100 Garage Gym Ideas – Inspirational Home Gym Photos to Help You Brain Storm

We don’t know about you, but a gym membership can get pretty expensive real quick, and let’s not even mention Crossfit costs! You may counter that argument with something like, “yeah, but it costs a lot more to buy your own home gym equipment.” It only seems that way on the surface.

Buying your own garage gym equipment and putting together a home gym in the garage is more of an investment. When you sign up for a gym membership, you’re looking at roughly $20-30 bucks a month, but for about 26 months on average. Which means up to $780, and that’s being somewhat conservative.

With $780 you can do more than just build a Crossfit garage gym, you can lay the foundation for a strength training workout area in the house. Think about the additional costs you would incur: gas costs, extra gear to look good, miscellaneous additions on top of regular membership.

Keep browsing and hopefully you’ll find a home gym idea you’d like to give a go!

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Crossfit Garage Gym Ideas Epitomized, This Before And After Shows What Can Be Accomplished With A Little Elbow Grease.

Garage Gym Ideas And Equipment Packages Can Be Bought At Affordable Prices And A Home Gym Such As This One Put Together.

Cardio Workout Focused With A Touch Of Heavy Weightlifting Garage Gym Idea.

Garage Gym Idea You Cane Put Together With A Friend, Deadlift And Listen To Some Jams On The Laptop With.

Home Gym Before And After The Garage Was Redone With The Bench Press And Power Rack With Free Weights Addition.

This Home Gym Has Everything You Really Need For A Great Workout. Treadmill, Barbell, Kettle Bells, Rope, Squat Rack And Pullups Bars.

Wooden Garage Gym Flooring Padded With Extra Gym Floor Pads. Hang The Bike Up And Hit The Iron.

Home Gym Mirror Looks Clean In This Organized Rogue Fitness Equipped Garage Gym. Letting Just Enough Sunshine In.

Home Gym With Training Dummy Holding A Towel. Very Nicely Laid Out With Cardio And Strength Training In Mind.

Very Fancy Looking Wooden Floor Home Gym With Workout Machines And A Treadmill.

This a-wood cabin looking design above is one of our favorites, though it’s technically not a garage gym, it’s something to think about if you’re thinking of placing the machines inside the living quarters instead.

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