Conducting agility training with one of the best agility ladders out there will help you burn calories and fat like you’ve never imagined. But it takes work!

This nifty, affordable, and portable exercise equipment means you can take it with you wherever you go, all you need is a flat surface. A quality agility ladder will often come with a few add-ons, like recommended exercises and carrying equipment as well.

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Additionally, using an agility ladder is cool! Surely you've seen pro football players using them since forever. Agility ladder training can also be fun; allowing you to move in a manner entirely unique – unduplicated in spin classes, boot camps or cross fit training.

What Is Agility Training?

Being agile means that you are able to instinctively control you body movement, whether you be on the ground or in the air.

This is very important when it comes to sports, which is why most often you will see sports athletes using these speed ladders to improve their agility. They are notorious for improving your fitness endurance levels, and burning calories while making you quicker overall.

Who Can Benefit from Using Agility Ladders?

For those of you who have done all the classes, climbed all the ropes and tried all the machines, training with an agility ladder can reinvigorate your routine by adding that little bit of change we all need to maintain interest.

For those of you beginning to work out, agility ladders are a small investment and you can begin in your living room without strangers peering in at you from all over the gym.

10 Highly Rated Agility Ladders to Consider

That being said, let’s jump right into it and look at the best agility ladders at your disposal. We've saved you time by comparing the numerous ones out there, here's what we've found.

#10 – Agyle Sports Agility Ladder Bundle



  • Hardy Construction: Twelve feet of hard plastic rungs supported by durable nylon straps.
  • Convenient: Work out at home or in your yard; take it to the park or on vacation.
  • Inclusive: Everything you need to use your agility ladder is included: carrying bag, ladder anchors, drills instructions and the ladder itself.


  • The length may be limiting as you do more advanced drills.

Among the best agility ladders, is the Agyle Sports Agility Ladder Bundle. The bundle referred to here is a carrying bag and drills book, both great supportive features.

Sure, you can find drills online, but much better to have them with you when you train so you can add, subtract and reposition them as you feel on the fly.Keep your drills book and ladder in your bag and you are ready to work out in a minute.

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#9 – AIQI Speed & Agility Training Ladder



  • Versatility: Purchase the ten foot five rung or twelve rung twenty foot version; they snap together for convenient extension.
  • Rung Design: Thick rungs designed to prevent ankle and other joint injuries by giving way when stepped on.
  • Compact Storage: Stores neatly into provided carrying bag; easy to store in trunk or closet.


  • The smaller version is probably best for beginner agility trainers and may not be sufficient for advanced exercisers.

This compact agility ladder is a great exercise space-saver. With five rungs distributed over ten feet, you can work out in even the smallest apartments without sacrificing intensity. Also available in twelve feet, the AIQI Speed & Agility Training Ladder comes in bright, caution yellow, so you can see it even on dark workout days.

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#8 –  FireBreather Training – Agility Ladder & Speed Cones Bundle



  • Generous Bundle: This bundle includes everything you need for an interesting, varied routine.
  • Injury Prevention: These wide, flexible rungs give with your weight providing structure without the rigid resistance that can lead to ankle roll.
  • eBook: eBook contains many drills you can use.


  • The cones are more commonly associated with soccer drills; if you are not training for a sport you may not use them very much.

FireBreather is all about stepping up your game weather that game is life, soccer lacrosse or running, this bundle can help you reach your fitness goals.

The Agility Ladder & Speed Cones Bundle, includes twelve, sturdy, adjustable rungs, pegs to set the ladder in place, six speed cones and a handy-dandy carrying bag into which the entire set fits comfortably.

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#7 – Cintz 15′ Fixed Rungs Speed Ladder



  • Fixed Rungs: Prevents rungs slipping out of place during and between exercise routines.
  • Size: Many consider the fifteen foot length excellent for all kinds of agility workouts.
  • Sturdy: The fixed rungs are supported by a wide, strong nylon bands that are easy to surface clean and store small.


  • People with shorter legs may find increased fatigue because of the fixed rung position.

This is considered the perfect length and rung distribution by many reviewers. It folds neatly into its carrying case and all you have to do for the next workout is unroll it and start stepping.

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#6 – Reehut Durable Agility Ladder



  • Multiple Size Offerings: The Reehut Durable Agility Ladder goes the extra mile to meet customer needs.
  • Bright Color: With the bright yellow rungs on this agility ladder, you can work out until the sun goes down, eliminating yet another excuse to skip practice ‘today’.
  • Long-wearing: You and yours can stamp on the sturdy, wide, plastic rungs over and over and still they hold up.


  • You may have to readjust the rungs or at least validate the spacing before workouts.

This tough ladder is offered in three size options to meet every need. All lengths feature moveable rungs in caution-tape yellow so you can see them even during those dusk workouts. Pack you ladder into the included carrying case and take it with you everywhere.

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#5 – GHB Pro Agility Ladder



  • Generous Length: Twenty feet is a lot of agility ladder.
  • Ample Rungs: Twelve rungs that are seventeen inches wide support a wide variety of agility exercises.
  • Adjustable: Adjust the distance between rungs for children and adults and for varied routines.


  • Some may find the length excessive and unmanageable for smaller exercise areas.

The GHB Pro Agility Ladder provides you with twenty feet of conditioning power divided by twelve durable plastic rungs. Use the handy storage bag to hide the ladder or pack it up and keep in the car in case you pass a convenient park and want to work out.

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#4 – Endurance Pro Footwork Ladder with Agility Ladder Drills eBook and Bag



  • eBook: Drills galore fill this eBook.
  • Durability: Neither rain nor snow nor dark of night…ok, that doesn’t really apply her, but this ladder is durable and ready to take a beating and travel the world with you.
  • Anchors Included: Secure your ladder to the earth when working outdoors with the four included anchors.


  • Some find that the number of included rungs is too small for many drills.

Create your own agility program for yourself and your family using the included eBook. Armed with the eBook and agility ladder, you can gradually increase your conditioning, footspeed and coordination.

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#3 – Ohuhu Durable Agility Ladder BONUS Black Carry Case



  • Two Sizes: Choose the number of rungs and length that matches you needs.
  • Anti-Roll Rungs: These flat, study rungs support good ankle health by fighting ankle roll.
  • Extendable: Includes snaps so you can add multiple ladders together.


  • Though you can adjust the distance between rungs, it seems more difficult with this ladder.

Offered with twelve or twenty-one rungs, this ladder is durable and flexible. The rungs in this set are outstanding; though flat for easy placement, they are also flexible as a double-prevention against the dreaded ankle roll.

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#2 – Yes4All Durable Agility Ladder



  • Color Options: Select the color you want rather than taking the only color offered.
  • Rung Sets: Choose twelve or twenty rungs for your workout.
  • Carry them: Pack your ladders into the provided bag.


  • The rungs are not as wide as some on the market and may not have the durability expected, though this has not been substantiated through testing.

Double your fun with this agility ladder! Offered in two colors and two rung sets, you may need a set for each workout environment.

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#1 – Trained Agility Ladder Bundle with 6 Sports Cones



  • More than a ladder: With the drill instructions, cones, ladder and carrying bag, this is an economical investment.
  • Hassle-free Guarantee: Lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • Six Cones: Perfect for sports drills or marking distances.


  • Anchors not included

Take your agility training to the next level with this bundle that includes exercise cones! One great thing about this ladder is that the length is easily adjusted, thus enabling for many different exercises at many different fitness and skill levels.

The flat plastic rungs on it are of high quality and capable of withstanding the beatings that usually accompany agility ladder workouts.As a testament of it’s quality, the company offers a lifetime replacement guarantee, a hassle-free one at that, that’s confidence.

The product is results focused and comes with cones and agility workout routines for you to do straight out the packaging. Improve your acceleration, lateral speed, and directional agility all in one with this compact but super efficient workout equipment.

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Final Say

Agility training can do wonders for your fitness, and the 10 best agility ladders provided above will surely more than fill your speed training needs.

It can sometimes be hard to visualize their usage, which is why we are including the agility ladder exercises video below for you to watch at your leisure and brain storm some exercises.

The agility ladder exercises below are meant for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users alike. Don’t forget to have fun with this awesome lightweight gym equipment!

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