100 Garage Gym Ideas – Inspirational Home Gym Photos to Help You Brain Storm

There is definitely not a shortage of awesome home gym ideas for the garage in this gallery. One thing that surprises us the most is that many people utilize their garage simply for car parking purposes; leaving out so many other awesome ways of using all that valuable real estate, such as converting it to a gym.

Maybe a little inspiration is all that is needed, and lucky for you, you’ve come to the best place on the internet for such gym ventures! This gallery of 100 inspirational garage gym ideas we’ve put together is sure to light a creative spark and get you pumped with motivation to turn your bland garage into a home gym emporium.

Let’s keep moving and browsing through these awesome gyms our fellow fitness peeps put together in their homes.

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Boxing Themed Home Gym In The Garage. Perfect For Mma Types And Anyone Who Needs To Releave Some Stress.

Yet Another Mixed Martial Arts Themed Garage Gym. Dip Bars And Lots Of Dumbbells As Well. Obligatory Tv In The Background To Watch Ufc.

Industrial Style Garage Gym Idea. Nothing Crazy, Yet So Many Gains Live Here. Love The Ipe Style Pull Up Bar.

Cardio Packed Home Gym With A Tire And Power Rack. Shelves On The Side Keep All The Miscellaneous Stuff Out Of The Way,

Prime Example Of How Powerlifting Can Be Done At Home In A Personal Garage Gym. Lift With Friends.

The Window Shade On This Garage Gym Idea Is Closed, But Imagine When Its Sunny And You're Doing Deadlifts.

Very Simple Power Rack With A Flat Weight Bench In The Background. All You Need Is Those Barbells In The Background And Some Weights.

Very Cool Looking And Perfectly Laid Out Garage Gym With A Huge Power Rack And Free Weights. Squats On Squats On Squats.

We Had To Throw This One In There. Home Hunters Garage Gym Edition. Think About Using A Service To Create A Garage Gym Design First.

Messy Garage Gym Idea, But Effective Nonetheless. A Rope Hangs Waiting For The Attainment Of Gains.

Full steam ahead! There are many more unique Crossfit garage gym ideas waiting ahead.

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