10 Best Curl Bars for Effective Barbell Workouts

Is your search for the best curl bar wearing you out?

We know the feeling, which is why we’ve narrowed the field down for you.

Not everyone has the time or money to work out at a public gym, and some just feel more comfortable exercising right in their own home.

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For those that like to lift weights to improve their strength, a curl bar is a popular piece of equipment that’s a great addition to any home gym and is often easy to store. It’s ideal for both upper and lower body strength exercises, making it versatile and easily applicable to anyone’s workout routine.

10 Quality Bars for Bicep Curls Reviewed

Based on many curling bar trials and reviews from thousands of customers; here are the top ten curl bars to consider adding to your home gym. Combine these with consistency and versatile arm session and you’ll be on your way to some serious peaks and forearm action!

#10 – EZ Curl Bar Weight Set by Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products Barbell Dumbbell Ez Curl Bar Weight Set

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  • Great for those just starting out with weight lifting
  • Affordable price for a basic set
  • Comfortable grip and no slipping
  • Plates are heavy enough for challenging workout


  • Bar may flex when fully loaded up with all plates

This weight set has sand and cement-filled weight plates for extra durability while the curl bar’s W-shaped detachable bar makes for a stable grip.

The two spin-lock collars ensure the plates don’t move, and the set comes with four 5.5 lbs. and two 11 lbs. plates for a worthy challenge.

#9 – Body Solid – EZ Curl Olympic Bar (47″)

Body Solid 47 Inch Ez Curl Olympic Bar

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  • Accommodates Olympic two-inch diameter plate holes
  • Solid build quality with little to no bend in bar
  • Grip angles don’t strain wrists and forearms
  • Quality collars for easy curl ups


  • Black bar is prone to rust

This curl bar by Body Solid features a 47″ chrome finish bar that weighs a good 18 lbs. Each grip targets the inner and outer bicep heads and the bio-mechanically angled dual grips allow the user to hit those maximum gains all while avoiding injury to the wrists and arms.

#8 – Impex – Apex Solid Olympic Curl Bar

Impex Apex Solid Best Olympic Curl Bar

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  • Holds all two-inch diameter Olympic weight plate holes
  • Well-made and balanced bar
  • Provided clamps hold plates securely with little to no slipping
  • Ideal for standard plates and beginner weight training


  • Knurling is not very aggressive

If one is looking to bulk up their biceps, triceps, and forearms, this curl bar by Impex is specially designed to isolate and intensify the development of these muscles.

The chrome plated bar is made with solid and tough steel for long lasting durability and includes two weight plate collars.

#7 – Marcy Standard – Hollow Bar Kit

Marcy Standard Hollow Curling Bar Kit

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  • Compatible with any two-inch diameter weight plate holes
  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Able to quickly switch plates
  • Grip is well designed for avoiding wrist injury


  • Training gloves are recommended for the grip can be rough.

This set comes with a 47-inch hollow chrome steel curl bar and two 14-inch chrome dumbbell handles with six standard spring clip collars.

The durable ergonomic design of the bar gives the user a comfortable grip during training and is an optimal choice for those that are beginners in weightlifting.

#6 – CAP Barbell – Olympic Super Curl Bar

Ap Barbell Olympic Super Curl Bar Check Current Price


  • Able to integrate with any two-inch hole standard plates
  • No assembly required to use
  • Practical for those who often get sore wrists
  • Even weight distribution and easy grip.


  • No rubber grips so slipping may occur.

Being manufactured out of solid steel with a sleek chrome finish, this curl bar allows for effective curling techniques and upper body exercises with its knurled hand grips and revolving sleeves.

The ring collars make sure that the weights are safely held in place while defining and strengthening upper body mass.

#5 – Troy Barbell – Olympic Curl Bar

Troy Barbell Olympic Curl Bar

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  • Well-balanced enough to readily fits all Olympic weight plates
  • Black enamel coating stays resistant to chipping
  • Spins smoothly with little to no squeaking
  • Controlled and comfortable grip for easy use


  • Collars are unfortunately not included

This curl bar by Troy Barbell presents a commercial quality steel shaft with a black finish. The diameter of this bar is 27-mm, and the deep diamond knurling makes for a sturdy grip.

A variety of sizes are available depending on one’s preference and experience like the 47-inch and 60-inch.

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#4 – Sunny Health & Fitness – Threaded Solid Chrome Curl Bar (47″)

Sunny Health & Fitness 47 In. Threaded Solid Chrome Curl Bar

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  • Rubber barrier prevents collars from sliding
  • Fits any standard 1-inch plate hole
  • Collars are easy to take on and off
  • Grip is comfortable and does not strain wrists or forearms


  • Star-lock collars can occasionally loosen

Fitted with threaded ends with star-lock collars to safely secure plates, this curl bar by Sunny Health and Fitness is 47″ of solid steel with a chrome finish.

It’s an ideal bar for those that are beginners in weight training for the bar itself doesn’t weigh more than 15 lbs.

#3 – YORK Olympic – EZ Curl Bar

York Olympic Ex Curl Bar Best Curling Bar

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  • Will fit with any 2″ diameter Olympic plate holes
  • Durable material and design makes for long-term use
  • Inner and outer grips give good angles for training specific muscles


  • No rubber grips thus slipping may occur

Due to the bar’s economy design on a classic specialty barbell, this four-foot solid chrome curl bar features angled knurl grip for less stress on the wrists and elbows, which is beneficial for those who like to lift heavier weights. This bar also accommodates 2″ diameter holes of Olympic plates.

#2 – XM-3675 Chrome Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Best Curl Bars Xm 3675 Chrome Olympic Ez Curl Bar

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  • Can fit standard 2″ diameter weight plate holes
  • Light coat of oil protects the bar from rusting
  • Collars rotate well and bar feels heavy duty (18 lbs. bar)


  • Black finish can rub off fairly easily

By changing grips, one can intensify their lift with this curl bar by XMark Fitness, and it’s designed to give the user a more comfortable grip when curling. Because of the black manganese phosphate coated shaft, the bar is protected from common corrosion and abrasion that occurs from weaker materials.

#1 – Champion Barbell – EZ Curl Bar

Champion Barbell E Z Curl Bar Best Curl Bars

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  • Solid material throughout yet light
  • Clips are included with the bar
  • Angles are great for curling and pressing exercises
  • Stows away well for those with limited space


  • Limited max weight capacity due to light bar

One of the best curling bars is this bar by Champion Barbell, mainly for use with 1″ flat plates.

The chrome E-Z curl bar has a fixed inside collar and knurled hand grips for a less strenuous effort on the hands and wrists for a more effective challenge while training.

Final Say

Ultimately, the best curling bars are ones that are durable, prevent strain, strong against rust, and are comfortable to use.

Based on hundreds of curling bar reviews, these top ten best curl bars have been chosen to help you narrow down the choice for the best one to add to your home gym.

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