100 Garage Gym Ideas – Inspirational Home Gym Photos to Help You Brain Storm

These garage gym photos would inspire even the laziest of us to give it a go! Who would have though such little space like that of a garage could be turned into something so healthy and life changing; all while serving it’s original purpose of parking the car in most cases, by simply keeping the exercise equipment organized.

Normally we don’t think of hanging ropes from the ceilings, but as these garage gym ideas show, not only are ringed ropes being hung, but punching bags and even pull up bars.

The possibilities are truly seemingly endless; let’s see what else we can come up with by searching the home gym photos below.

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Artsy Garage Gym Idea That Came Out Perfect. Simple Design With A Power Rack With Weights And A Treadmill For Cardio.

This Gorgeous Looking Garage Gym Is Clean And Has Everything For Strength And Cardio Training. Cool Floor Too.

Rogue Fitness Themed Super Strength Training Home Gym With Thick Pads. Exercise Poster On The Wall Is A Nice Touch.

Why Even Get A Gym Membership. This Garage Has It All From Bench Press Exercises To Squat Hack Machines.

Filled With Colorful And Heavy Kettle Bells And Wall Balls. Neat Looking Compact Garage Gym With Green Walls.

Pretty Sweet Garage Gym With Yellow Stripes And A Bar For Relaxation On The Opposite Side. Stylish And Clean.

May Be A Little Hard To Move And Park The Car, But This Garage Gym Is Packed With All Things Strength Traning.

Strategically Built Gym, Enough Space For The Car To Pull In. This Home Gym In The Garage Has All Things Crossfit Related.

This Gym In The Garage Will Nullify All Of Your Exscuses About Not Having Enough Space To Build A Home Gym.

Perfect Garage Gym Example That Shows How Yard Work And A Home Gym Can Coexist. Weights And Rakes, Brother And Sister.

You’ll notice that a weight bench and a squat rack are pretty commonplace in each garage gym; they’re both powerful strength training tools! Let’s see what else is in store, head to the next page.

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