Rope climbing is a classic way to build fitness. It appears in a number of modern races and challenges, like the Spartan Race, and it promotes fundamental strengths and skills that are universally applicable.

As great as rope climbing is, it comes with some inherent dangers. If you can’t trust your rope, then you can’t get as much from your workouts. The five ropes below are tried and tested by users ranging from our local fitness centers to gym’s around the globe.

That’s why it’s so important to find a rope that can handle weight and use for long periods of time. You might also want something that holds up outside. Getting all of this without breaking the bank is the ultimate challenge.

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5 Highest Rated Climbing Ropes Reviewed

On that note, this list of the five best climbing ropes was compiled through extended research, testing and climbing rope reviews.

#5 – Valor Fitness Sisal Climbing Rope, 25’

Valor Fitness Sisal Best Climbing Rope


  • Woven loop makes hanging easy. Just pass the rope through the ring and you can hang it indoors or outdoors from virtually anything.
  • Sun resistant. The sisal weave is naturally protected against UV damage.
  • Easy knotting. The rope is still tough and durable, but flexible enough for you to put knots where you want them.


  • Uncoated. The natural finish is tough, but it is prone to shedding.

Valor Fitness produces a rugged and valuable option in their Sisal Climbing Rope. It is weight tested up to 300 lbs., giving it plenty of strength for fitness training.

The natural sisal fibers are extremely durable, to the point that they back the rope with a two-year warranty. This rope is an all-around option that gets the job done, even in adverse conditions, without crossing into the realm of expensive options. It’s one of the best values for its cost you can find.

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#4 – The 550 Cord Shop Grade A Manila Climbing Rope

The550cordshop Grade A Manila Climbing Rope


  • Nylon protected hanging loop improves longevity.
  • Heavy duty vinyl handle. The protected handle prevents fraying, even if the rope drags a little or is exposed to abnormally harsh conditions.
  • Versatility. Manila can take the worst conditions the outdoors can offer, but it also works great inside.


  • Manila can be hard on the hands, and this rope doesn’t have an extra slick finish.

Manilla is a staple in climbing rope, and this monstrously effective rope shows why. It supports a max weight of 5,000 lbs., so you can trust it to hold you better than almost any anchor you can find to hang it.

It utilizes standard hand splicing techniques, so you can trust a tight weave and reasonably easy knotting. This rope borders on overkill, but with such aggressive pricing, it’s difficult to argue against it.

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#3 – Fitness Solutions USA MADE Gym Climbing Rope

Usa Made Gym Climbing Rope White


  • Price. You can’t get a rope of this quality for less money anywhere.
  • Knots. Custom ropes give you more flexibility on knot placements.
  • Length. Since you order to your needs, it is always perfect in this regard.
  • Metal hanging loop. The loop is the pinnacle in durability. It can take extraordinary punishment.


  • Slick grip. The rope is treated, and a little slicker to hold than some of the other options. That said, slick grips build even better hand strength.

This beauty is made entirely in the USA, and it represents the first entry on the list that comes exclusively in custom lengths. This gives it a price range, rather than a fixed value, but you’ll never have to pay extra for rope you won’t use.

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#2 – Rope Fit 1.5” Manila Climbing Rope

Rope Fit 1.5 Manila Climbing Rope


  • Extra thick rope. The 1.5” thickness is bigger than most and improves hand strength, making this an excellent option for sport training.
  • Spartan Race recommended. If you can climb this rope, you’ll be able to handle the ropes on Spartan Race courses.
  • Universal mounting. The hand-spliced loop is accessible and makes the rope easy to hang anywhere.


  • Minimal fray protection. The fraying won’t hurt the longevity of the rope, but it may shed a little.

Rope Fit raises the bar on quality with this rope. Another hand-crafted manila options, it combines the preset lengths and custom options of previous entries.

Regardless of the size you order, you know that you are getting a masterfully woven rope made by certified riggers in the USA. While this rope is not the cheapest on the list, you’ll be hard pressed to find higher quality in the same price range.

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#1 – FMS Super Soft Triple-Strand Twisted Cotton Rope

Fms Super Soft Triple Strand Twisted Cotton Rope


  • Soft. The gentle cotton is much easier on hands than any other option.
  • Cheap. You can get a 10-foot cotton rope for a fraction of the price of manila or other traditional climbing options.
  • Versatility. It’s easy to cut, knot, unwind and manage in general. Sure, you can climb on it, but you can do whatever else you want with it too.


  • Shrinkage. Cotton ropes can be washed, but exposure to water can cause them to shrink by as much as five percent.

The champion and top entry among the best climbing ropes comes as a bit of a surprise. The cotton rope comes in a full range of colors and lengths, cut anywhere from 10 to 100 feet.

It is made from all-natural supplies and dyes, and the cotton nature lends it a softness you won’t find in virtually any other climbing rope. More importantly, this rope is not exclusive to climbing and can be used for literally any rope function.

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Final Say

The range of these five ropes is vast, so you have access to one that suits your particular needs. If you are training for anything in particular, the above ropes will more than perform their role in assisting your workout goals. All you’ll need is a sturdy ceiling or a similar overhang to tie them to and you’re all set!

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