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  • It's poorly written
  • It's not cited properly
  • You link to sites we don't condone (we might still publish your article, but we will remove the links)
  • It's plagiarized
  • It contains false claims and lies
  • Any other reason that pops up while reading your draft

Note: We can refuse your article for any reason. We can also edit and take down your article for any reason and at any time.

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Article Length: Minimum 1,000 words.
Article Format: Word and/or text files.
Topics: Please stick to the categories you see on our site. Engaging and thoughtful articles, expert advice, guides, how-to articles.
Tone: Write in friendly, almost casual third-person tone, addressing the reader.*
Uniqueness: Your uniqueness and your voice is most certainly welcome. Your article must be 100% unique and pass a Copyscape test.
Writing Style: Make it fluid, and easily readable. Utilize smaller paragraphs, pictures, subtitles, and lists. Do not underline, do not use capital letters, do not use a lot of exclamation points.
Citations: Be sure to credit the source with a hyperlink. NO secondary studies/sources. Only original studies, published in official journals (think nih.gov, etc.).
Important: Please do not claim anything without supporting proof!
Please Avoid: Your chances of being published are better if you avoid - Profanity, vulgarity, intolerance, insults, etc; keep it positive and helpful! Advertising info, press release, sales letter, hype and self-promotion.
Compensation: You won't get paid, but we publish your name and brief bio for exposure.

* If you happen to be recognized or an attributed author/expert, you can use the term “I” and you’re welcome to clearly state your thoughts and express your enthusiasm.

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