100 Garage Gym Ideas – Inspirational Home Gym Photos to Help You Brain Storm

Inspired to build a monster garage gym yet? With some bumper plates, a power rack, bench press, a few other gym equipment essentials, and one of these garage gym blueprints in your tool box, you’ll be on your way to shaping up your garage and turning it into a personal wellness center.

Those days when you can’t attend you fitness class for whatever reason, other than being ill or injured, will be substituted by your very own Crossfit garage gym. The difference being you will have to travel a very short distance to attain the same gains!

P.S. Don’t be shy! If you see workout equipment in any of these photos and need more information on what it actually does or where to get it, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section.

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Fun Packed Garage Gym, All The Family Stuff Is Tucked Away And The Gym Machines Are Out To Play,

Neat Garage Gym Ideas Look Like This, Very Organized, And Quality Rogue Fitness Dip Bars And Squat Rack

Gym Mirror Combined With A Homemade Garage Gym. Complete With A Freeweights Rack, Jump Box, And Pullup Bars For Working Out.

Garage Gym Powerlifting Studio. An Amazing Example Of What You Can Do Home Gym Wise If You Put Your Mind To It.

Home Gym Painting And Prepping The Garage. Enduring Task, But Well Worth It Once Its All Done.

Organized Garage Gym Weights Set. Barbell Just Chilling On The Squat Rack, Waiting To Get Pumped. Air Purifier On The Side.

Diy Garage Gym Concept. Wooden Power Rack That Is Just As Good If Not Better Than The Metal Manufactuerd Ones.

Garage Gym Exercise Ideas With Friends. Perks Of Having A Home Gym Is That All Your Friends Are Invited.

Monster Garage Gym Built With Heavy Lifting And Strength Training In Mind. Pec Dec Machine And Cable And Pulleys In The Background.

Garage Gym Equipment Neatly Set Up With Enough Room For The Car And The Baby Stroller.

The garage gym equipment packages seen in these photos can all be obtained at reasonable prices.

We’ve purposefully included garage gym ideas that we thought would be affordable and not overly difficult to put together.

Keep looking ahead to the next page if you haven’t found a design that sparks your interest.

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