10 Home Fitness Equipment Must-Haves For Fit Ladies

Even if you love going to the gym every day there are going to be some days when you simply can’t make it—and cutting out your gym membership can save you hundreds of dollars each year. And a great home gym doesn’t even have to cost you a fortune.

There are certainly plenty of high ticket and expensive items, and a good treadmill can cost you thousands for example, but you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars in order to get a great workout at home. Let’s take a look at some fantastic home gym additions that won’t cost you more than $150.

Build the perfect home gym with these fitness must haves:

  1. Jump rope

Jump rope is one of the best cardio exercises out there. It strengthens your legs and your core, improves your reflexes and gets your heart pumping. Jump rope is such an effective exercise that it’s part of almost every boxer’s routine. It also usually costs around $6-7 to get a good jump rope that’s long enough for adults.

  1. Kettlebell

A good set of kettlebells opens you up too many exercises that combine strength training and cardio so you can maximize your results in a small amount of time. You should start with one that weights 12-18 pounds and work your way up from there.

  1. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are great because they’re incredibly affordable (a good set will usually cost you $20-30) and they’re so small you can even take them traveling with you. A quick Google search can show you dozens of strength training exercises using resistance bands.

  1. Exercise mat

Exercise mats are essential for doing proper stretching, yoga and dozens of exercises. If you’re going to work out at home a lot you should consider getting a pilates mat, which is thicker than a yoga mat and therefore suitable for a wider range of exercises.

  1. Pull up bar

Pull ups are one of the best upper body exercises out there and they’re not the only exercise you can do with a pull up bar. These can be installed in almost any doorway.

  1. Suspension System

The most well known suspension system is the TRX system and will cost you a pretty penny, but you can get a good suspension set for $50-75. You can attach these sets to any ceiling within a couple of seconds. It’s also small enough to be taken on the road with you.

  1. Dumbbells

You have two options here: a basic set of dumbbells or a pair of adjustable ones. Many sets of dumbbells come with pyramid shaped holders that keep them from taking up too much space.

  1. Stability Ball

Several basic exercises can be made more difficult by adding a stability ball. There are also several core exercises you can do with a stability ball. They’re also just fun to sit on.

  1. Medicine Ball

A medicine ball allows you to do throwing and catching exercises. Get a soft medicine ball to avoid being injured when you’re doing catching exercises.

  1. Foam Roller

This wonderful piece of equipment will literally allow you to roll your aches and pains away. Using one at the end of every workout will help your muscles relax and heal.

There are many different types of home equipment you can buy but these 10 are absolutely essential to any woman trying to get fit. They’re also small enough to fit inside any home and affordable on just about any budget.

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