Adding a pair of durable gymnastic rings to your gym equipment collection is a fantastic way to get an entire upper body workout without using weights!

While the professionals make the movements look easy, it is extremely unlikely for someone to be efficient at using gymnast rings without at least a few weeks of training.

Since the rings are not fixed into place, a large amount of stress is placed on the trainee’s core and stabilizer muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, and back in order to simply hold still while using them.

Whatever the type you’re looking for, or even if you’d have a type (yet!); you’ll surely find something that catches your eyes below.

We scoured the top manufacturers and reviewed and ranked the top gymnastic rings you can setup and use in your home gym. Read on to find out more.

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Gymnastic Rings Workouts for Beginners

If you’re new to ring workouts, check out this beginner video below to help you get a visual on building the foundation for more advanced gymnastic rings workouts.

10 Home Gym Friendly Training Rings

Listed below are the best gymnast rings to purchase to get serious about this type of training.

Whether you’re looking for wooden rings, steel gymnastic rings, plastic rings, or some other material mixture, you’re certain to find one that’s for you below.

#10 – Garage Fit Wooden Rings

Garage Fit Wood Gymnastic Rings


  • Very sturdy
  • Straps come in different colors
  • Solid grip


  • Will be ruined if left out in the rain

The gold standard of gymnast rings is that they are fully adjustable, and these rings have a 15-foot strap that can be used to set them to a variety of heights. The wood finish gives the lifter a firm grip during use.

If they do not become wet, the wood will not lose its integrity and will retain its original strength.

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#9 – Vulcan Gymnastics Rings

Vulcan Quality Gymnastics Ring


  • Easily transported
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made from resilient material


  • Slightly expensive

The ABS plastic material these rings are crafted from makes them nearly unable to be destroyed. In the event that something catastrophic were to happen, however, they also come with a lifetime warranty.

Their light weight and portability makes them perfect for traveling or outdoor training. They also ship for free within one or two business days, allowing the buyer to get started fairly quickly after purchase.

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#8 – Evolutionize Power Gymnastic Rings (Steel Rings + Competition Straps)

Evolutionize Power Gymnastic Rings (steel Rings + Competition Straps)


  • Very durable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Unique strap system


  • Straps could be longer

These rings are unique in the fact that they have a strap system that allows both rings to easily be set to an even height, rather than struggling to match them individually.

They are crafted from stainless steel with a powder coat finish, making them durable and easy to grip during use. They also have a lifetime money-back guarantee if the customer is dissatisfied.

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#7 – oFitness Wood Gymnastic Rings for Full Body Strength Training

Ofitness Wood Gymnastic Rings For Full Body Strength Training


  • Straps can hold up to 600 pounds
  • Wood is very sturdy
  • Affordable


  • Money back guarantee could be longer

Made from sturdy wood, these rings are crafted wider than normal in order to offer more comfort for the user. The straps are strong enough to be thrown over a power rack, pull up bar, or even a tree branch.

There is a 90-day money back guarantee if the consumer is not satisfied.

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#6 – PROCIRCLE Wood Gymnastic Rings

Procircle Best Wood Gymnastic Rings


  • 15-foot straps will never break
  • Lifetime warranty
  • One of the most high quality rings available


  • If not on sale, the rings can be pricey

PROCIRCLE manufactures some of the best gymnastic rings on the market. With a total capacity that can hold up to 800 pounds, it is virtually impossible to break the straps.

Setup takes less than three minutes, leaving the user with plenty of time to complete their workout.

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#5 – NEXPro Wood Gymnastic Rings

Nexpro Wood Gymnastic Rings


  • One of the best wooden gymnastic rings available
  • Supports all bodyweight exercises
  • Designed for added stability


  • Although it has an easy fix, some users have issues with strap slippage

Saving money is always good, which makes these rings a great choice for those looking to switch up their training.

A set of these is all you need to get started safely and efficiently.

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#4 – Elite – Gymnastic Rings

Top Rated Gymnastic Rings For Crossfit Training


  • Comes with a bonus jump rope
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Fairly priced


  • Only color available is gray

Strap slipping is a major concern buyers have when looking for the best gymnastic rings. Rings from Elite Sportz are guaranteed not to slip during use.

Their polycarbonate plastic build gives the rings a solid foundation while maximizing grip and comfort.

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#3 – Titan Fitness Wood Gymnastics Rings

Titan Fitness 8 Inch Diameter Wood Gymnastics Rings


  • Very quick setup
  • Very cheap when on sale
  • Extra wide for maximum grip


  • No warranty

Titan Fitness produces rings with considerable width so that they can be grasped effectively and comfortably. Having the extra grip can help with every single movement that the trainee undergoes using the rings.

With their easy-to-use adjustable straps, setup takes only seconds; other brands have the potential to take much longer and cause frustration.

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#2 – Nayoya Gymnastic Rings for Crossfit Training

Nayoya Quality Gymnastic Rings For Full Body Strength And Crossfit Training


  • One of the strongest available
  • Made from polycarbonate plastic
  • Can be set up quickly virtually anywhere


  • Straps must be fed through the clip correctly, or else they will slip

Polycarbonate is superior to ABS plastic when crafting gymnastic rings because it solves one major issue: sweaty hands. Nayoya Gymnastic Rings are one of the most sturdy on the market due to being able to support a colossal 2,000 pounds.

As long as the location is safe, they can hang.

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#1 – Vulcan Elite Wood Gymnastics Rings

Vulcan Elite Wood Best Gymnastic Rings


  • Free shipping
  • Excellent grip
  • Crafted from birch wood


  • Depending on one’s budget, they can be costly

There’s a reason Vulcan rings consistently top gymnastic rings reviews: they excel in every category. These specific rings are made from birch wood, which is tougher and more durable than the wood used to manufacture other wooden rings.

Vulcan rings are at the top of the market, and for good reason; they have unparalleled quality.

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Final Say

Ring training is an excellent way to increase strength and muscularity. Gymnastic rings reviews are a great resource to consult before spending money on something that may end up being a cheap imitation of what one could have. Choose the set of rings perfect for you and get to work!

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