If you’re in search of the best compact home gym, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together what we, and many other users, believe to be the five top gym equipment additions to save you space, time and money.

Not all of us have the space in our homes, especially those of us living in bigger cities, where price per square foot is a number that can barely fit on a calculator screen.

Thankfully the manufacturers of some high quality gym equipment kept this in mind when designing these compact gym’s. All without losing their utility and function! Take a look below.

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Why Buy a Compact Home Gym?

Most of us could use more time. In fact, when you ask most people why they do not exercise regularly, their response is that they simply do not have to time to go to the gym. Home gyms are a great solution to those who desire to get in shape, but don’t have the time to drive to the gym every day.

What to Look For?

There are many compact home gyms on the market these days and, for many people, that can be intimidating. It is important to understand what each home gym offers as well as where it is lacking.

Price, ease of use, space needed, and the variety and quality of the workout are major factors you should consider when choosing a home gym.

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5 Highly Rated Compact Gym’s for the Home

Below we are going to explore the top 5 compact home gym machines on the market today which will hopefully help you decide which one is the right fit for your home or garage gym.

#5 – Pilates Power Gym Pro – Mini Reformer

Pilates Power Gym ‘pro’ 3 – Elevation Mini Reformer


  • Compact, but very sturdy
  • Can perform a wide variety of exercises
  • Provides overall fitness conditioning


  • Movement can be noisy

If you are looking to purchase a compact home gym, the Pilates Power Gym Pro 3 saves space and offers total body conditioning in one, space-saving machine. Whether you are looking for cardio, flexibility, or resistance training, you can do all of the Pilates Power Gym Pro 3.

It is constructed using carbon steel to be strong enough to support up to 300lbs safely and is sturdy enough to use in higher intensity workouts.

The Pilates Power Gym Pro 3 name is misleading. While it is excellent for Pilates and flexibility exercises, it also offers a much wider variety of strength training and cardio workouts to suit everyone from the beginner to those with more advanced fitness levels.

There are no bulky plates or weights to store because this system uses your body weight for resistance and strength training.

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#4 – Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate Body Works Best Compact Home Gym Equipment


  • Inexpensive
  • High quality construction
  • Resistance bands allow you to increase resistance more than body weight


  • Somewhat heavy to move around

If you are interested in purchasing a compact home gym machine that offers a wide variety of exercises, doesn’t take up much space, and is reasonably priced, this is a great option for you. The Weider Ultimate Body Works offers a space-saving design that uses body weight resistance for both flexibility and resistance training.

Unlike many other body weight resistance home gyms, you can increase the weight of resistance beyond your own body weight by adding resistance bands for up to 50lbs more resistance. This option is great for those who are at a more advanced fitness level and need the added resistance.

Although this gym is inexpensive, it is made from high quality steel piping that ensures it is sturdy and functions well. It also includes a squat stand so that you can get the most out of the equipment without having to purchase more accessories.

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#3 – Flex Force 50-in-1 Resistance Chair Gym

Flex Force 50 In 1 Compact Resistance Chair Gym


  • Great for body building and resistance exercises
  • Seated design is comfortable for most users
  • Includes workout cards to help you get started


  • Does not offer a cardio workout

If you are looking to increase your strength, build muscles, and improve your flexibility, the Flex Force 50 easily replaces most strength training equipment and doesn’t take up much more space than a standard chair.

This machine provides resistance training using resistance bands and allows you to perform traditional exercises such as chest press, bicep curls, and leg curls without the need for heavy, bulky weight equipment.

The Flex Force 50 makes it easy to adjust weight resistance by attaching more resistance bands to the attachment you are using. This simple, effective design makes it a quick and easy way to get in your resistance and strength training workouts.

This space saving home gym allows you to perform exercises comfortably from a seated position and is fully adjustable for multiple users. It offers a variety of exercises to challenge your muscles.

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#2 – Thane Total Flex Home Gym

Thane Total Flex Compact Home Gym


  • Little to no assembly required
  • Provides a great upper body workout
  • Super simple changeovers for workout efficiency


  • No exception resistance for more advanced users

When you think of a compact home gym, you likely think of a gym like the Total Flex Home Gym. It is a great option for those who live in small spaces, but need a home gym for a quick and easy workout.

It folds up to the about the size of a briefcase! But still provides a great upper workout with and adjustable body resistance. A leg attachment is also available to to purchase in order to get the most out of this machine.

This home gym comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. It includes a full workout routine on DVD as well as a printed chart of exercises you can perform.

It is quick and easy to tuck the Total Flex Home Gym away when it is not in use. Its small size makes it easy to fit under a bed, in a crawl space, or beside a piece of furniture.

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#1 – Bowflex PR1000 Compact Home Gym

Bowflex Pr1000 Home Gym Absolute Best Compact Home Gym


  • Provides for a full body strength workout
  • Up to 210lbs of Resistance
  • Roller cushions for leg curls and leg extensions
  • Sliding seat rail for aerobic training


  • Pricier and needs more space when in use

The Bowflex PR1000 provides exceptional resistance for a complete compact home gym machine. Most home gyms that do not use heavy and bulky plates, use bands or body weight for resistance, which limits the amount of resistance they can provide.

The Bowflex is unique in its ability to provide exceptional resistance of up to 210lbs using a series of Power Rods. Beginners to advanced users will be able to use the Bowflex PR1000 with ease and get an effective workout.

Users can achieve a full body workout including cardio, flexibility, and strength training on this one machine. It also has the option to provide resisted abdominal exercises which helps users advance in their core strength beyond body weight and increased reps.

The Bowflex PR1000 requires more space to use it effectively, but folds away for easy storage. It also costs more than other home gyms, but provides the additional resistance for those who need it, as well as leg workouts.

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Choose the Machine That Works for You

These five compact home gym machines come in a variety of prices and sizes, but comparatively speaking, they are the cream of the crop on the market.

Hopefully, the breakdown of each machine will help you decide which one is right for you, so that you will soon be on your way to becoming physically fit from the comfort of your home. Feel free to drop us a line if we’ve missed anything.

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