adhering backing most come with or by fixing them to the wall with screws or channels.

Make It Straight

If you’re putting up your mirror by yourself then get a level and a pencil so that you can mark out where to properly place it. Drawing a guide on the wall to make sure the mirror is straight, level and in line is well worth the time and effort. On the contrary, if you put your mirror up skewed you’ll be looking at it day in and day out and it’s sure to annoy you!

Choose Your Location Carefully

Choose where you’ll put your mirror carefully. In line with where you do most of your workout should be the best, but you’ll also need to consider if there’s enough lighting to see yourself, as well as if there’s any direct light that will shine on the mirror and become frustrating.

You might also want to consider what you’ll be seeing in the background of the mirror, as anything moving can distract you from your workout.

Ensure Enough Space Around It

Think about how close your mirror will be to your equipment and what exercises you do around it. For example, placing it too close to a power rack or where you swing barbells around could cause a problem. Choose a place that has plenty of room where you won’t be worried about hitting the mirror with your equipment.

How To Put Up Your Home Gym Mirror?

Now that you have it in your possession, it’s time to put it to use. But wait, how are you going to mount it? It’s an important question to answer reasonably, as it depends on whether you own the property or rent, the duration and mobility you’d like for the mirror.

Below are the different ways of installing you large home gym mirror and what comes along with each approach.


Now, assuming you aren’t renting, self adhering mirrors are one of the fastest and easiest options. For it to work, you need a non-porous (that means definitely no brick walls), even and clean surface.

The adhesive will take a little while to set but once it’s on properly, that mirror isn’t moving for a long time. This can be a problem if you want to move the mirror elsewhere or if the mirror becomes damaged.

J Channels

If your wall isn’t perfectly flat and smooth then you can use J channels to attach your mirror to your home gym wall. These are aluminum channels drilled into the walls where the mirror is then slotted into.

You drill in the bottom rail and slot the mirror in for reference for where the top rail should go, then take the mirror out, drill the top rail into position and slide the mirror in between.

Make sure the wall itself is strong to begin with so it can hold the weight of the mirror and J channels. This is a relatively quick and cheap process that leaves a high quality look for your home gym. Plus, the mirrors can easily be replaced if one is damaged.


By screwing the mirror into place, you open yourself up to the possibility of moving it in the future, albeit with four holes left in the wall. It leaves a professional finish too, but it’s not recommended to try this option by yourself.

The wall needs to be strong for the screws to hold, and the mirror is weakened when holes are made in it. Furthermore, screwing too tightly into the mirror can crack it so it’s best to leave it to a professional.

Safety Concerns and Things to Watch Out For

Other than the seven years of bad luck should you happen to break one, there are other safety concerns to watch out for once you officially become a home gym owner. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Will It Distort?

Acrylic mirrors are known to distort, especially if they’re 3mm thick. If you are going down the acrylic mirror route then try to get the thickest mirror you can.

Should You Polish the Edges?

Many mirrors come roughly cut from a machine, leaving sharp edges. Polishing these edges makes them smooth and straight so they’re not dangerous to you or anything else.

Do You Need Safety Backing?

Only mirrors that have been put up with adhesive won’t require safety backing. All others will have space behind them, making the less safe and stable.

Safety backing is a piece of protective film that goes on the back of the mirror so that if it is struck and fragments, then the pieces stick to the safety backing instead of shattering all over the floor where they can pose a major risk.

So if you’re using J-channels, screwing or hanging a mirror, then you should definitely use safety backing.

Don’t Get Distracted by Looking in the Mirror!

It may sound funny, but injuries can occur by looking at yourself in the mirror. This can happen when you’re lifting heavy weights and then turn awkwardly so that you can see yourself in the mirror.

You can easily strain your neck and back by twisting around for a good view when exercising so try to position yourself before you start your workout, and remember that you don’t have to watch yourself every second of your routine.

Work out What You Can and Can’t See

Just because you can see your muscles bulge as you’re working out, doesn’t mean you should only work on those muscles.

“Mirrors can be counterproductive because they lead people to work on the muscles they can see, like biceps and pecs, but not the one’s they can’t see, like triceps or back muscles, which can lead to imbalances and problems with posture,” warns Ottawa Senators conditioning coach Chris Schwarz.

How to Clean Your Large Mirror

Mirrors are notorious for attracting dust and dirt. Even if you clean them regularly, it’s hard not to leave streaks and bits of lint. If your home gym is in your basement or garage then you’re going to find this especially true. The key to a gleaming gym mirror is the right tools and the right cleaning technique. Here’s what to do:

Step 1

Prepare your tools and solutions. Don’t bother with expensive mirror cleaners. All you need is one part white vinegar to four parts water (preferably distilled) in a spray bottle, plus a microfiber cloth, a bit of newspaper and cotton swabs if you want to really get into the corners.

Step 2

Prepare the area. Put a few towels or newspaper under the mirror to catch any drips.

Step 3

Get cleaning. Spray the white vinegar solution onto your cloth, or onto the mirror itself if you have a large surface area. Start rubbing in circular motions to get off the grime, then follow up with vertical strokes and finally horizontal swipes.

Step 4

Get into the corners. If your mirror is framed or uses J-channels then you’ll need cotton swabs to get right into the corners and edges.

Step 5

Buff to perfection. Finally, use the newspaper to buff the mirror and give it a professional shine.

Creative Ways of Obtaining Cheap Gym Mirrors

We know large mirrors can be expensive, so we’ve compiled some interesting ways that people can find awesome mirrors for cheap. The success of these methods certainly depends on where you live, how long you’re willing to look for and a bit of luck – but you don’t know until you try!

Construction Giveaways

When a hotel is doing renovations, just imagine how many mirrors it could be throwing out and replacing.

When you see some construction going on it could pay to ask the owners if they’re throwing out any large mirrors – wether it’s a hotel, apartment or private home.

Most people would prefer to see a large mirror go to a new home instead of ending up in pieces on the scrap heap. You might even be doing them a favor by taking it off their hands!

Garage Sales

You’re likely to find old standing mirrors in garage sales. They’re heavy, bulky things that most people don’t want to take with them when they move but do want to give away cheaply.

Apart from local garage sales, look out for the sales that go on when college students move back home for spring break. It’s around this time you can pick up some gems, including long hanging wall mirrors.

Sliding Doors

When on the search for home gym mirrors, many people have found success by finding mirrored sliding doors. These are usually used in bedrooms for storage space and wardrobes, but you can give them a second life by taking them out of the sliding door frame and mounting them on the wall.

Try visiting a few home improvement stores and asking if there have been any returned or damaged mirrored doors that you can buy for cheap. The stores usually can’t re-sell these so they’ll be happy to give them to you for a good price.

Second Hand Gym Mirrors

The best case scenario would have you finding some second hand gym mirrors, as these are thick and large. Gyms do occasionally replace their mirrors, but you have to be pretty lucky with the timing to get these. If you notice that a mirror is cracked in a gym you could ask if it’s being replaced any time soon and if you could help take the damaged mirror off their hands.

Also, if you ever see a gym shutting down and closing business then this could be the prefect time to get friendly with the owners and hopefully take some mirrors home.

Craigslist Mirrors

Craigslist and other classifieds can be a great source for finding vanity mirrors, dresser mirrors and other large sized mirrors. Search for homeowners, hotels and apartments doing bathroom or bedroom renovations and you could be in luck. Homeowners in particular will be happy to give away the mirrors if it means they don’t have to dispose of them!

Where to Buy Cheap New Mirrors?

If you’re not into searching for second hand mirrors, and want the reliability and ease of buying a new mirror then there are still some cheap options.

Discount Department Stores

Places like Target and Wal-Mart often have frameless hanging door mirrors that are much cheaper than what you’d find anywhere else. You could buy a few of these narrow mirrors and hang them side by side.

Even though they probably won’t be floor to ceiling mirrors, remember that you don’t actually need the mirror to reach the ground in order to see your feet. Before you buy one, take a look at the thickness of these mirrors and be careful that they’re not actually acrylic mirrors if you’re after a glass one.

Home Hardware Stores

Take a look at the bathroom section of hardware stores to see if you can pick up a cheap vanity mirror. Places like Home Depot and Lowes can be a great place to start.


You can quickly find a whole range of mirrors online and source the cheapest ones. The only problem is that you won’t get to see the mirror in real life before you buy it, but measuring the space on your wall should be enough to give you a good idea if it will work or not. Amazon’s Fab Glass is a good online option as it sells large wall mirrors that are specifically designed for workouts and activities.

They come in a kit so you can install it yourself with mirror clips, J channels, mirror adhesive and an adhesive gun. These are easy to put up with a variety of options included, which means you don’t need to spend extra money on buying hanging equipment. The Fab Glass mirrors come in a variety of gym-specific sizes: 12 inches by 48 inches, 3 feet by 5 feet, 3 feet by 6 feet and 4 feet by 6 feet.

Wrapping Up

We hope your outlook on home gym mirrors has been expanded and that you are now more informed than when you first landed on this post.

They truly are a great addition and a way of completing the look and feel of a home gym. Stay positive and be the change you want to see in the world, starting with the man in the mirror!

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