Mint Mind Fitness (¼-Inch Extra Thick) Yoga Mat Review

Ecofriendliness Meets Style and Class

The Mint Mind Fitness ¼-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat is the kind of exercise equipment that will support you during yin and yang yoga poses. As you take part in a joint healing yin class, you’ll appreciate the mat’s ¼-inch thickness.

This amount of cushioning will comfortably pillow your knees and elbows. With ridged bottom contours that stick securely to the floor, the mat will also support you during yoga’s muscle focused yang classes. The ridged contouring prevents the purple mat from sliding around as you move from pose to pose.

Features of the Mint Mind Mat


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Mint Mind produces its yoga mat with a closed-cell texture design. This keeps moisture from settling into it, which prevents odors from forming. The texture design also keeps out dirt and bacteria. The mat is easy to clean. To keep it in tip-top shape, just wipe it off once a week with a clean, wet towel. For more in-depth cleanings, use a specially formulated mat cleaner. You can even mix your own with essential oils like lavender and melaleuca.

The Mint Mind mat is waterproof, lightweight and resistant to cold. If you practice yoga at a studio frequently, you’ll appreciate the mat’s resistance to cold since you likely keep your yoga mat in the car.

While this yoga mat is lightweight, it will unroll completely and flatten out against the floor. Thinner mats often remain in a curled, wrinkled state. An included carrying strap increases the convenience of the yoga mat. Along with making it easier to transport the piece of equipment, the carrying strap also increases the product’s storage convenience. Mint Mind offers a customer satisfaction pledge that includes a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Mint Mind Details

The Mint Mind yoga mat is 6 millimeters thick, and it weighs 2.8 pounds. It is also 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. The mat’s high-density cushioning provides added comfort for your back, hips and joints. If your yoga practice involves boat pose, you’ll appreciate the added cushion because it supports your tailbone. In fact, a mat with this thickness level is the kind that you want when joint health is a concern. Not only will it protect your joints, but the mat also gives you the proper pressure along your spine.

If you like to spend time outdoors and camp, then you could even use this yoga mat as a sleeping cushion. The foam padding is high quality, and as you set your hands across the surface of the mat for the first time, you’re sure to notice that it feels as soft as velvet.

Mint Mind manufactures the mat from thermoplastic elastomers, or TPE, instead of from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which makes it biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The mat is also free of chloride and latex. You’re sure to appreciate practicing on a mat that safeguards your health.

Quality and Mat Value


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When compared to other mats, the traction or degree of grip on the Mint Mind mat is average. If you’re participating in a traditional yoga or Pilate’s class, then you shouldn’t slide around too much.

However, if you practice one of these workouts in a heated space, then you may shift around a bit more than what’s comfortable, which would necessitate the need for a towel. The Mint Mind yoga mat is a good size. In fact, it should give you enough space for every pose.

Pros and Cons

One of the mat’s top advantages is that it is odor-free. Some yoga mats emit an unpleasant rubbery smell, and this may distract you from your workout. Along with its absence of smell, the extra padding of the Mint Mind yoga mat will help you increase the intensity of your workouts. For instance, it may give you an added sense of security when it comes to challenging balancing poses.

Cost is another pro of this yoga mat. It’s priced at around $65, which is midrange for a quality yoga mat. High-end ones are easily more than $100.

The only drawback to the Mint Mind yoga mat is that it only comes in purple, so if it is not your favorite color, you may have to make an exception. However, the manufacturer did choose a striking shade of plum which looks amazing. In addition, some athletes may prefer a stickier grip than this mat offers, though we found it to be more than sufficient.

Final Verdict


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The Mint Mind yoga mat will support your practice whether you’re just starting out or are an advanced yogi. This mat is a quality product, one that is eco-friendly and durable. With its lack of odor and ability to supply you with a cushy yoga practice, the Mint Mind Fitness ¼-Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat is a piece of equipment that will help you reach your Zen.

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