The best gym clothes can mean the difference between a feel good workout and an enduring one. One of the key things to get right when starting and sustaining a workout regimen is the right apparel.

Not all fabric types are created equal and meant to be used for all workout routines, knowing the differences, what to look for, and where to get them is crucial in ensuring you’re well equipped and worry free.

Highest Rated Gym Clothes for Men

We did the research for you and put together some of the best gym clothes for men and women below. Feel free to read through the brief gym clothes guide, and review our favorite picks for each category.

Share your experience in the comments section if you feel something should be added.

Best Men’s Workout T-Shirt

Best T Shirt For Working Out

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A wonderful piece of workout clothing from none other than HYLETE, this shirt has an insanely great feel that is a result of quality material used. No need to worry about it getting stretched out, even after constant gym use. It comes in black and red (though the black one is our favorite), this shirt achieves super softness through usage of tri-blend fabric, your skins best friend.

We like this one because you can easily wear it in style outside the gym as well; it also has the perfect amount of stretch for ideal training movement comfort.For only $35 we think this is an easy steal!

Best Men’s Workout Sweatshirt

Best Sweatshirts For Working Out

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When it comes to basketball, we all know that Jordan is easily the greatest of all time. This sweatshirt, which is made by his clothing line, lives up to that reputation.

The cotton and polyester blend provide unparalleled comfort and softness. The rib crew neck has taping on the interior for durability, but it feels good on your skin as well, and so does the rest of the piece.

Whether you’re hooping or hitting the weights, this sweatshirt will have you looking great but feeling even better.

Best Men’s Workout Hoodie

Best Hoodie For Working Out

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When it comes to the best gym clothes, Under Armour has steadily been working on taking over the industry. Some may argue that it already has, as we see it everywhere, especially in sports arenas.

But you don’t need to be a professional athlete to have the best gear, which is why we love this fleece hoodie by Under Armour. Made from 80% cotton + 20% polyester, it’s warm but comfy.

While the polyester helps to keep the moisture from lingering around and makes sure it’s pushed outside to evaporate, the cotton retains the heat. The hood has a mesh liner, and as you can tell by the picture, there is a kangaroo pocket on the front to keep the hands warm as well.

Best Men’s Workout Gloves

Best Gloves For Working Out

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Simply the best any of us here at GymVentures have worn! Strong, durable, amazing grip, 4-way stretch fabric makes stretching a breeze, we could go on for a while.

Easy to put on and even easier to pull off, finger-less so the phone can be operated if need be as well. Best of all is that they are strategically padded to reduce pressure and prevent calluses and blisters!

The wrist support ensures your hands stay protected and injury-free; and the padding mixed with stretch ability ensures the muscles you are targeting are being worked and not just your hands. Don’t be shy about the compliments you get on how stylish they are either.

Best Men’s Workout Hat

Best Hats For Working Out

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One thing that is surprisingly very hard to find a prefect fit/feel for is a gym hat. Luckily, this hat solves that problem, by a long shot! It combines tech with style and manifests it in the form of this 100% soft actlylic, doubled knitted beanie gym hat. It has a built in Bluetooth stereo headset that lets you cruise through your workouts with your favorite music.

Not only is the sound quality great and it pairs with your cell phone, but the hat is so comfortable that you wouldn’t even guess there was a speaker inside. Another awesome thing about this hat for working out is that you can remove the headphones and throw it in the washing machine!

Best Men’s Gym Shorts

Best Shorts For Working Out

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This simple, yet superior, mens soccer short is not only perfect for the gym, but for lazy summer days and nights as well. The 100% polyester fabric means it’s super lightweight and comfy, but the kicker is in it’s climacool technology which ensures proper moisture and heat ventilation management. Super awesome for the gym as the freedom of movement is not constrained one bit by this affordable lightweight soccer/gym short.

Best Men’s Workout Sweatpants

Best Sweatpants For Working Out

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Three words: made for comfort. These are super comfy and fast drying, they are technologically designed to pull the sweat away from the skip and oscillate it to the outside of the sweatpants; where the sweat eventually evaporates into thin air, and leaves you body dry and fresh.

These sweatpants were engineered with athletes in mind, which is why they are the perfect addition to your gym clothes. They’ve been put to the test in the lab for athletic performance, so you can rest assured they can handle the gains!

Best Men’s Workout Underwear

Best Men’s Underwear For Working Out

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They dont have the word “under” in their brand for no apparent reason, Under Armour takes base layers pretty seriously. When it comes to this ultra soft, smooth and comfy polyester and elastance fabric blend underwear, they made no exception in their philosophy.

It literally feels like you have nothing on, the fabric has a next-to-skin feel and moves with your range of motion as if it wasn’t even there. As if the comfort wasn’t enough, Under Armour also equipped these with an advanced moisture transport system, keeping you cool and dry, while the anti-odor technology prohibits the odor-causing microbes from hanging out down there!

Best Men’s Gym Shoes

Best Men’s Shoes For Working Out

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Created by one of the world’s best sport lifestyle companies, the Cell Surin shoe is a true gem. Light, sleek, and modern, our go-to shoes for before, after, and during workouts.

The upper portion of the shoes is made from synthetic overlays with half bottie construction, ensuring a safe yet comfortable fit. Super durable, as the outsole is made out of quality rubber and features ventilating perforations at toe and heel.

You really can’t go wrong with these as a perfect choice for your gym shoes or running shoes.

Best Men’s Workout Socks

Best Men’s Socks For Working Out

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Socks can be easy to overlook. Most people are happy with whatever ones are the cheapest, but mainly because most people have never put on a pair of technologically advanced high performance gym socks.

The difference is colossal. Made in USA with 54% merino wool, 43% nylon, and 4% elastane; this ultra light workout sock is super durable, has superior ventilation for temperature and moisture management, and has an essentially seamless toe.

It was built with high performance in mind, which means that it provides greater stretch and recovery to keep it in place, and the patented ReliaWool tech can be found in the high impact areas. This sock is not cushioned, thus it ensures a perfect-fit in any performance shoe.

Highest Rated Gym Clothes for Women

Now we move on to the ladies selection. Here are some of our favorites.

Best Women’s T-Shirt

Best Women’s T Shirt For Working Out

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A perfect workout t-shirt for women by none other than Under Armour, the leading sports lifestyle company. This 100% polyester gym shirt embodies signature moisture transport system sweat-wicking, anti-odor technology.

You’ll look athletic by simply wearing one of the many different colors that the shirt comes in. Pairs well with capris, sweat, leggings, pretty much everything. It’s also super soft, providing all-day comfort, should you choose to wear it outside the gym as well in style.

Best Women’s Sweatshirt

Best Womens Sweatshirts For Working Out

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Guaranteed to make you the most stylish person in the gym, on the run trail, or wherever you happen to wear this thumb-hole designed sweatshirt. Made from 50% nylon, 38% polyester, and 12% spandex, it combines three amazing fitness clothing materials into one awesome anti-snag fabricated sweatshirt for working out.

The trims and logo are color reflective, so if you’re running at dawn, you’re bound to be noticed. Overall an awesome sweatshirt from New Balance, designed with the help of their outdoor athletes.

Best Women’s Hoodie

Best Hoodies For Working Out

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You’ll love this pullover hoodie with kangaroo pockets for a few reasons. First of all, it’s simple style is more than admirable, because behind it is a high performance design for the most intense training regiments. Made from 100% polyester, this hoodie also has thumb-holes to keep your form while running.

It’s super light and quick drying, but more importantly it’s climalite technology pulls the sweat from your body and outwards to the hoodies surface, where it evaporates and leaves you fresh and clean. Gym clothes for women don’t come any better than this, and you have 5 color choices to choose from.

Best Women’s Gloves

Best Womens Gloves For Working Out

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Ladies love these for their style, but there is so much more to them than good looks. These gym gloves for women first of all come with a free bonus in the form of a sports headband AND a 1 year replacement guarantee! Crown Gear combined fashion with functionality with these durable workout gloves designed for support and protection.

Whether you are lifting weights, biking, doing Crossfit or some other exercise, the industrial-strength training material and stitching will live up to any test. Prevent blisters, calluses, and reduce hand fatigue, while looking stylish! Easy to put on and take off.

Best Women’s Workout Hat

Best Womens Hats For Working Out

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Don’t leave for the gym without it! And don’t be surprised if you’re the envy of the gym and have people asking you where you bought this amazing bluetooth equipped gym hat. Combining in perfect harmony style and functionality with technology.

This double knitted beanie will keep your head warm, hair in place, all while playing your favorite song through its latest Blutooth V4.1 technology. Pairs with cell phones, tablets, and any other device with Blutooth, wirelessly, up to 30 feet! You can easily answer or hang up calls through it’s user friendly control panel, simply put, it’s your future favorite hat for working out.

Best Women’s Workout Shorts

Best Women’s Shorts For Working Out

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These cute knit woven, anti-microbial, stretch waistband shorts are one of our absolute favorites! Whether you’re going on a run, to the gym, or simply watching Netflix at home, they’re super comfy!

Made from a blend of 87% polyester and 13% elastane, it comes complete with an hidden inspirational message on the inside of it to help you pick yourself up when in need of some motivation. Best of all? It’s water resistant and eco-friendly, as the material is recycled.

Best Women’s Sweatpants

Best Womens Sweatpants For Working Out

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These running yoga pants have so much to offer, which is why we love them so much. Super comfortable and smooth, with the high waistband sitting high and close to your body. A simple pull on closure, it takes your body’s shape for a perfect fit. It even contains a hidden interior waistband pocket for your credit card or key.

Essentially, these are the best gym sweatpants for women who do yoga, or any other type of workout. They’re even great for everyday wear around the house or out and about running errands; super soft, durable, and soothingly comfortable you may not want to take them off.

Best Women’s Workout Underwear

Best Women’s Underwear For Working Out

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Everynow and then the gym clothes for women section will produce a must have item. This is one of those.

A must have Mons Royale signature wide waistband workout underwear for women, made from 95% merino and 5% elastane, they are extremely soft and lightweight. No ride, low leg cut manufactured with high performance in mind, this piece will take anything you can throw at it.

Best Women’s Gym Shoes

Best Women’s Shoes For Working Out

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These stylish mesh cross-trainers with a rubber sole are the perfect lightweight addition to your gym clothes collection. They have an inner sleeve that is neoprene-inspired and gives added comfort and support during training.

Ladies love how lightweight and durable Nike made this shoe, as well as it’s breathability and zonal support! Whatever exercise it is you plan on doing, this shoe can handle it. Whether that be cardio, core, weight lifting, running, or some other gym exercise, the multi-directional movement design of this Nike gym sneaker will provide you with superior performance support.

Best Women’s Workout Socks

Best Women’s Socks For Working Out

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These are not only the best running socks, but probably the best gym socks period. The cushioned low cut style will fit well with any running, tennis, sports or weightlifting shoes. The superior design offers multiple cushions, such as the extra padding on the metatarsal, Achilles, and the heel; all of which provide abrasion protection.

These socks are designed to help your feet prevent bruising and pain caused by intense workouts and runs. No need to worry about odor as the Coolmax Fabric is designed to move moisture away from the feet, keeping them cool and dry.

Gym Clothes Guide: Myths, Tips, & Fabric Types

guide to essential gym clothes for men and women

We know you’re excited to jump in and get your hands on some awesome new workout clothes, but let’s first take a look at some of the commonly raised questions/concerns people face when buying fitness clothing.

Below we touch upon some of the key features to keep in mind when shopping for fitness gear, we address and provide examples of the different types of clothing fabrics used in making fitness apparel, and finally we address the commonly heard gym clothes myths.

What to Look for When Buying Workout Clothing?

Most people say they do not care what they wear to the gym or while working out, however, most people say that before the sweat and discomfort kicks in.

Wearing the right gym clothes can be the difference maker between a successful feel good workout, and a “yuck” feeling mid-way through your exercise routine.

For example, running in the cold and having your sweat soaked up by your shirt should not be followed up by a sobering cold shiver caused by the ice cold wind freely flowing through the fabric of your workout clothes.

Investing in some good workout clothes can go a long way in making sure you aren’t annoyed on top of being sweaty and exhausted.

Let’s have a look at some of the elements to keep in mind when buying the best gym clothes to help you deal with discomfort.


Comfort is key, if you’re not comfortable then your focus will shift away from the workout and onto trying to adjust your clothing for comfort.

You should avoid clothes with fabrics that tend to irritate or chafe the skin as you are repeatedly moving your limbs and body. By wearing gym clothes made out of material which lets you move your body without restrictions while exercising, you will increase your comfort-ability.

Look for gym clothes that are low on the spandex material in their composition, as they will allow you a greater range of motion while exercising; and a comfy fit without the skin-tight feel.

When shopping for workout clothes, focus more on how the clothes fit you more so than what the size of the clothing is. Athletic clothing sizes can be deceiving for most people, as workout clothes are sometimes smaller and focus more on form fitting than what you’re used to in regular clothes.

Technologically Advanced

We do live in some pretty cool times when it comes to technology, and advancements have been made in the manufacturing of tech-savvy clothing material.

For example, many modern workout clothes are manufactured to have anti-microbial odor treatments embedded in them to fight off the stench that used to be omnipresent in the gym.

Others have ultra-violet protection built into them to help your skin shield off the sometimes detrimental sun rays. A very important element to keep in mind if you have sensitive skin.

If you’re someone who loves to run in the dark, maybe that is the only time you can, there are clothes that literally glow-in-the-dark and provide visibility to the drivers on the road who otherwise may not notice you.

Let’s say your exercise preference is hiking, but you are worried about Lyme disease. Buying clothes that have Permethrin in their composition will help you in your endeavors; Permethrin is a synthetic form of the natural insect repellent which can be found in chrysanthemums.

Don’t let petty fears prevent you from working out, chances are technology has dealt with many problems you may be faced with; you just have to look at the product label and read the benefits.


Often times you can probably buy one or two quality pieces that have the potential to last you throughout the seasons, as opposed to buying 5 to 7 different items.

Layering can save you money over the year, as well as provide a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor workouts. Workout clothes that layer easily are versatile and a time/money saver.

A good approach to ensure you’re layered up is to start with a dry moisture-wicking layer (a wicking tank top or shirt should do), then throw on a somewhat warmer layer on top of it, perhaps a pullover fleece.

To finish off, throw on a windproof and/or waterproof windbreaker if you’re heading outdoors.

TIP: The best deals on outerwear can be found during the off-season; retailers tend to sell them at steep discounts then.

Wicking Ability

We mentioned wicking ability a little above, and here is why its important. For those of us that perspire like there’s no tomorrow, it is important to have a base layer that keeps us comfy and dry.

Synthetic materials such as Lycra and Polyester are a good place to start in achieving that goal, as they are designed to dry quickly, and keep us warm in the cold winter days and cool in the hot summer days.

Nature lovers who prefer their materials be all-natural will find the same benefits in wool and bamboo workout shirts. Wool and bamboo shirts are known to naturally wick away moisture as well.

Activity Appropriate

Another very important thing to keep in mind is the appropriateness of the clothes you are wearing or looking to buy, for the activity you plan to use it for.

If you’re looking to buy some clothes for cycling for example, you’re definitely going to want to steer away from anything too baggy. Anyone that’s ridden a bike in baggy clothes can attest as to how impractical it is.

Similarly, if you’re wearing something loose on top and plan to get creative in Yoga class, chances are the shirt will either leave you exposed or make it difficult to achieve the position, or both.

Sometimes you’ll find something that looks amazing and you simply just need to buy it. When you find yourself in this situation, take a step back, head to the fitting room and think it over.

Try our some of your signature exercise moves in it, ponder about the activities you plan to use the shirt, pants, or whichever item you’re looking at; if it passes all the tests, only then should you head to checkout.

Perfect Fit

When something fits well and feels right, you just know it. And if you’re going to be in the gym all the time on a quest to achieve superior aesthetics, why not wear an outfit that brings out your best features, as opposed to a baggy one that you may be tempted to hide underneath.

Another good thing to keep in mind is that once you do find a perfect fit, such as a pair of black yoga pants, or an amazing performance T-shirt, buying it in black or gray will ensure you’ll be able to wear it for a long period of time, as most items in those colors never really go “out of style” as many other fitness trends tend to do.

Does the Fabric of Gym Clothes Matter?

Both men and women can greatly benefit from wearing the best workout clothes; comfy clothes make workouts more enjoyable and in turn make you more productive.

While it is true, and we firmly believe, that you can have a good exercise regiment with minimal gear and fitness equipment.

Having the right gear however helps you maintain and sustain the focus and discipline, and the benefits of having the right gym clothes and workout gear cannot be stressed enough.

Heaviness, chaffing, shrinkage, tearing, and sogginess are just some of the burdens fitness enthusiasts face with poorly selected gym clothe on their gym ventures.

All this points in one direction, which is the fact that choosing the right type of clothing fabric/material for your workout clothes matters.

Types of Fitness Apparel Fabrics

The great thing is that over the past fifteen years there has literally been a renaissance of sort in the world of fabrics.

Just two decades ago people would have given anything to have the options that we often take for granted at present. No more heavy traditional cotton sweat suits, we’ve gone more than beyond that and designed some awesome gym clothes for men and women over the years.

Below we’ll take a look at the various fabric types, their benefits, drawbacks, and you’ll even see some of them used in the recommended name brands in this article that we’ve researched and examined for you.

Each one of these materials has one or more purposes, whether it be to maintain dryness of the skin, keep you warm, shield you from windchill, cool you off, or help you be more visible.

TIP: Keep in mind that if you’re exercising outdoors you’ll most likely need to dress in layers.


Can you say, “au naturel?”

Bamboo clothing fabric is a natural, light, breathable, and moisture-wicking triple threat. The kicker being that it is capable of shielding your skin from detrimental ultraviolet sun rays.

Gym clothes with bamboo for both women and men are known to feel amazingly soft, keep odors at bay, regulate body temperature, and as mentioned keep your skin protected at UPF 50+.

Bamboo fitness clothing is one of the most versatile types of performance materials and some of the best workout gear on the market utilizes it.

Performance brands that mix chem-free bamboo with wool, organic cotton, and/or spandex to produce some awesome workout clothes include:

Bamboo gym clothes for women:
Boody Organic Bamboo Women’s 3/4 Legging
Boody Organic Bamboo Women’s Cami

Bamboo gym clothes for men:
Tasc Performance Men’s Fitness Training Short
Men’s Ultra Soft Bamboo V Neck T-Shirt / Undershirt


Renown for it’s comfortableness, cotton gym clothes are also notorious for absorbing sweat and tearing up the skin on long runs and workouts.

Anyone whose ever done it knows that wearing cotton socks on a humid day is just asking for trouble. The feet become soft, wet, and blisters are common.

All the drawbacks aside, cotton does have benefits other than its comfort factor. A recent study conducted in Belgium found that the fabric doesn’t give off as much post-workout odors as polyester does.

So when deciding on cotton, keep in mind that its good for things like Yoga, light to medium weight training, and other low-sweat activities. But for high sweat workouts, it’s probably best to go with a fabric that doesn’t soak up and retain sweat as much.

Performance brands that use cotton in their athletic wear:

Cotton gym clothes for women:
iLoveSIA® Women’s Tights
Keywee Women’s Casual Cotton Pants

Cotton gym clothes for men:
Russell Athletic Men’s Cotton Performance Baseline Short
Mens Ribbed Workout Tank Top by Pitbull


In the apparel world, nylon has been traditionally used in manufacturing women’s stockings.

But this soft as silk, quick drying, and mildew resistant synthetic fabric has made it’s way into the modern world of fitness clothes with a point to prove.

Not only does nylon dry quickly, but it also let’s your body breathe easily during extraneous workouts and wicks the sweat from your body to the surface of the fabric, from where it evaporates and does not linger on after exercising.

Nylon is like the opposite of cotton when it comes to sweaty workouts, it can stand up to the most sweat enduring regiments. But it is also comfortable as the stretch ability of the material allows your body to move in every direction.

TIP: Nylon gym clothes are great for outdoor training, especially on windy and cool days.

Performance brands that use nylon in their athletic wear to help you battle the elements:

Nylon gym clothes for women:
Baleaf Women’s Yoga Workout Capri Legging
Baleaf Women’s Workout Boy Cut Shorts

Nylon gym clothes for men:
Inbike Winter Men’s Fleeced Work Out Pants 3D Cutted
adidas Performance Men’s Essential Woven Pant

Polyester Synthetic Fibers

Polyester is pretty much omnipresent in any sports good store or online retailer of fitness clothes. It’s amazing that what is otherwise a plastic cloth can be of so much benefit.

Chances are there are many clothes in your closet right now that contain this fabric, you can find out just by looking at their labels.

There is a reason for its wide usage, of course. It has shown itself to be extremely durable, lightweight, breathable, non-absorbent, and wrinkle-resistant.

The breathe-ability and non-absorbent aspect of polyester means that the moisture you emit will evaporate instead of being soaked in by the workout clothes.

It is also a repellent of UV rays and acts as an insulator even when it is wet. The only drawback of polyester gym clothes is that synthetic material tends to foster bacteria growth, which leads to odor; also it doesn’t dry as quickly as nylon and polypropylene.

All of these benefits is why leading brands use polyester in their top items such as:

Polyester gym clothes for women:
ASICS Women’s Team 3/4 Capri Tights
Women’s Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirt

Polyester gym clothes for men:
Nike Men’s Epic Training Workout Pants
PUMA Men’s Evo Savannah Sweatshirt


This fabric is made out of plastic, just like polyester. However, unlike polyester, it is completely water-resistant.

That means that even if you’re dripping in sweat after a long run or a hard workout, and the outside of the shirt is wet, what is touching your skin is totally dry.

This makes polypropylene the perfect base layer, as it forces the moisture to pass through it’s fibers and through to the surface, where it eventually evaporates.

If you’re in need of workout clothes for those rainy days, consider looking at ones with a high level of polypropylene.

Performance brands that use polypropylene in their athletic wear to help you battle the elements:

Polypropylene gym clothes for women:
ColdPruf Women’s Enthusiast Single Layer Top
ColdPruf Women’s Enthusiast Single Layer Bottom

Polypropylene gym clothes for women:
ColdPruf Men’s Enthusiast Single Layer Long-Sleeve Crew-Neck
ColdPruf Men’s Single-Layer Pant


Spandex, as it is most commonly known, but also by the brand name Lycra, is the king (or queen) of stretch and form-fit.

Most commonly found in swimming gear, sports bras, compression shorts and biker shorts. This material can expand to almost 600% of it’s size and then contract back to normal.

It’s main benefits include the fact that its very elastic, does not retain water, very light weight, and also very soft on your skin. Therefore, it offers freedom of movement, minimum chafing, great comfort, and wicks moisture.

The drawback of spandex is that it is not as breathable as some of the other fabrics. As well as its susceptible to degrade in chlorine.

Performance brands that use spandex in their athletic wear to help you freely move around:

Spandex gym clothes for women:
Nike Pro Bra
Women’s Nike Pro Cool Short

Spandex gym clothes for men:
Champion Men’s Powerflex Compression Short
DRSKIN-DB01 Compression Tight Pants Base Layer


This awesome material is made from wood pulp, is similar to bamboo, and is one of our favorites!

It is composed of small hairs, or tiny fibrils if you know you materials, and they give this fabric sweat-wicking powers as well as a soft luxurious texture.

Praised as “softer than silk and cooler than linen” by many manufacturers and consumers alike, Tencel is eco-friendly (it’s biodegradable), it breathes easily, and doesn’t wrinkle.

Overall, it is super strong and simultaneously super soft, so you’ll look good and feel good at the same time.

Performance brands that use Tencel in their athletic wear:

Tencel gym clothes for women:
Royal Robbins Women’s Essential Tencel Cowl Neck Style Shirt
Gaiam Women’s Harem Ruched Legging

Tencel gym clothes for men:
Wigwam Single Trax Pro Socks
Spyder Men’s Driver Pants


Can you think of wool and not associate it with cold winter days and nights? We couldn’t either for a while.

However, athletic gear manufacturers are slowly but surely subduing the stereotypical view of wool clothing.

By introducing some awesome wool fitness apparel that have within them the natural wicking ability, odor resistance, and profound durability. Wool is also natural and renewable, which makes it very eco-friendly.

Wool also creates pockets that naturally trap air, which is why historically it was used to keep us warm; and is still serving this purpose actually.

Nowadays you can find wool from socks to underwear to pretty much any other fitness clothing. For example one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, Nike, blends wool with its Dri-FIT polyester to create a superior fabric that is moisture and insulation friendly.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of good wool workout clothing:

Wool gym clothes for women:
Minus33 Merino Wool Women’s Ossipee Midweight Crew
Minus33 Merino Wool Women’s Appalachia Lightweight Short Sleeve Crew

Wool gym clothes for men:
Icebreaker Men’s Rapid Zip
Tasc Performance Men’s Kootenay Ultrafine 18.5 Micron Merino Wool Half Zip Hood


If you’re the type that obsesses about odor during or post-workout, this material is your savior.

It’s secret is: silver.

The heavy metal is antimicrobial, and so the material does not grow any fungi or bacteria colonies within it as you are lifting, running, climbing, or whatever activity you happen to be doing.

It’s durability, it wont wash out or stop working (and it doesn’t stretch over time), is why the big brands like North Face and Lululemon are jumping on board and producing fitness clothing with this fabric as one of the key materials.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of good gym clothes that contain the X-STATIC material:

X-STATIC gym clothes for women:
– Spyder Womens Olympian X Static Top Pink 9
Forrester Golf- Ladies Short Sleeve Polo

X-STATIC gym clothes for men:
- Hayabusa Metaru 47 Silver Rashguard Short Sleeve Shirt
- Hayabusa Men’s Metaru 47 Silver Compression Pants

Common Gym Clothes Myths

As with anything else, rumors and myths somehow get started and simply take off exponentially; workout clothes myths are no exception.

What works for one or two or even one hundred people, may not work for you. Which is why it’s always best to take everything people say with a grain of salt and a skeptic viewpoint until you find out for yourself.

These gym clothes myths are some of the things to keep in mind when buying the right gym clothes for men or women; so let us debunk them, shall we?

Myth 1: Cotton is the best fabric for workout clothes.

As we’ve discussed in this post on multiple occasion, this depends on what you plan to use the cotton workout clothes for. Because, actually, cotton is not that great for sweaty exercises.

By wearing cotton to the gym you risk the cotton apparel soaking up the sweat and weighing you down. So if you’re on a high intensity workout routine, you can honestly just forget about it unless there is another reason you must wear it.

A good mixture if you do like cotton, is to go with a cotton/nylon fabric blend, which will bridge the moisture-wicking side of nylon with the warm side of cotton; and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer days.

Alternatively, if you’re doing Pilates, or Yoga or some other stretch exercise that requires muscle flexing and bending, you’ll be best off with Spandex. As it will move along with your body with ease.

Cotton itself is not the most stretchable fabric, so a blend of cotton/polyester will give you move-ability if you’d still prefer to go with a somewhat cotton fabric.

Myth 2: Always buy workout clothes in dark colors so you’ll look slimmer.

While this is not entirely false, it is dependent on a few things that we’ll tackle here and prove why it ultimately doesn’t hold true across the board.

It is true, darker colors make us look classy, slim, and even sophisticated. But what about if you plan to exercise outdoors in your dark workout clothes?

Cyclists, runners, walkers, and others that do outdoor exercises know that darker gym clothes colors spell trouble all around.

During the day in the sun, the darker colors attract sunlight and bake your body like a DiGiorno pizza; during the night, they render you invisible to drivers and other pedestrians.

Yes, you can add some reflective material and workaround it that way, but even still, light colors are much easier to spot at dawn or in the dark. So think twice about buying into this myth if you exercise outdoors.

Myth 3: When it comes to gym clothes, a loose fit is best.

Another one of those myths that depends so much on what your workouts consist of that it is rendered false.

In the gym, semi-fitted capri pants, or yoga pants for ladies, are the way to go. If the shorts are your preference you should stick with them, but if they are too loose, you run the risk of them getting caught on a piece of the machine and annoying you.

This is especially also true of items that have drawstrings, as they are notorious for getting caught between the weight stacks. Pretty much anything too loose and/or that has flowing material should be avoided as it is bound to get caught in the gym weight stacks.

Myth 4: Tee shirts are the perfect thing to wear on top.

When it comes to both gym clothes for men and women, we love t-shirts! So, it is a bit surprising that we would take the time to debunk this myth then.

But in the spirit of honesty and transparency, we are willing to let the truth be heard, and the truth is: T-shirts are not always the perfect thing to wear while working out!

Sleeveless tops are actually much more comfortable and do not trap moisture as your body is sweating in the same way that t-shirts do.

Something to keep in mind either way, when buying t-shirts or sleeveless shirts, are the tags. You’re better off going with flat seams and skip the bedazzling or anything else that can annoy your workout by scratching/rubbing against your skin.

Myth 5: A sports bra really isn’t necessary unless you’re into high-impact aerobic exercise.

To the contrary! A good sports bra happens to be an essential piece when it comes to women’s gym clothes. Some workout shirts for women will even come pre-equipped with a built in sports bra.

If yours doesn’t happen to have a built in one, however, get a supportive bra with a racer-back or a T-back design to make sure the straps don’t slip off the shoulders.

As mentioned all throughout this article, cotton gym clothes soak up sweat, so avoid cotton sports bras and look for ones made with wicking material; a polyester blend will ensure you have a comfortable workout.

Myth 6: The best way to buy good gym clothes is offline.

Though many people firmly hold this belief to be an absolute truth, we politely disagree.

By getting to know your body, anticipating weight loss or weight gain (if you’re bulking) will serve as a great starting point in getting the best gym clothes online.

A mere five minutes of measuring yourself, examining the clothes you already own that fit you best and marking down their size, will provide you with a great metric: your clothing size, no matter whether you’re buying the gym clothes online or offline.

There are even apps out there that let you input all your data in and create a digital copy of your body on your phone, so in case you ever forget, you can just pull out your phone while shopping for workout clothes online.

TIP: Be sure to check out the online retailers size chart and read the user reviews on what they received. This will ensure you get the best deal for your money!


Hopefully you’ve seen something you like in this collection of the best gym clothes for both men and women. One final thing to take away from it all is that workout clothes can have a profound impact on your performance, and you should choose clothes that you feel the most comfortable in.