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These days, creating a private personal work out space in your garage makes more sense than sweating it out in a crowded gym with complete strangers.

It is easier, more accessible and you have full freedom to time your work outs. Though free weights are always great, beginners require proper supervision and technique to use them safely.

Great for Beginners & Experts Alike

Cable and pulley machines have their own limitations, but are more beginner friendly. An ideal home gym should have a proper balance, with cable and pulley machines complemented by a set of free-weights. Below are some of the best cable and pulley machines and their pros and cons.

We reviewed and ranked the top machines for you:

For more information on each of the below follow the links to check out what other customers think about them post purchase. We’ve ranked them in hierarchical order from ten to one, but do not be fooled by the listing listing format type.

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10 Highest Rated Cable & Pulley Machines

Each of these machines has a lot to offer, and considering your workout goals and routine, a seven may be better than a two and so on. Read on to see the best cable and pulley machines on the market.

#10 – Body Solid Cable Crossover Functional Trainer

A sturdy and stable machine with interchangeable cable handles, a mainframe that offers extra height and width, and a unique pull up station with numerous grip positions.

The nylon pulleys are fiberglass reinforced and the spun steel aircraft cables are rated at over 2500lbs.

Body Solid Cable Crossover Functional Trainer

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  • Good for home gyms and even smaller commercial gyms.
  • Robust build quality .
  • The electrostatic powder coat finish is great.
  • Offers 20 independent height adjustments.


  • The price a bit on the higher side.

#9 – Yukon Fitness Cable Crossover Machine

This wide machine has a silver finish and comes with 2 chrome cable handles and a built in chin up bar. It is a shade over 7ft tall and stretches out at 12ft in width. It has a weight capacity of 2500lbs and had 14 adjustable heights.

Yukon Fitness Cable Crossover Machine

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  • More width offers better range of motion.
  • Suits a wide variety of exercises
  • The cable heights can be incrementally adjusted.
  • Great value for money at close to one grand.


  • It requires some effort by two people to install.

#8 – Body Solid Double Cable Column

If you are pinched for space in your garage, those wider machines simply wont do. This more compact design fits the bill at a 3ft x 4ft area.

It comes with dual 160lb weight stacks, vertically adjustable pulleys and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Body Solid Double Cable Column

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  • Uses up less space.
  • Comes with lifetime warranty.
  • The machine can be adjusted to handle 100 different exercises.
  • The durable machine uses aircraft quality cables and pulleys.


  • Less room for different exercises when compared to wider machines.

#7 – Body Solid Functional Cable Cross Training Center

A slightly wider option from Body Solid for people with a bit more space in their home gyms.

It comes with two 160lb weight stacks, and features the same durable build quality. The adjustable features offer complete exercise to people of all sizes and heights.

Body Solid Functional Cable Cross Training Center

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  • Excellent build quality with great powder coat finish.
  • Suitable for individuals of all builds and heights.
  • Offers true isolateral movements.
  • Wide yet compact enough to fit into a home environment.


  • There are some minor design issues with the weight-stack rails.

#6 – Body Solid Pro Dual Cable Column Machine

Body Solid makes great machines that fit different users’ space requirements.

If width is an issue for you, this pivoting quad pulley design offers a compact machine that should fir anywhere. The vertical pulley adjustment can be easily handled with one hand.

Body Solid Pro Dual Cable Column Machine

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  • Full shrouds on weight-stacks and pulleys for extra safety.
  • Sealed bearing prolong the life of the cables.
  • Can perform over 100 different exercises.
  • Powder coated finish with the covers give a modern aesthetic.


  • Lesser width restricts you in some exercises.

#5 – PowerLine PCCO90X Cable Crossover

A straightforward machine that allows you complete freedom and safety. This is the best cable and pulley machine in terms of ease of use, simplicity, price and efficiency. It comes with patented nylon bushings, and a large diameter top and bottom pulleys.

Powerline Pcco90x

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  • Ideal for total body conditioning.
  • Accepts both standard and Olympic weights.
  • Comes with manufacturers warranty.
  • Excellent performance at a jaw dropping price.


  • This particular model might pose problems if you have less space.

#4 – Body Solid Pro Clubline Cable Crossover

If you have more space, this is the one for you. Wider cable and pulley machine offer more room for different exercises. This professional grade machine is ideal for health clubs and gyms and even home gyms.

Body Solid Pro Clubline Cable Crossover

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  • You get 12 horizontal pulley positions and 180 degree pivots for a wide array of exercise.
  • Comes with twin 160lb weight-stack.
  • Commercial grade product.
  • Comes with a commercial warranty.


  • Not suitable for smaller home gyms.

#3 – FreeMotion Light Commercial EXT Dual Cable Cross

Another smaller professional grade machine that could be a great fit for a private home gym. Features an innovative design with 3 independent weight-stacks and rotating arms.

Freemotion Light Commercial Ext

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  • 2 people can simultaneously work out on this machine.
  • Added safety since the access to moving parts is restricted.
  • Independently rotating arms increase the versatility.
  • Swivel pulleys give unlimited range of motions.


  • More expensive.

#2 – XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine

A slim and elegant machine with quick and easy to use pulley settings. The mainframe is of durable steel, with a powder coat finish. It has 19 unique column adjustments, and comes with numerous add-ons.

Xmark Functional Trainer

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  • Comes with a lot of accessories.
  • The finish is both skid and scratch resistant.
  • Provides true isolateral movements.
  • The pulleys are very easy to use and offer quick adjustments.


  • The 200lb weights offer only 100lb resistance.

#1 – Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer

This is a very compact machine that still manages to hold an independent adjustable cable column system. The cables are rated at 2000lbs, and the machine comes with dual 150lb weight-stacks.

Bodycraft Hft Functional Trainer

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  • Large number of included accessories.
  • The black powder coat finish looks really cool.
  • The machine has 31 height positions.
  • Supports very flexible lower increments in the 5lbs range.


  • The included 150lb weights may not be enough for many individuals.


The current market has a wide spectrum of cable and pulley machines, in different price ranges and feature configurations.

In our cable and pulley machine reviews, the rankings were based on the balance between features, build quality, ease of use, and price.

For an optimal fitness workouts set up, always try to incorporate the best cable and pulley machine with some quality free weights.

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