100 Garage Gym Ideas – Inspirational Home Gym Photos to Help You Brain Storm

Remember to protect your garage floor when putting together a home gym in the garage. No doubt you’ve noticed that many of these photos we’ve collected have some thick garage gym flooring that the power racks, weight benches, barbells, and other gym equipment all sit on.

It’s important to invest in some decent gym mats to lay down, as strength training can get pretty intense, especially if you’re doing deadlifts, and you don’t want to put your homes resale value at jeopardy when it’s an easily fixable situation.

With that little home fitness tip in mind, let’s keep cruising along and generating more awesome home gym ideas. On this page, we steer away from the garage and step inside the home for just a brief second to view some unbelievable home gym ideas.

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Home Gym With A Punching Bag, Weight Bench, And A Cool Looking Poster Of A Boxer In A Ring Corner. We Want One.

White Style Home Gym Idea, A Little Ritzy But Beautiful. Cardio Lives Here, And This Is A Place Where Carbs Go To Die.

Apartment Gym In A Sky Scraper. We Think Some Hedge Fund Manager Punches Away The Stress Here And Pumps Iron On The Weight Bench.

Gym In The House With A Fireplace, Stability Ball, And Cardio Machines Such As Treadmill And Cycling.

Study And Workout In This Comfy Looking Home Gym. Nothing Too Crazy Just Soe Cardio And An Bench Press Machine Set.

Family Fun In This House Gym With Wall Mounted Stretch Bands As Well As An Elliptical Machine And Yoga Mats.

This Home Gym Is Like No Other, The Scenic View Will Have You Cruising On The Treadmill And Enjoying Life.

Almost Zen Like House Gym With A View Of The Garden And A Dumbbells Rack.

Open Gym Space In This Yoga Studio Themed Home. Light Weights And Hard Wood, Make For An Awesome Workout.

House Utilizes Hallway As A Home Gym. Very Straightforward Design With Gym Mats And Free Weights.

Congrats on making it halfway through this handy garage gym ideas generator in the form of a gallery.

Now is not the time to stop however, unless you’ve found a design that absolutely captivates you, keep browsing, we promise there are more awesome Crossfit garage gym ideas lying ahead!

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