There are great advantages to owning a reliable and effective glute ham developer. Your glutes are a muscle group composed of the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus.

They are responsible for much more than an attractive backside. If you climb stairs, sit or stand often, or lift heavy objects, you are using your glutes.

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Why Invest In an GHD Machine?

Strong glutes can give you better posture, relieve pain in the hips, prevent injury, increase athletic performance, build bone density, and help you maintain a healthy weight.

10 Highest Rated GHD Machines for Glutes

Your glutes and hamstrings work together to balance your weight and keep you mobile. Here are ten glute and ham developers designed to keep your glutes strong and flexible.

#10 – RAGE Glute-Ham Developer

Rage Glute Ham Developer


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to adjust for multiple users
  • High density foam makes it comfortable to use


  • Some users feel the machine is too light

The RAGE Glute-Ham Developer is constructed out of sturdy 11-gauge steel. Its half-moon split pads are made of high-density foam for durability and to make using the developer comfortable.

Changing between users is quick and easy with a single point, pop pin, making this an ideal machine for a home gym or commercial gym.

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#9 – GHD Exercise and Crossfit Machine by Yukon

Ghd Exercise And Crossfit Machine By Yukon


  • Inexpensive
  • Combo machine works abs and back
  • Adjustable for multiple users


  • Male users may feel uncomfortable without a split pad

If you are looking for the best ghd machine for your money, the GHD Exercise and Crossfit Machine by Yukon has plenty to offer and is priced at under $300.

This machine allows you to workout your abs and back muscles in addition to your glutes and hamstrings. It is adjustable to accommodate multiple users and has an 8 inch pad seat.

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#8 – CFF Pro Series Floor Glute Ham Developer – GHD

Cff Pro Series Floor Glute Ham Developer Ghd


  • Great for users with knee problems
  • Low to the ground and takes up little space
  • Weight capacity of 500 pounds


  • Tall users may not benefit from the knee protection

If you have knee problems, the best glute ham developer for you may be the CFF Pro Series GHD.

This developer is designed with a unique tiered padding that redistributes the weight of the exercise from your knees to your calves and ankles. It also prevents cheating and takes up little very little space. Heavier individuals also may feel more comfortable with this floor height model.

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#7 – Valor Athletics Lower Body Gym

Valor Athletics Lower Body Gym


  • Guide rods make mounting and dismounting the machine easier
  • Diamond steel base for better traction
  • Handle and wheels make it easy to move


  • Pricier than other models

The Lower Body Gym is a very sturdy, durable machine with a weighted base that can safely accommodate a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

It includes solid steel guide rods to help you get mount it easier and safer as well as a rotating roller pad, for your comfort. The diamond steel base improves traction and overall safety.

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#6 – CFF Glute Ham Developer – GHD-GHR

Cff Glute Ham Developer Ghd Ghr


  • Tall users can use safely and effectively
  • Sturdy 9 gauge steel construction
  • Excellent for personal or commercial gym use


  • May need more space to use

If you are looking for the best ghd machine on the market today, the Glute Ham Developer and GHR by CFF, deserves a second look.

Unlike other models, this GHD machine can accommodate tall users thanks to its larger, sturdier base. It is made of extra strong 9 gauge steel for durability and offers additional exercises courtesy of a reversible foot plate.

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#5 – York Barbell Glute Ham Developer

York Barbell Glute Ham Developer


  • Numerous horizontal positions for the comfort of multiple users
  • Split roller pads for maximum comfort
  • Vertical adjustments on knee and ankle pads


  • Much pricier than other models

The York Barbell GHD is one of the most adjustable GHD machines out there today. It has 29 horizontal positions for optimum comfort and flexibility for multiple users, making it a great machine for a commercial gym.

It also has twin pad rollers and knee pads and ankle stabilizer pads that are adjustable vertically, to further improve comfort and ease of use.

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#4 – CAP Strength Roman Chair

Cap Strength Roman Chair


  • Very inexpensive
  • Great for a home gym
  • Helps you perform a variety of exercises


  • Lack of padding and rollers could be less comfortable

The best glute ham developer for someone on a shoestring budget has to be the CAP Strength Roman Chair. It expands to be able to balance taller users and has a maximum weight of 300 pounds, comparable to much pricier models.

It weighs a mere 40 pounds, making it easy to move for home gym use. At less than $100, its price can’t be beat.

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#3 – Vulcan Strength Glute Ham Developer/Raise

Vulcan Strength Glute Ham Developer


  • Accommodates users from 5 to 7 feet tall
  • Commercial grade construction
  • Step riser for easy mount and dismount


  • Riser has a narrow space for foot placement

The GHD by Vulcan Strength is a great option for commercial gyms. It offers a lifetime warranty on the frame as well as 6 months on moving parts and 3 months on upholstery.

It can accommodate users from 5 feet up to 7 feet tall and is adjustable for many other exercises. The diamond steel step riser makes mounting and dismounting easier.

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#2 – Rep GHD – Glute Ham Developer – Commercial Quality

Rep Ghd Glute Ham Developer Commercial Quality


  • 500 pound capacity
  • Increased resistance through resistance bands
  • Large foot plate for ease of use


  • Heavier than most

The Glute Ham Developer by GHD is a commercial grade machine that can support up to 500 pounds and allows added resistance through the use of resistance bands. Its wheeled base makes it easy to move around and a large foot plate increases safety of mounting and dismounting. The footplate also offers a vertical adjustment.

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#1 – Body-Solid Glute Ham Machine

Best Glute Ham Developer Machine


  • Offers both horizontal and vertical adjustments
  • Durable pads and upholstery
  • Reliable and durable for commercial use


  • Takes up more floor space than most

The Glute Ham Machine by Body-Solid offers a fully adjustable frame and durable construction, making it ideal for commercial use. It adjusts vertically and horizontally, making it perfect for almost any user.

It has DuraFirm pads and 8 inch foam rollers for maximum comfort and durability and includes hooks for training with the use of resistance bands.

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Final Take on GHD’s

Choosing the ham and glute developer that meets your needs will be much less difficult when you know your options.

Whether you are purchasing for personal or commercial use, choose the qualities that are most important to you. Then, enjoy the benefits of strong glutes and hamstrings for years to come.

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